Sunday 25 August 2018. #5

In my last post, I showed you the first day of my fabulous Shibori class with Shuji and Alison of Wabi Sabi Designs Australia. Well, Sunday proved to be even better. Everyone hit the ground running and we managed to dye lots more fabric. Here is what I dyed.

PhotoGrid_1534578117073 (1)

Stash Enhancements.

While I was at the Berry Retreat last weekend, I did manage to get my hands on a few of the lovely items for sale by the vendors. I’ve already started using some bits, rather than unpacking and putting away in the drawer for safe-keeping. This photo summarises my purchases.


Some yummy yarn (below left) I received during the week leading up to the Berry Retreat was from Aya Fibers located in Stuttgart, Germany. In July, lots of indie dyers got behind the Countess Ablaze and participated in a special fundraising event called “The Tits Out Collective“. Her original colourway was dyed in response to a misogynistic encounter, and she invited the indie yarn community to copy her colourway and raise money for charity. The story is much more involved than that – check out the link for all the info and why the “tits” theme. On the release date, I didn’t bother purchasing as it’s common that they run out before I get the opportunity. It seems that they made more than one batch and I decided to jump in and get these two beauties. Her colourway is called Yummy Tits and I got the Skinny Sock (85% Merino, 15% Donegal Nep) and the Mohair blend (72% Kid Mohair, 28% Silk). It arrived with a colour coordinated teabag. So now I have two special sets to find an appropriate project; the second set (from Stranded Dyeworks) shown on the right below. Maybe they could go together for a special luxurious shawl. I haven’t yet found the right project, either together or separately.


With my Gerroa/Pebble Beach Shawl, I discovered that I’d gone a bit haywire with the eyelet holes – I was knitting it in a distracted setting and lost my place a few times so the eyelets were quite skewiff. I decided to go back to basics and frogged it. I’ve started it again with Curious Handmade’s Spindrift Shawl pattern which is essentially the Pebble Beach Shawl without the eyelets in the main part. It is a free pattern and the link will take you to her website where you can sign up (for free) and you will also get emails which cover the essentials of knitting. Since I finished my Beachgrass Socks, I am now using this project as my “anywhere” knitting project as the pattern is very easy to remember.


Speaking of socks, I have the hankering to get a pair onto my needles and I’ve been waiting patiently to start on this awesome Colagirl Collective Drover 4 Ply sock yarn. I think self-striping sock balls like these are called “gumballs” or “gobstoppers” and I love how they look. Unfortunately, I had to unwind half of it. I always prefer the two-at-a-time, magic loop sock knitting so I need two separate balls. The reason I knit socks this way is two-fold: 1. I would probably fall into the “second-sock syndrome” and never knit the other one; 2. I think my tension changes depending on my mood and I’d probably end up with one large sock and one small sock. This way, they will both be exactly the same. I think I did a fantastic job of winding the second ball. To get the socks identical, I would need to re-wind the second ball in the other direction but I think I will go for the fraternal twin look, rather than identical.

Knitting for this week: Other than the Spindrift (above) I worked on the Twinkle Twinkle blanket – it’s now about 20″ square and I have two and a half balls of white to go before I start the lace border with picot bind off (modification). That will be in pink as it’s impossible to get the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashermino anymore. I also continued with my Wa Shawl reaching the final repeat before the end rib. Most others have added a couple of more repeats and, when I tried it on, I thought I would go one more, at least. The due date for this one is 31 August – I’m not sure I’ll quite make that deadline. And the only other knitting I did was to pick up the stitches for sleeves on the Cerisara cardigan.


I already have some other projects I want to start but will hold off till I, at least, finish the Wa Shawl. Most of all is the Floozy Cardigan by Truly Myrtle. This is the cheats colourwork method of slipping stitches and looks fantastic.


Yesterday, I cut out several bits and pieces for sewing today. This will keep me busy! I purchased the Finch Bucket pattern from Stitch Mischief and managed to use the 6 Japanese fat quarters I got from the Berry Retreat for all pieces.

I have also cut a pair of baby leggings and several bandana bibs. And I hope to put together the cushion cover I dyed with indigo last week.

Future plans: I would like to sew one of the Style Arc patterns I bought the other week – the Kristy top and have some rayon that I think would work. Also, I came across some wonderful fabric I put together in a Michelle Mischkulnig (Chelle Textiles) class, was it last year? I want to make it as a skirt and I think I have found the right pattern (with mods) from Style Arc. I have found several other patterns that I’d like to work on but there’s not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do!


A couple of years ago, our sewing group decided to take on a challenge to make textile blocks for each other in individual colours. The plan was that everyone participating trades their particular colour scheme and size requirements for each other person’s. It was done with paint swatches – it was a great way to get the colours across. Needless to say, the challenge went into hibernate mode but has recently been revived. Here is my block (top left) with three blocks that I’ve already received and my colour swatches and post-it note indicating my size requirements.


I chose for my blocks to be any size between 6″ and 10″. The aim is to complete a block for each person based on the one you made for yourself. Obviously, that could change with the different sizes, etc. but the flavour would be the same, in different colours. I instigated the challenge and called it the Jigsaw Challenge, as it would be a bit of a jigsaw to piece together. I particularly wanted different shapes and sizes so that I could add to it to piece it together – I don’t want the normal grid piecing. Here are some others that I’d already started for the swap.



It’s not a weekend at home for me without doing at least some dyeing! I’ve got that on the list for this morning so will post the results next week. I have 6 more mini skeins soaking and there’s a particular colour I’m hoping to recreate, so we’ll see how that goes. I now use releasable cable ties – you can see a few here as they’ve taken on previous dyes.


Since I’ve got lots to get through today I should get cracking. Until then, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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