Sunday 2 September 2018. #6

Happy start of Spring for all of us down in the southern hemisphere! For some in the northern hemisphere, the 1st September marks the first unofficial day of fall and a reason to get all their sweaters going. I think the main aim is for the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival; a festival that I can only watch from afar.


Finished Object: I have finally finished my Wa Shawl by Linda Marveng! I started this shawl in mid-April when I returned from my craft cruise to Singapore and I thought it was never going to end! I was thinking of it as an epic knit. Here it is on the blocks.


Now I feel like I can move forward onto other things. I was working on the Wa for about 10 rows each night to finish it in time and it became a bit of a chore. This knit was part of a KAL and I’m very excited to say that I was one of the winners of the KAL, winning four patterns from Linda Marveng!

I have several projects on the needles that I can now get stuck into, eg. my Zweig (Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks) and my Comfort Fade Cardi (Andrea Mowry). Of course, I will get onto those but there is always something new and shiny that grabs my attention! This time, it’s the Floozy Cardigan by Truly Myrtle (Libby Jonson). I’m ready to swatch with yarn I dyed. More info in the dyeing section.

The next lot of socks are on the needles and I’m loving how the stripes are going! I did end up deciding on fraternal socks, rather than identical, so the colourway is going in reverse of each other. The thing about knitting anything that changes colours is that it goes very quickly – I want to get to the next colour, and the next colour, etc. to see how it looks.


The only other knitting I managed was the Twinkle Twinkle blanket and I’ve added several square inches to that project. I find I’m working on certain projects to get them finished, lately, and this is one I’d like done. It’s not possible to flatten it out for a good photo while it’s on the circulars. That’s a 150cm cable it’s on.



I had a lovely time dyeing last Sunday. I did 6 mini skeins and went a little off script. I had intended to do three with a blue base and three with a purple base but only really managed one of each of those. I had seen Truly Myrtle’s new pattern while watching the latest Fruity Knitting podcast and fell in love. That caused me to check out the #floozycardigan hashtag and I found one that was being knit in a beautiful dusky teal. I think I managed to nail the colour. From that dye batch, I dyed a light version and a darker version. For the third mini of that batch, I used it to audition colours that I would like to use as a contrast for the floozy. I used the same dusky teal in separate sections and worked my way through all the warm colours in my jacquard dyes as the speckles in between. I’ve decided on Vermillion as one contrast and natural yarn with a very minor amount of speckle as the other contrast.

Then, I happened across some beautiful leaves posted by missbabsyarns and decided I had to dye a mini in that colour scheme. I think this came out perfectly. The original mini picture (still wet) shows a lighter orange but I found that part of the orange, where the tie is, did not get properly dyed. I redyed the orange but it may have ended up a little stronger than what I was trying to achieve.

After that, I decided the last 2 skeins would be a purple one and a blue one as per the original plan. I think this set turned out beautifully.

I was fortunate to have Friday off and got into the Floozy yarn dyeing. I’m still learning which, I suppose, is a good thing. But I did manage to get a great result. The contrast is a mix of vermillion and burgundy, as I realised that speckled colours are not quite the same as one-colour dyeing. I used a very light speckle of green in the natural yarn, just for some interest.


Last Sunday’s sewing plan didn’t quite go schedule. The dyeing session took so long that I only managed a little sewing. Firstly, several weeks ago I had promised my daughter two buttonholes. That didn’t happen straight away and then I had the machine packed up for two retreats. It only took about 20 minutes to complete and that was with several test runs using different types of buttonholes. This shirt is now suitable for cufflinks.


I did get to the Finch Bucket tote by Stitch Mischief but only managed a few steps on Sunday. I was able to finish the tote on Friday but I need to get some cord for the drawstring. I’m so pleased with this bag and it’s huge! It will be great for my Comfort Fade Cardi which is bulging out of the bag in which it is currently residing. I’m also going to make a Little Finch Bucket. The two patterns come together when you purchase them. There are pockets on either side of the inside.

The 9 bandana bibs that I cut out languished until yesterday and I sewed them all together. I only managed to finish one and that was great as I added it to the present for my DIL’s baby shower. The others will go with the rest of the things I’m making. I should be able to get them done today, along with the baby tights I’d cut out.


Yesterday was the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere and it was an amazing day. I enjoyed a lovely day at my DIL’s baby shower and was able to finish off some bits and pieces, like a button on the back of a knit cotton sundress and the press studs on the back of a sewn cotton sundress. I also managed to finish a little boy cardigan that only needed buttons. I struggle with the finishing bits, preferring the challenge of the main object.

Today will be a day of rest, with a sprinkling of sewing, stitching and knitting. No different to any other weekend day at home. So until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!





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