Sunday 2 October 2018. #11

This Spring weather has given me the cleaning/sorting bug and I think that has extended to my crafting. I’m seeing too many projects happening at once and I need to get some stuff done and out of my line up! I have one project finished this week and I’ve been concentrating on a few others to get them done.

The weather has taken a little turn back towards winter but we are getting some sorely needed rain, and it’s great knitting weather. I was delighted by a visit from my daughter and her fiance this weekend, as they don’t get down here too often. That did limit my crafting but the trade-off was definitely worth it!


Well, it’s started! The Westknits Texture Time KAL Clue No. 1 is out. And, having just said that I have too many projects, I’ve cast it on. I had committed to it and purchased it prior to my cutting back epiphany so I intend to see it through. His KALs are great. This is the 7th(?) attempt at cast on which resulted in barely anything and I’m about to start again. I’ve only done one other two colour brioche and I found the setup for that one a nightmare too. The colours aren’t helping with differentiating between yarns though it gets easier when it grows. My dilemma at the moment is that I’m not exactly sure where I’m supposed to be on the pattern, having followed the video which stops a couple of rows back. So I intend to start again and mark each row off on the pattern this time. I’m not entirely confident I’m going to keep up with each clue, though I will make the effort. Next week I hope to have more to show. I don’t think this amount reveals much of the Mystery KAL, but does show most of the yarns working together.

Finished object: The Round Yoke Baby cardigan by OGE Knitwear Designs is now finished after a major push this week. That meant that other projects missed out, but it was worth the finish. I decided to finish it thinking it would be much quicker than it was. The major hold up was the yoke decrease set up as I had a different number of stitches, having changed over to a pattern that didn’t have set-in sleeves. I ended up tinking back the whole row (159 stitches) 3 times before I got it right. It had to be symmetrical and balanced, and it worked well. I’m not 100% sold on the collar but the cardigan will only last for one or two wears so should be fine. I used the yoke instructions for another of the OGE patterns. I’m also trying a set of booties and not totally sold on those either. I may try another style. They only take about an hour or two to make up.

My Floozy cardigan is growing and it’s looking like I’m on track for a great fit once I add the button bands. I’ve just past the waist and have probably another 3 inches before I start the hem rib.

There has been some progress with my Elton cardigan. I’ve done the back section to where the fronts are to join and I have started the right front. I realised that I had cast on for the smallest size and actually wanted to do the next size up. I may be able to add a few stitches front and back to get it to where it should be. I’ll have to have a think about it. It’s a drop shoulder style so it should be okay if I increase before the bust line.


New cast on: Yes, I know. I was trying to cut down. But this is such a quick little knit and it’s been in my queue for a couple of years now with the intent of making it for several babies. Now I have much more motivation! This is the Angel Top by OGE Knitwear designs and I’m using Debbie Bliss Rialto DK (100% wool). My justification is that I’m using yarn from stash. Actually, both cast ons total four yarns from stash so that has to be a good thing.



I have made some progress with the Alicia Doily rug but I’m not sure it’s exactly what I’m after. It’s quite large for a start and the yarn is quite stiff. It will make a nice rug but I think I should be using a slightly more delicate yarn. I’ll have to check out Spotlight to see if I can match some colours. There wasn’t a lot of choice when I selected these. I shall keep wrangling with it in the meantime – yes, it’s taking some wrangling, being so stiff to crochet.




As I was spending time with my daughter, knitting was the better crafting selection. The machine sewing had to take a back seat. There was no progress on the Kate Top but I did get a good session on my Little Finch Bucket totes. I’ve assembled all the bits now and all nine are ready for the last step – attaching the two final bits of front/lining and back/lining.



When the first Texture Time clue hit the streets, I thought it best to make the decision on the last contrast yarn for the project. I was going to go for a red tonal but instead went for a blue one. It definitely needed to be a tonal as the other yarns are quite variegated. I used one of my bare Knitpicks yarns – fingering weight of 50% merino, 25% superfine alpaca, 25% nylon. There are a few patches of turquoise but, on the whole, the yarn is varying shades of blue. Maybe some patches are a bit lighter than planned but should work well. You can see it sitting amongst all the other yarns at the beginning of the post.


It’s definitely known as slow stitching but it’s been slower than normal with my Round the Garden! I have attached all these pieces and I am starting on some flowers. The birds still need eyes and the rooster needs legs, but the bunnies have their tails. It took a few attempts to work out what size tails I needed.


That’s about all I’ve managed this week, though it’s not anything to be sneezed at. I hope you had a good week and weekend. Until next week, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!



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