Sunday 28 October 2018. #14

This week, life has reached a point closer to normal, though it will all change again at the end of next week when I have some leave from work for my daughter’s wedding. I’m very excited about “The Wedding” (that’s how I think about it) and it’s actually come around very quickly in the last few weeks. For some time it felt like it was so far away. I think I’m ready for the event and pretty sure that all that can be done to date has been done. We had a beautiful day this week with promises of a hot summer. That didn’t last too long though the temperature has been warmer on the whole. This was a hot day hazy morning view from my deck.


Back to Sydney for pre-wedding duties again this weekend and I love this view too!


Wedding duties this time included some crafting – rolling up cones that will be filled with rose petals. These will be put into a couple of crates for guests to take one each as they arrive at the wedding. They’ll also be handed around during the signing portion of the ceremony should anyone not have taken one. I rolled 80 half A4 sheets.



Again, the focus for this week has been the Texture Time MKAL, this time Clue 2. I knew this was going to be a labour intensive KAL in a short time as the four clues are spread over 4 weeks. That would be totally achievable if it was the only project on the go but, as you’ve probably worked out, I don’t work that way. I’m only 1 week behind so I think that’s reasonable. Going by the forums on Ravelry, I’m certainly not alone! This week’s braids look pretty good, even though both yarns used were variegated. I don’t think they overlapped too often in places that were too similar. I am starting Clue 3 today and I think it will be easier going. Clue 4 was released on Friday but, like Clue 3, I won’t look at it until I get to it. And to add more effort onto this project, a Clue 5 surprise border has been added today. It’s only optional but I’m likely to do it if I have enough yarn left. I hope I don’t see too many spoilers on Instagram as I’m catching up. I’m fortunate that I’m not following the hashtag, so very little has popped up. The braids were fun to do after the first one – I untangled as I went only to find the next row would have untangled. In hindsight, I think I maybe should have used my Contrast 3 (a tonal blue) as the main colour as my MC doesn’t really show the stunning variegation in the mix of both Clue 1 stripes and the braid of Clue 2. This may not matter, though, as I think Clue 3 is striped also. Clue 3 will use CC2 and CC3.

So I took my Floozy cardigan to Canberra with me this week with several other projects – I usually take about 5 – just in case! Anyway, when I pulled it out to start on the bottom band I couldn’t find the needles/cable that I’d put in there at some point before going away last weekend. I wasn’t sure if I’d put them in there or in another bag – maybe with Elton. I haven’t seen them so maybe they’d been put back into needle stash – I hope they’re not gone for good. I took this one to Sydney, with other needles, and this morning I cast off. I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretch Bind-off Tutorial on YouTube. When I’d finished my Lush cardigan, I just did a normal bind off and I’m regretting it. The cardigan is perfect except the last row doesn’t stretch. I can’t really fix it now unless I remove the button bands too so I’ll just not do up the bottom buttons. The sleeve cast off was the same. I think this bind-off will be much better. Now to get onto the sleeves. I’m thinking I should alternate skeins as they do look a little different. That should be easy enough unless I do two at a time. I tried that with my Comfort Fade cardigan which resulted in frogging. I had two separate yarns coming from two separate balls on each of the sleeves and got into a really hot mess. I don’t like doing one at a time and I think the best way will be to halve the skeins and have them at least separate while I do both at the same time, rather than yarn coming from each end of each of the balls.


My Elton cardigan was neglected this week while I went full steam ahead with Texture Time, though I did manage a few rows on my socks. I like to have them handy for a work lunch break but only managed one break this week – that seems to be the norm. No point in an update pic for these!


The Alicia Doily rug is finished, blocked and gifted. It was a great project and I’d be happy to do another one any time. The grey section was supposed to have another repeat of the two plain rows/one holey row but I wasn’t a fan of that yarn so kept it the same as the other sections. I only managed a quick blocking before I dropped it in at its new home – that seemed to be enough for it. This photo is pre-blocking.


With little steps, my Inka the Baby Llama security blanket is progressing. I’ve managed the odd round here and there and I’m getting closer to the end of the hexagon blanket section before I move onto the body parts. There’s still a way to go and each round has 12 more stitches – they add up very quickly!



This week’s sewing activity will be taking up the hem of the suit pants that my son is wearing at his sister’s wedding. Not very exciting but someone has to do it! My dressmaking sewing has been put on hold due to not being anywhere near my sewing machine these days. I have a couple of things waiting to be either finished or start sewing pieces together. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, so I’ll just be patient. My Little Finch buckets have also been waiting patiently. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get onto them again soon.


The last four minis have been on the agenda for several weeks now but will have to wait until after the wedding when life is back to 100% normal. Dyeing is definitely not a very portable craft. I’ve only transported when going away on retreats and, even then, only if I was absolutely not able to wait to get it done. There are so many bits and pieces to remember to pack.


One of the reasons for my trip to Sydney this weekend was to attend a wall-hanging weaving class at Skein Sisters. Unfortunately, this was cancelled so I’ll have to put it back onto the agenda for the new year.


I’ve become a big fan of knitting podcasts on YouTube but lately, I’ve had limited time to watch them. I’m quite behind and hope I can catch up. I know there have been times when I was waiting for one to watch but these days it seems that everyone is posting weekly almost! And often a new podcast is mentioned so I add them to my subscription list. There are some I’m not compelled to watch so they’re the ones I skip when I’m catching up. Then there are the others that I watch first even when I’m way behind. A big problem with watching these podcasts is that I want to cast on everything! Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Now I need to get onto Clue 3 of the Westknits Texture Time MKAL before I get further behind, and watch a podcast while I’m doing it. A nice way to finish off a Sunday afternoon. Until next week, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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