Sunday 11 November 2018. #16

Wow, what a week! It was fun, hard work, exciting and totally exhausting. The lead up to a wedding is quite busy and I can certainly attest to that. It all started with a rehearsal and lovely lunch with the bridesmaids at a stunning beach, then a workout driven by my PT son-in-law, rose petal making, a very early trip to the flower markets and making lots of Italian crostoli for the gifts at the place settings. There was so much more but without no photos. The jacaranda trees are in absolute full bloom now and dropping all their beautiful purple leaves to make a stunning carpet of colour.

I did actually get to do some wedding day knitting, but only managed a row and a half on my Elton cardigan.

Yesterday, post-wedding, we had a lovely, relaxing cruise on Sydney Harbour. The weather was beautiful but not quite warm enough for me to get into the water for a swim!




This week, I only managed to work on a few items as they were the easiest to focus on. My Elton cardi received lots of attention and I’m now at the bottom band. I just need to change the needles and carry on. By next week, I’ll be onto the sleeves.


Again, my Texture Time KAL had a good share of the knitting time but I did not manage to complete Clue 3. I am more than three-quarters of the way through this Clue but I still have 52 rows to complete out of the 308 rows total. I’m hoping to be onto Clue 4 by next week’s post, especially now that life is getting back to normal. I obviously did not concentrate very well on this part as I did get two rows wrong. The blue rows are supposed to be stocking stitch and the caramel rows garter stitch. You can see there are two blue garter rows but they are so unnoticeable that I am leaving them there. They are my wedding week mistakes. I have seen a few photos of the finished product but I’ve not looked closely at them. I am still unaware of what is coming next but definitely looking forward to moving on from this Clue!


I did manage my celebratory cast on of the Black and White Brisa top. This pattern doesn’t appear to be on Ravelry. It’s a very different feel to knit this cotton/viscose mix and the yarn slips off the ball and twists very easily. It gives a very shiny and smooth knit, though. There’s no hurry with this one so it will progress amongst the other more priority projects. I also managed a few more rows on my socks but they aren’t really worth a picture yet.


One of my favourite podcasters is Caroline from the Dunderknit Podcast. She has only released 6 podcasts and I recommend starting from number 1 if you have not discovered her yet. She’s hilarious and, a word of warning, she does like a little swearing here and there. Her knitting content is fantastic too. She is starting a KAL on the 15th November – it’s called the #blamedunderknitKAL, and I’m ready to blame her for what I will cast-on on that day. My only dilemma is which one of the cast-ons that I’m dying to get onto the needles that I will do. I have actually narrowed it down to two (I think) and I have yarn for both of these. My choices are Baubles by Andrea Mowry or Langstrath by Amanda Jones. I’m hoping that my Texture Time KAL will be about cast-off by the 15th to make way for this KAL that goes to 31 January.


Inka the Baby Llama Security Blanket only received a small amount of love this week. I have about 2 or 3 rounds left and then I can proceed with the actual Llama part of this project.


I didn’t manage any sewing or stitching or any other of the myriad crafts that I normally partake of this week but the cording arrived for my Little Finch buckets so I can now finish them off. I’ll put them in during the week. Life is back to normal from tomorrow as I’m back at work. The last 5 weeks have been a rollercoaster of illnesses, birth, wedding all rolled together and I’m physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Next weekend I will be relaxing at home and I hope to have a little more variety and content. Until then, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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