Sunday 18 November 2018. #17

What a completely different week I’ve had, and that was just by getting back to normal life. It was so normal and relaxing even though I was back at work. I did end up with some beautiful flowers from the wedding, including the bride’s bouquet. These pics show last Sunday and then the flowers that are still alive now.

This past week’s setting was a little different to the hustle and bustle of Sydney. I spent my two days in Canberra staying at an army base which has the feel of old English times gone by. Their roses were in full bloom and they filled the evenings with a beautiful scent. It was a very relaxing scenario.

The spring weather has been lovely during the week, though it’s cooled somewhat for the weekend. This obelisk in Canberra always catches my eye. This is an Australian-American memorial built by the Australian Government in the 1950s, though it’s had a recent facelift. It’s our memorial to the men and women of the United States who came here during the second world war.



For the first part of this week, I continued working on my Texture Time KAL. It is definitely becoming a slog but the knitting is easy and relaxing. I am still working on one side of Clue 4, not yet having reached the other side. There are only just over twenty rows left on this side which won’t take much to get through. I just need to not be distracted by other projects.

I did get some length on my two-at-a-time sleeves on my Floozy cardi. I was sharing time fairly evenly between this and my Texture Time KAL (above) until another shiny object hit my world. More on that soon….. The colours don’t appear to be translating very well today.


Well, the new shiny object is part of the #BlameDunderkitAlong which launched last Thursday, 15th. Caroline of the Dunderknit Podcast started this KAL giving everyone carte blanche to cast on a new project, or as many as one desires, with the proviso that the project must qualify as one that we’ve been dying to start. I touched upon this last weekend with the projects I was considering. I had two listed Baubles by Andrea Mowry (a shawl) and Langstrath by Amanda Jones (a colourwork sweater). During the week I was reviewing my options and found one that I’d missed. The Sharman Cocoon is one that I’ve mentioned previously in this blog but I’ve not had the opportunity to start it due to other knitting commitments.

That has all changed now because Caroline said I could. We were allowed to start at one minute past midnight on Thursday but I was still in Canberra and had not planned to take anything with me for this project. I’m not sure I even knew I was doing this one before I left at 5.30 am on Tuesday morning. Anyway, I am SO addicted to this! I spent most of Thursday evening trying to find some 3.75mm needles. I’m sure there’s a Bermuda Triangle in this house specifically for needles, or is it just I have too many projects? Maybe not, because I think I checked every one of those. The needles I found were on my Floozy cardigan so I thought she wouldn’t mind sharing. Truthfully, it’s easy to swap needles between projects. It’s just harder when the project you steal from is hibernating, with the hope you will return eventually. I have since ordered some more 3.75mm needles but, until they arrive during the week, Floozy and Sharman will have to share – if I’m able to tear myself away from my Sharman cocoon. This is Sunday morning and I only started late Thursday evening, and I entertained on Friday evening which severely limited knitting time.

Again, the colours shown are all over the place. The bottom right photo is probably the closest colour of the grey. I think this will be a quick knit, not only because I’m so addicted to it but, being a cocoon or shrug, there are no sleeves. Once at an appropriate length, you divide for cuffs and bottom band. I am working it using intarsia as that’s the only way I can include the different colours within the body of the garment. The colours will obviously become thinner as I progress through the length of the cocoon.

I did manage to drag myself away from my Sharman cocoon last night to complete the cast off on the bottom band of my Elton cardi. During the week I finished the ribbing but I need to concentrate on a YouTube video so that I could manage the tubular cast-off. I used the Very Pink Knits video as I thought it was the most straightforward. Renee Callahan from East London Knit has one also but I thought that was more complicated. I had over 300 stitches which took most of the night to complete. I’m ready to start on the sleeves but, for some reason, I want to do these separately with small needles. I did buy some Knit Pros 4″ with a very small cable and I’ve picked up one sleeve but it’s not going to work as it’s still too long. With the needles I’ve ordered for my cocoon, I also ordered some Chiaogoo (my preferred needle) in 3.7mm 9″ circulars. Elton is going to have to wait until then but I can probably start on the neck and button bands – good thinking! This one is on a deadline so I will have to make time for it.



My Inka the Little Llama security blanket is coming along. I’ve finished the blanket and I’m now adding little bobbles to the “skirt”. I need to bring out all the yarns to see which order I need to do the bobbles. Head and arms are next.

Last night I tried another square on the Granny Square Fabric Dress I started a few weeks back. I had some issues with the square ruffling and had the same trouble last night. I think I might need to try a larger hook. I’ll give that a go tonight. It’s not very noticeable in the photo.


Yes, I got to spend a little time with my sewing machine yesterday! It’s had a little holiday but is about to be set to work again. I am making a half square triangle (HST) quilt for my granddaughter Evelyn. I needed some blue/white combination squares so set about yesterday morning. I used an old A4 size cutting mat as the squares are only small but it appears this mat is beyond its useful life. There was obviously a weak point and that’s where I went straight through. Lucky this is an old tablecloth – it’s going to need some repairs.

Today I will be sewing together these HSTs, or at least making a start.



Another long-awaited activity. I managed to dye the last 4 of my mini skeins. I had a look at what I needed and decided I must dye a purple, burgundy, red and an orange/yellow. I think I nailed the brief. I don’t actually have anything on my dye list now so may need an excuse to do some. Again, the colours are showing close but not quite right.

I have lots planned for today but I’m enjoying relaxing. Let’s see how much sewing I can get done on my HST quilt before I give in to the call of my Sharman Cocoon! Until next week, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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