Sunday 25 November 2018. #18

Hi! This week was quite non-eventful and back to routine. We’ve had some extremely high winds but woke up yesterday to a nice calm morning. I should have taken a photo on one of the previous days. The bay looked like it was covered in white froth.


Yesterday  I had a great day out with friends. We went to a country town called Braidwood where they were having an Airing of the Quilts. There was also the attraction that the local fabric store was closing down and having a big sale. We all gathered at about 10 am for morning tea (pictured below) then visited the shops in the main street before a nice pub lunch. That was followed by, yes, some more shopping. The blooms were definitely out and most were roses. We saw a fancy chicken who has a chandelier, the quilts hanging along the main street and a massive church bell. I didn’t do too much damage in the shops; I’ll show you further on.


My Elton cardigan is high on my priorities at the moment. Last week I mentioned I was waiting for some 9 inch 3.5mm needles to do the sleeves one at a time. They hadn’t arrived by Monday so I had to wait until Thursday when I returned from Canberra. In the meantime, I did both button bands. With the buttonhole band, I was really smart and recalculated the button holes, firstly because I had 4 extra stitches but secondly because they wouldn’t have worked. Or so I thought. I made sure there was a hole at the top of the band not remembering that the neckband was still to come. I’m used to doing the neckband first, as my Floozy pattern indicates, and then the button bands after. I’ll have to see what it looks like with a hole in the neckband too. Anyway, Thursday came and I received the 9-inch needles and I’m working my way through the sleeves. I’m about to finish the first sleeve. I think I’ll leave it on some waste yarn and do the other side so that I can try it on. That way I’ll know if I need to add another repeat or not before I start the cuffs. I forgot to start decreasing as indicated in the pattern, doing another 10 rows before I realised, but it hasn’t made any difference. I’ll do the same on the other side. As this is part of the #jojiFALKAL2018, I need to finish this by next Friday. That gives me 5 days to finish the second sleeve, both cuffs and the neckband. I’m not sure if I like the buttons I have so I hope finished also means without buttons.


My Sharman Cocoon has been moving steadily this week. I’m over the blue phase and looking forward to moving into the purple section after one more blue. I will have fun sewing in all the ends and each different colour has 2 ends to hide. The rows are getting longer so it’s taking more time moving between colours. I think the next colour will be the last with 6 rows and then I’ll keep reducing rows as it gets wider, till probably only two or three rows per colour. This will take a back seat this week so that I can get Elton finished.

I have finished Clue 4 on my Texture Time KAL. I had this with me yesterday and managed a few rows while we had morning tea. I only had 12 to finish so managed the rest last night. I intend to due Clue 5 which is an optional border but I won’t start that until Elton is done. To do Clue 5 I need to pick up 599 stitches from the bottom i-cord border. That may take more than one sitting, just for the stitch pick up!


Coming up on the needles: I can only blame this one on cleaning up one of my crafting areas – it’s a dangerous occupation. My house is a small cottage and things are everywhere. I was putting some random yarn into my tubs and realised I had heaps of DK – the thought passed through my mind that I should start to use some of it. Then, one of the items I was putting away was some yarn I had bought a couple of weeks before my daughter’s wedding with the ridiculous intention of making a quick shawl. Yes, ridiculous, huh? It’s Indiecita Baby Suri Silk Brushed Hand Paint, 74% baby suri alpaca/26% mulberry silk and is like a cloud. Anyway, while I was undoing the 2 inches that I’d knit, I thought this would make a great addition to something for a No Frills cardigan (a la Dunderknit though she’s doing the sweater) and my brain hit on some almost exactly the same colour Heirloom Merino Magic 8 ply that is sitting in my stash, noticed just minutes before. That sent me straight to Ravelry to check out the No Frills cardi when I discovered it was fingering weight. Sigh. Next was a search amongst the other Petite Knit patterns and I found, ta da, Anna’s Cardigan – My Size. It seems that Petite Knit release a child version then makes the equivalent in adult sizes. I’ll see how long I can hold out before casting this one on. I’ll wait until Elton is finished, at least. The colour of the merino is a seafoam green.

Speaking of cast-ons, I particularly like the celebratory type and, as we are heading into the Festive Season, I can see several opportunities. Firstly, I think there will have to be a Christmas Eve cast-on. Christmas Day could qualify but I think I’ll be busy enjoying the day with the family and also occupied with the cast-on from the previous night anyway. Then I can choose either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and I think I’ll pick the Day. There’s a tradition that my mother has instilled in me (I’ll say an Italian tradition but maybe she made it up) regarding new clothes on New Year’s Day. If you wear something new, even if it’s just a new pair of undies, you’ll have new clothes during the year. I intend to take this one step further and cast-on something new hoping for the same result with plenty more cast-ons. The next opportunity will be a birthday cast-on since my birthday is in January. I know there are lots of things that I’d like to cast-on and, as Eli from Skeindeer Knits says, it’s no different having lots of WIPs to having a heap of yarn in your stash. Wise words indeed! Baubles by Andrea Mowry is still waiting patiently, all caked up with no place to go.

I’ve also ordered some yarn that will be awesome for an Andrea Mowry Nightshift shawl. I have more than enough so maybe I’ll have enough for a Shift Cowl too, though that may need modification as it’s a sport weight pattern and the former is worsted. In that yarn order, I may have also purchased some yarn suitable for the Bell Sleeved Top (from the Vogue Knitting magazine) too.


I did make some progress on my Granny Square Fabric dress. I think I now have enough granny squares for the main part of the bodice. I’ll finish putting them together and then start on the top part of the bodice. The squares are still not as flat as I’d like but seem to be settling once sewn together. A good hot iron won’t hurt, either.



Phase 2 of my Half Square Triangle quilt is complete. I managed to sew together each row of HSTs and the next phase is to sew each row together. Next weekend. It’s looking like a quilt.


As I mentioned earlier, I received the 9 inch 3.5mm Chiaogoo needles and the 3.75mm needles I needed for my Sharman Cocoon. The 9-inch needles are going fine; I seem to be getting used to them but they are quite sharp. I was finding that my right pointer finger was getting sore as I used it to push against to move the yarn closer on the left needle. I think I’ve reached a rhythm that’s not too bad. It’s very unusual working with such a small needle.

Some happy mail was the delivery of my 3 skeins of Stranded Dyeworks mohair yarn. 3 skeins of squishy amazing-ness. I bought these when Amy had Stranded’s 3rd birthday sale that included free delivery. Coming from the UK, that’s a big saving for me. The sale was at 6 am Sydney time on Saturday, 10th November. This was the morning after my daughter’s wedding so, due to moving out of our accommodation, having breakfast with my mother-in-law as it was her birthday and picking up a carload from the wedding venue, I wasn’t able to get online until late. In the end, all that remained was mohair. I was hoping for some other yarn but I ordered these three skeins. No plans for them yet though two of them could go in the same project. I’ll have to find some one-skein mohair projects as I now have 5 special skeins of mohair, 2 of which have co-ordinating fingering weight skeins.

Yesterday’s haul consists of a lovely handmade dress, a beautiful gingko ribbon and some Japanese braid, some satin cording and a couple of swirl toggle clasps, the use for these I am yet to discover but gees they look good! I also got some backing fabric for the Half Square Triangle quilt and some for another project, which I know will definitely be on the cards. Finally, 740m of 4 ply merino yarn which will knit up beautifully into a shawl, or something else. All necessary purchases.

Today I’m off to spend some time with my son and daughter-in-law and my baby granddaughter. I haven’t seen them for two weeks and I know my granddaughter will have changed, as they do at this young age – 6 weeks today. Until next week, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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