Sunday 16 December 2018. #21

This week, if I wasn’t working I was shopping, well that’s how it feels! Christmas is ramping up and I don’t know how ready I am. I have most but need to put it all together in a plan so that I can see where there are gaps. The view this morning is pretty boring as the fog rolls in! At least the sun’s out so it should clear. I’ve also received some photos from a couple of special recent events.



I’ve continued with the final Clue of my Texture Time KAL, this part is with CC4 – my mohair. There are six rows of this section and I only managed three. I’ve continued with one of my other colours, the lightest of the group and I’m not confident that there will be enough for the next repeat. I’ll just use one of the other colours, probably the caramel. I think that will look just fine. There are lots of stitches, so slow going on this one. I’m aiming for a row or two at a time.

My Cerisara cardi has started growing another arm. This is motoring along and maybe will be finished by next week. The right arm is only a few rows away from being the same as the left arm and there’s plenty of yarn. Still undecided as to how far to go on the sleeves!


I managed to finish the socks this week though I still have to sew in the ends. I always have to sew in the holes in the afterthought heel corners so I’m grateful for the ends there. I had to get these off the needles because I wanted to start some advent socks.


Those were the only regular knitting projects for this week. I had also made a couple of sets of Twelve Days of Christmas Advent minis and wanted to start them on the 13th. I know that technically the Twelve Days of Christmas start on Boxing Day but I wanted my 12 days to start so that I’m finished for Christmas Day. I gifted one set to my BFF and kept the other one for me. I’ll save the set reveals for last. I also added some stitch markers and progress markers with the mini skeins.

I’m making the Adventurer Cowl by Ambah O’Brien. Here are the first 3 days – I’m on target so far! I was away for work on Day 1 and I’d only packed no. 1. I’d also only packed the skein which wasn’t balled up so I had to do it by hand. Lucky there was only 20 grams and even then I got into a big hot mess (note the lovely furniture in my accommodation). I hadn’t read the pattern and the provisional cast on start needed to be the no. 12 skein. That didn’t particularly worry me as I used my no. 1 for the provisional cast on, making that now no.12. When I got home that night I used no. 2 for no. 1. And so, on…… I’m using the mohair that I dyed last week held with each advent mini. It is softening the colours quite considerably but it’s a lovely wash of colour.


This project is only using about 9 grams of the 20-gram minis. I was expecting leftovers but not quite that much. I intended to make some shorty socks with the remains of the skeins so I’ve wound off about 6 grams of each of the first two leftovers and started the How I Roll socks by Mara Katherine Bryner (aka OrangeKnits). I could have used her free Rose City Roller socks but they are cuff down and my preference is the opposite. The main reason is that I much prefer the Judy’s Magic Cast-on method to casting on for the cuff. Another big preference is that you can keep going until you want to stop or run out. And the math to upside-down the pattern would hurt my brain too much. The pic shows the first two days because day 3 isn’t yet able to be broken off. The pattern has a four-row fade between skeins (days) so I need to wait until the next day to remove the yarn. I hope to catch up today/tomorrow and I’ll continue to wind off 6 grams of each.



Plans were to finish joining the rows of the HST Quilt this week. I only managed a few more but it is getting closer. This will probably be a job for this afternoon.


Make 9

This year I’m jumping onto the Make 9 bandwagon. I had intended to participate last year but didn’t actually get around to it. So here are my Make 9 finalists for 2019, with the caveat that I may change my mind at any time!


From the top left, Fern and Feather by Jennifer Steingass; the Carbeth cardigan by Kate Davies; the Bell Sleeved Pullover by Katherine Mehls; *Smocked by Jenny Wiebe; Boothbay by Hannah Fettig; Kagerou by Michiyo; Garland by Stephanie Pollmeier; Baubles by Andrea Mowry; ~Gable Cap by Tabitha Gandee. I have yarn in stash for most of these already!

*This square is used for baby stuff in general. This is one of my choices but there are many more for Evelyn.

~This may be the top in priority at the moment but my intent is to make a couple of hats at least.

Stash Acquisitions

A few deliveries this week. In order of receipt: first was my Pineapple Yarn package and it was so yummy! This was my one and only Black Friday purchase, when I had decided I would not purchase anything. I actually did it on the Monday which was Cyber Monday but this was part of the Pineapple Yarn Black Friday sale. I got in right at the last minute and I’m so happy I did. There is a skein of the Lani Sock in the Spiced Rum colourway, a sock set in an “End of Day” colourway (#18) with a 50gm variegated skein and a 20gm coordinated mini and a bonus Black Friday 2018 mini! Marina also included a pineapple jelly. They are so pretty and the yarn smells very nice. I wonder what she washes the yarn in?


The next was part of a delivery with my friend Mary. I got a pack of Eli Riva Supreme which is 100% SuperBaby Alpaca fingering weight. This yarn will grow up to be a Booth Bay cardigan by Hanna Fettig. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn so this fingering will require considerable maths to get it to work along with constant try ons. I had been looking all over Ravelry for a cardigan like this to replace a store bought cardigan that I had absolutely worn out. Another modification will be to knit the collar section for longer than indicated to match the cardigan in mind. The yarn is so very soft and squishy.


Finally but certainly not least, a delivery from Knitpicks. This included Provincial Tweed yarn for a Nightshift shawl (oops, forgot to add that into my Make 9). It’s 80% Superwash Fine Highland Wool and 20% Donegal. The other yarn is Swish Worsted in Rainforest Heather, 100% Superwash Merino Wool. This was originally intended for the Bell Sleeved pullover but I wasn’t impressed with the colour when it arrived – much darker than I had anticipated. However, it will be perfect for the Fern and Feather instead. Oh, and a cute little alpaca pin.


I’m still sorting through my crafting and I found a couple of projects that will not get finished. The first was a mystery shawl that was really very interesting but I hated the colours I was using. I had dyed them up and found them too insipid so stopped knitting. I have already used the dark blue for another project and had re-dyed the orange one for yet another project. I intend to redye the pink and the pink/blue skeins and will repurpose them. The other project that was cut from the program was a shrug type cardigan called Maeve. There was nothing really wrong with it except I’m pretty sure I used the wrong weight yarn. The pattern was quite cryptic stating the name of the yarn and when I looked it up I only noticed the fingering weight one, not the worsted weight one. This project was also pre-swatch era and, though the sleeve did seem to go over my arm, I suspected that it would be way too small.

Both have been frogged and the yarn has been re-stashed, ready for another worthy project.


Another week of Picmas has passed by. I wish I had more interesting photos as per the fantastic Vlogmases in the US and the UK. I imagine Sydney would have some lovely lights but I think the northern hemisphere wins hands down. My theory is that it has to do with the cold weather and the more traditional Christmas feel. Regardless, this shows my Christmas journey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of Vlogmases have been keeping me happy – as I mentioned last blog, I have my top several and watch others when I run out of those. Lee Child has been keeping me very happy with his “Past Tense” latest Jack Reacher book. I’m almost at the end so will have to queue up another book. Spotify has been going hot shuffling through all the Christmas songs while I’ve been working on my blog and I’m feeling very festive. Until next week, here’s hoping your week will be as festive with lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO

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