Sunday 30 December 2018. #23

Welcome to the end of 2018! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable week. For me, it was pretty hectic but wonderful having the family around, even for just a short time. I did manage a short stint at the beach each day which was fabulous. I hope to keep that up until it’s time to go back to work (which is not too far away, sigh). My How I Roll socks kept me company and I’m pretty sure I was the only person knitting on the beach. This was my wonderful view, three different beaches, sitting or lying, it was no problem.

Yesterday we had a very unusual cloud formation. My husband informs me that it was the edge of a trough running up the coast. It was moving very fast. That’s Beecroft Peninsula and the trough definitely had it covered.

We had a full moon on Christmas Eve Eve and it was quite stunning over the Bay. And a visit by a little friend. Not sure if it’s the same frog we’ve seen before but it’s definitely grown if it is. I call him (or them) Kermit. Very original.


My Twelve Days of Christmas Adventurer Cowl by Ambah O’Brien is complete, except for sewing in the ends. I finished Day 12 a day late as Christmas Eve was very hectic. It was great to finish it and I was fortunate to be part of the Ravelry Group where I was shown a new method of three needle bind-off. It uses a knit/purl technique. Roxanne Richardson demonstrates this in her Three Needle Bind Off Finessing / Technique Tuesday YouTube video. You can see in the photo below that it creates a flat chain along the project rather than the thick bind-off edge. When it cools off a little I will post a photo of the cowl in action.

As you saw earlier, I’ve been working on my How I Roll socks at the beach using the leftovers of my Adventurer Cowl minis. I have started calling these my Triple S socks, the three “S”s meaning sunscreen, salt and sand. Lucky they’ll get washed when I block them. You can see the colours of the minis more clearly here as they are not paired with mohair and the photo shows the colours yet to be added. I’m not far now from the heel gusset – I’m interested to see the method used in this pattern.


I did manage to get my Christmas Eve cast-on done, albeit only a teeny tiny bit that night. When I went to cast on at 10.30 pm I realised that I hadn’t balled up my skeins so, there I was, hand winding the first ball of yarn which took ages. It was really quick before the next colour was to be introduced and there was no way I was going to start hand winding the next skein at 11.30 pm on Christmas Eve. The reason for the hand-winding is because the ball winder and swift were dismantled as the room was being used for visitors. I also hand wound the next skein on Christmas Day to continue knitting. The rest of the balls were wound the following day as the room was again available. You can also see my little knitting friend who ensured I got a good lie-in on Saturday morning and a good session knitting on my shawl.

The Nightshift shawl by Andrea Mowry is a very vanilla and potato chippy knit though it’s easy to knit two stitches together – I need to keep an eye on that. The yarn is KnitPicks Provincial Tweed in the colourways (from right to left) Lake Shore, Pumpkin Pie, Caramel, Winter Walk, Candy Apple and Frozen Pond. This yarn is so soft and squishy; it’s going to make such a lovely and cosy shawl.

I did get to work a couple of more rows on my Texture Time KAL. Very slow going at the moment and I still have nearly as much to do on this final part.


New Year’s Day is only 2 days away so I got cracking yesterday with a swatch for my Fern and Feather. For the main colour, I’m using KnitPicks Swish Worsted (100% superwash merino) in the Rainforest Heather colourway. This yarn was ordered for another project but the colour was not what I was expecting so it was retasked for this one. The other yarn is a naked skein in DK weight (I think it came from Skeinz) but actually appears plumper than the worsted. I’m not sure what colour I will dye this; I was actually toying with the idea of leaving it as is but have since scrapped that. Looks like tomorrow will be a dye day so that it’s ready for the day after. I’m happy to finish the year by dyeing yarn. I cheated with the swatch – the jumper is knitted in the round but I swatched flat. That’s why there are gaps on the sides of the white yarn. At least it will give me an idea of what size I need to do. This was swatched with 4mm needles (US6). I copied Vanawillemeil’s method of doing the purl bumps to indicate the needle size. You can only do that using the US needle sizes as they are whole numbers.



I can now reveal my Twelve Days of Christmas mini skeins. I dyed these up for me and my partner in crime – knitting crime, that is, as a Christmas gift. Below you can see my set on the left and Mary’s set on the right. They were dyed individually so they are all similar but different. I will definitely do this again next year. You can see my set and how they look both in my Adventurer Cowl and How I Roll socks earlier in this post.



The only sewing I managed to get done this week was some alterations for my daughter. Yes, not the most fun projects but the two skirts and dress are now just as she wanted. I should have more time for sewing this week, definitely my HST quilt!

My Year in Review

Last year, Ravelry started a Project Challenge and I thought I’d join in. You had to choose how many projects you could complete in a year. I went for 12 which sounded like a great number. Well, I certainly underestimated. It seems I finished 31! I will have to up the ante for 2019. Maybe I’ll start with 31 and see if I can match or better that. You can check out all my 2018 finished projects at my Ravelry 2018 Project Challenge page.

Ravelry Challenge

My latest book has been keeping me company at the beach with my How I Roll socks. I moved onto Karin Slaughter’s Undone which is Book 3 of the Will Trent series. I’m happy that the Vlogmases have finished and I’m now back on the normal routine of podcasts though it was fun following some podcasters through the Christmas season. I’m still working my way through the Happier podcasts having nearly reached 60. I really want to catch up so that I can hear all the current ones as they come about.


My New Year’s Eve will be spent with some old friends locally so we’ll be able to walk home should the need arise. I doubt that will happen but it’s good to have the option. And New Year’s Day will see my next cast-on – the Fern and Feather sweater, after a suitable sleep in and swim. Christmas will be all packed up by then, ready for the next one.

Until next week, I hope you have a great way to see in the New Year, whether it’s an early night or partying with friends, and I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO

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