Sunday 20 January 2019. #26

Hello everyone and Happy Birthday to me! I’ve had a fabulous week of celebrations and it’s not over yet. It all started with lunch at Canberra Yacht Club on Wednesday. On Thursday night I had a great dinner with old friends at our local Chinese restaurant, at the local Golf Club. I even won a meat tray! Friday was a very special dinner in a fancy restaurant in Wollongong with my children and their partners, and Evelyn of course! On Saturday I had another Chinese meal, this time lunch in Chinatown in Sydney, also celebrating my son’s birthday. Tomorrow night I’m having dinner with some special friends, one I haven’t seen for quite some time. The last one is not necessarily for my birthday but I’m totally counting it!

My views this week included the Canberra Yacht Club (lucky lunch was inside as it was 43 degrees Celcius) and dinner at the Golf Club:

More views: Wollongong harbour looks fabulous with the night lights.

And yet more views: Chinatown, Sydney, and then the massive roots on the huge fig tree in Kiama where I had an hour “layover” waiting for the train to finish my journey home.


Now for some crafting! I have been monogamously working on three projects this week, trying to get them finished. Can three be monogamous? My Fern and Feather sweater is on track and I’m at the body ribbing. I had planned to have finished the ribbing by this morning but I have another inch to go. I hope to start the sleeves today. I checked out Caroline’s (Dunderknit) Knitting Vicariously podcast – the Fern and Feather episode to get her tips for the sleeves. She decreased to have a slim fit which is what I’m after too.


One of the other two monogamous projects is my Sharman Cocoon. Early during the week, I separated for the “sleeves” and I’ve been working on the body rib. It’s a twisted rib so it is slower going than normal rib, with the knit twisted on one side and the purl twisted on the other side. I love how this rib is looking. I should be able to finish this rib today also and move onto the sleeve rib.

I was looking at the leftovers from the coloured stripes from this project and wondered what I could do with them. I think I’ll join them all together and use them as a fade for a colourwork hat or cowl. There may be too much yardage for a hat and I would not get all the colours in the one project so the cowl may be a good option. I still have some grey left – hopefully enough for this next project.


The third project that I’ve focused on has been my Nightshift shawl which is quickly coming to an end. I’ve only got 20 rows left but I’m tempted to do one more repeat. It’s not as big as I thought it would be but it may block bigger. I’ll probably finish as per the pattern and see how it blocks.


I finished the How I Roll socks early in the week but I haven’t picked them up again for the surgery they require. I’ll need to pick up the stitches soon so that I can shorten the toe. You can see where my toes are in the picture – in the dark blue section. This weekend hasn’t allowed any time for that so I’ll add it to my schedule for this week. It won’t take much once I’ve picked up the stitches – I was planning on cutting the end and winding to where I’d picked up the stitches but I’m not sure that the fabric will unravel in that direction. I may need to cut near where I pick up the stitches instead and re-join. It’s something to ponder until I do it.

I have joined all the leftovers from my Twelve Days of Christmas minis that I used in these socks and my Adventurer Cowl. I ended up with this big gobstopper ball, though I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

On Friday I managed my celebratory cast-on of the Baubles shawl. I had this project with me in Sydney yesterday as it was still very small and didn’t take up much room in my bag. I managed several inches on my way home on the train last night. I won’t be working on this project this week as I really want to finish all those that I mentioned in my last blog before my cruise in 10 days. I’ll be taking Baubles with me on the cruise but had to start it on my birthday. You can see the little safety pin that I attached to a dropped stitch. I don’t know what it is with this project but I’ve dropped several in the same spot on the row. I’m not sure how I am doing this but I found this one too late. I’ve nearly finished the first section and will be moving onto brioche next.



Last Sunday I started sorting around my sewing machine so that I could get a good clear space to work at. It’s been difficult to just jump onto the machine for a quick session as it’s been so cluttered. I did manage to make a little more space but I was sidetracked by the current projects that were piled to the side of the machine. One of those is a skirt that I’d cut out in April. I’m pretty sure that I’d purchased this fabric in Darwin when I was on my cruise to Singapore. I used pattern New Look 6843 but decided to modify it so that it has a lining. As a lining wasn’t part of the pattern, I had to get creative and I think I totally confused myself which is why the pattern languished all this time. I have worked out a suitable solution but didn’t get too far as realised I didn’t have the right colour thread. I want to machine sew the hem and would prefer to use a colour that would not be noticeable. I managed to get that this week though I’ve not had an opportunity to go further. I intend to do some decorative stitching within the flowers of this skirt.


This being my 26th blog makes it my 6-month anniversary blog. I have really enjoyed doing this each week and I hope that I may have inspired someone else along the way. I’m looking forward to the next 6 months and all the makes coming up!

It’s been quite a hectic past week so I’m hoping that the next one gives me a little more crafting time. I have one more week at work before I’m on leave for my cruise. Next weekend will include packing but I’ll have the weekend plus two days to get it all done. Along with some relaxing and crafting time to get the targetted projects finished in time before I leave. If I do manage it, next week’s blog should include several finished objects.

Until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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