Sunday 27 January 2019. #27

Hi everyone and happy Australia Day for yesterday. As has been custom for most past Australia Days of recent memory, we enjoyed it with our local friends. Everyone brings a plate to share and we have a relaxing day catching up and trying to stay out of the sun though being outside is what it’s all about. I made a Weis Mango and Coconut slice and some Cheesy surprise sausage rolls. They were both a hit and I’ll definitely make them again.

My views this week include a very hazy start to a hot Australia Day and our venue for the day, with my friend Wendy having fun.


January Finish Challenge: In Blog #25 I set myself the challenge to finish the following projects by the end of January, noting that we’re sailing on our cruise on the 30th January and I don’t intend to take any of them with me.

Fern and Feather sweater, Sharman Cocoon, How I roll socks, Granny Square dress, Nightshift shawl and the Inca Blanket, a total of 6 projects. Of these, I have managed to finish only 1 so far but most of the others are in the last throws. I’ll go over these individually in their appropriate section below.

Last Sunday night saw a big night of tubular bind-offs. I was able to bind off the body of my Fern and Feather sweater and move onto sleeve island. I’m doing the sleeves two at a time with magic loop. With some concentrated knitting time during the Australian Open Tennis I’ve now almost reached the cuffs on the sleeves. I still have about 5 inches to go to finish (including 2″ cuffs), which I’ll confirm when I try it on. It’s another hot day today so putting that worsted monster on is not exactly fun!


The Sharman Cocoon was also part of my big tubular bind-off night last Sunday. That took quite some time as there were so many stitches for the body, something like 300 odd. I’ve now also finished the sleeve cuffs – there are no actual sleeves in this project. As it’s only rib, I decided to do these separately with my 9 inch Chiaogoo 3.5mm circulars. I was easily able to match the rows required in the 1.5 inch twisted rib. There were 100 stitches per cuff so they weren’t quick either. I’ve now got this one blocking, or partially blocking. I’m not sure how to do the sleeves but I think once the back is dry I can wet block without pinning. This is the only finished project for my self imposed goal and I’m not including sewing in the threads. I intend to do some each day when I return from the cruise – on this one and a few others.

Last night, I finished the main part of the Nightshift shawl and started the i-cord bind-off. I didn’t think I’d get that far but I set myself the limit of knitting during the Women’s Singles finals last night and the presentation. I thought the match would be finished after 2 sets but the 3rd set ensured I got it done. The i-cord will be finished today/tomorrow, depending on priorities. I’ll be able to block this before leaving on Tuesday.


So  the projects I haven’t finished include: the Granny Square dress – which just needs one more seam and will be done today, the How I Roll socks – these need surgery and I don’t think they’ll get done before Tuesday, and Inka the Little Llama security blanket. Due to some unplanned activities this week, I had less crafting time than I thought so what doesn’t get done before Wednesday will get done on my return. I still have the travel time Tuesday and Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning to work on them.


The HST Quilt is going to be today’s priority. Once this blog is done I’ll add the borders and sandwich. Then I’ll just need to decide on how I’ll quilt. I’m going for something very simple in the white parts only. Let’s see how much I can get done. I have the backing for this already – I think I’ll use the one on the left below.


I kept forgetting to show my beautiful alpaca stitch markers that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas. I originally started using them on my Adventurer Cowl but the mohair kept tangling in their legs. I was using all of them so quickly changed over to plain circles. I then put one onto my Fern and Feather and it behaved so much better as there was no mohair.


Also, I have forgotten to show the stitch markers I made for my Twelve Days of Christmas minis advent. I had a number for each mini skein plus Day 6 had a little angel progress marker and Day 12 had a tree of life progress marker.


Coming Up

Next Sunday’s blog will be coming from Dunedin, New Zealand, as we’ll be on our cruise. I intend to post a blog but it will probably contain less text and more pictures. I’ll be operating from my phone and the predictive text is a big trap. Dunedin is our first stop and, conveniently, it’s on Sunday when I normally upload my blog. I am packing my Baubles shawl, my Brisa top and some socks for my Dad. I’m also packing my Round the Garden stitching so I think that will be enough to keep me going.

As it’s Sunday and we’re heading up to Sydney on Tuesday, I really need to start packing and stop talking about it! I have a list but there’s so much that’s not on it. Today will also be washing day so that everything that needs packing is ready. Until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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