Sunday 3 February 2019. #28

Hello from Dunedin, New Zealand, and happy lunar New Year as we move from the Year of the Dog into the Year of the Pig. We are now on our cruise, having set sail on Wednesday.

This week will probably be more of a pictorial blog because getting onto the internet is hit and miss while I’m on the cruise. And I’m trying to minimise the autocorrects as I’m writing this on my phone.

My views this week include our cabin and ship, a panorama of Sydney from the ship, some views on board and a few pictures from the Milford, Doubtful and Dusky Sounds.


Finished object 1: Last Sunday, I only had the i-cord bind-off left to finish on my Nightshift shawl. That took very little time and it’s now blocking at home. It should be well blocked by the time we get back!  I still have the ends to weave in but that will be an easy job with the i-cord borders.


Finished Object 2: The Fern and Feather is also finished. I only had 5 inches to go on each sleeve and I managed most of that while watching the Australian Open Men’s final last Sunday evening. I finished it on Monday evening while watching Harry Potter #7.1. As with the body, I did a tubular bind off. This was much quicker as there were considerably less stitches. I also sewed in all the ends! I do need to block it and I’m still thinking of overdyeing the yellow which will mean a total immersion so I’ll do that when I block it on my return.


I worked on my Brisa top on the 3 hour drive to Sydney and that gave me a great start on it. By the time we’d had dinner that night I was onto the armhole decreases. I’ve finished the back and an afternoon of scenic cruising through Doubtful and Dusky Sounds provided a fantastic backdrop for knitting on the front. I wonder if I’ll get the front done while still on the cruise? The yarn I’m using for this is really slippery, twisty and tangles easily as you can see in the picture below.

We had a little waiting time on Wednesday morning before we set off for embarkation so I cast on the sock yarn I’d brought with me. I like to refresh my memory with Judy’s Magic Cast On (sorry, YouTube won’t give me a link on my phone) when starting socks and thought it a good idea before we headed off as there was a lot to do once we were on board and then lost data coverage. I’m doing a 64 stitch vanilla sock using some Reggia yarn I’d purchased at Morris and Sons in Sydney – last year or was it the year before? These will be for my dad as he has shown lots of interest in the ones I gave my mum. The yarn makes a pattern but I don’t remember what it’s supposed to look like as I’ve long since lost the ball band.

I brought along some yarn and needles to swatch for a couple of projects. The first I’ve done is for the Bell Sleeved top which is a pattern in a recent Vogue Knitting. The yarn is Malabrigo Silky Merino and is DK; the pattern calls for worsted. That means I’ll need to work out the math to make it work. You can see the swatch blocking here. It certainly has good drape and the colour is magnificent though not showing true here. It’s a beautiful deep teal with a jewel blue and some purple.


I started the Baubles shawl on my birthday as a celebratory cast on but didn’t get much done as I focused on finishing those in my self imposed challenge. I got to nearly finishing the very first part before abandoning it temporarily and I’ve now finished the first brioche section. I like to review YouTube with brioche but that luxury was not available. Since I’ve done it before I had no problem. I think the setup rows are the hardest. The next section is lace.


Finished Object 3: I’m not sure if this should be under crochet or sewing, but I finished the Granny Square dress. I only had to sew the skirt onto the crochet top. I had already done it once, more than a week ago, but I had the top inside out and I had to unpick the stitching. It sat in time out for a short period but other priorities meant it sat there longer. It’s now on its way to the recipient and I hope it fits.



Finished Object 4: Well,  this wasn’t on my self imposed challenge list but, after two days of concentrated quilting, here it is! This project jumped up the priority list because my granddaughter needed it! I’m glad it’s finished. I know my quilting is very rustic (read “rough”) but, as a whole, it really looks good! I ended up machine sewing the binding on leaving the corners which I hand stitched. That saved a lot of hand stitching time.


I’ve brought my Round the Garden quilt with me but it hasn’t come out yet. I actually forgot I had it so I’d best get it out. There are no free rides!

Stash Acquisitions

For my birthday I decided to have a look at the Madeleine Tosh website and found some beautiful gold (a la Caroline of Dunderknit) OOAK (One of a kind) fingering weight – Tosh Merino Light. It’s a glorious colour but I realised it was a very similar colour to my Lush cardigan with yarn I’d dyed myself,  maybe this one is a bit more gold. Obviously, l like that colour. 😁 I need to decide on a pattern; at the moment I’m thinking one-off may be one of the PetiteKnit ones.

I think that’s all for now. I’m hoping that there are not too many autocorrects in this blog and apologise for some of the photos – I’m a bit limited in places where I can take them. So from Dunedin and moving on to other places, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO



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