Sunday 10 February 2019. #29

Greetings from windy Auckland, New Zealand! We’ve had a great week cruising up the eat coat of New Zealand with some very cold weather and some very hot weather. We had 2 days about 31 degrees Celsius, but the rest have been very cool to cold. And every place has been windy!

Views from this week include Dunedin (including copper beer vats during a brewery tour), Akaroa and Christchurch, Picton, Wellington, Napier and Auckland. I may have missed a place!

My Brisa top is almost finished. The intarsia section proved to be a bit tricky – it needs to be not too tight and not too loose, and you have to remember to twist the two yarns. That part’s not hard but I did manage to miss one though I was able to pick up from the row above to close the hole. I just need to finish a few inches of narrow bits and sew it together – I think blocking first would be best.


The Baubles Shawl has progressed through the lace section and I’ve now started the third colour which is a beautiful deep teal that I dyed. Each row is getting longer so it’s taking a little more time to get through them. I’m loving the colour combination! The cute angel progress marker shows where I was at last week’s blog. I got a fair bit done on the bus tour to Rotarua.

I’ve managed to get a fair bit of knitting done on the socks which I’ve been using as my sightseeing knitting. There was one port, Wellington, that I didn’t do any on land but I made up for it back on the ship while waiting for sail-away. I’ll probably call them my New Zealand socks. I’m not sure what heel to put in. I think I want to do a heel flap but I don’t have a pattern with me though I should be able to download one if I need. You can see that I used every opportunity for knitting!

A last minute inclusion to the craft packing was some yarn for a Gable Cap. The yarn is a Knitpicks Capretta which is a fingering weight but I’m holding it double to get the required DK weight. I did the rib section in one sitting while out on the back deck waiting for sail-away from Picton only to realise that I’d misread the cast on number of stitches. I did 108 instead of 128 and only picked that up because I didn’t have enough stitches for the first set up row. So, it was set aside for a day and I cast on again after returning from our Wellington day out. The pattern is a bit annoying as it suggested needles for certain parts – cast on 3.25mm, rib 3.5mm and then 4.0mm, which I assume is for the body of the hat. Then the pattern only tells you to cast on using your selected needles and not when to change to another size. Hence, the first rib was done totally with 3.25mm and I only thought about changing when I was starting the main part. Anyway, I’m now working the cable pattern which is very complicated. I’ll need to read the pattern for every section on every row. And I’m pretty sure it will be too big for me – maybe I should have kept the 108 stitches and increased the first row. I actually considered that but the cable pattern evolves from the rib and increasing would throw out the whole pattern flow. Smaller needles may also be an option. This picture is taken on the back deck where I like to sit for sail-away and see my cute alpaca beginning of row marker?

20190209_180009During the cruise, I’ve been listening to my blogs and my latest book – The Woman in the Window by A J Finn. That has certainly kept me guessing and I’d say there are still more twists and turns yet! There has been excellent entertainment we’ve watched each night and the food has certainly been abundant. This picture shows a relaxing afternoon waiting for sail-away. I had most of my knitting options with me. 😁


Next week’s blog will be under easier circumstances using my laptop and home wi-fi! So until then, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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1 thought on “Sunday 10 February 2019. #29”

  1. Lee- I’m so happy to have met you and to see your beautiful work. This Norwegian Jewel trip has been great fun, and it’s been a pleasure to meet you and the other needleworkers.


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