Sunday 10 March 2019. #33

Another week has gone by but this one has certainly dragged for me. That’s how it goes when you are waiting for some good news. It’s all to do with work and the first instalment of good news did finally arrive on Friday.

A big happy birthday to my beautiful daughter in law! We will be celebrating later today. Kimberley is one of my most loyal followers. 😊

Yesterday’s sewing day was cancelled at the last minute but I got so much done and with a very clean house in the bargain. My views this week include the hydrotherapy pool where I did my physio on Monday. It’s a fantastic way to do physio!


My Floozy cardigan came along to Canberra with me this week but my 3.25mm needles stayed at home. I realised this only when I was ready to move onto the sleeve cuff rib to finish the project. I can say now that Floozy is off the needles with only buttons and ends to be sewn in, followed by a bath and block. It fits perfectly and it will be fantastic now that the weather is starting to cool. I cast off the sleeves with the tubular cast off which is how I did the body rib. For the button bands, I used a normal cast off with a larger needle as recommended in the pattern. At that point, I was concerned at how much yarn I had left and thought the tubular cast off may use a bit more. I still have 14 grams left!


I really got into the remainder of the second lace section of my Baubles shawl this week. The rows seemed to go quite quickly and, nearing the next brioche section (also the last section), I got the urge to get it done. So now I’m into the brioche bobble section. There are brioche decreases all along the row and it took me ages to finish that row. It was the first row to set up the pattern so I had to be careful that the stitch markers were going in at the right spots.

I inched (millimetred, more like) my way along the raglan of my Bell Sleeved top this week, trying on every so often, to work out when I’d reached the right number of stitches. It’s not a matter of getting to the sleeve division and stopping as the number is reached before that, leaving the remainder of the measurement with straight knitting down the straight of the top of the arm. Was that confusing? Anyway, I have stopped increasing and only need about another 1/2 an inch before separating for the sleeves. For the very first time, I actually used a couple of lifelines. The first one is quite clear in the picture as I used some spare yarn but I also did one lifeline with dental floss – you can just see it right near the needles. I have managed to get that lifeline into one of the stitch markers so I’ll have to cut at it out and tie it. The lifelines will remain until I separate and try it on. That way I can easily go back if it either needs more or fewer stitches.


I did get some work done on my Zweig sleeve this week but not a whole lot. I am creeping along the sleeve and estimate that I’m about at the elbow now. This pattern has long cuffs which will be easier to knit when I get to that point, rather than the little cables every so often.

My Humulus sweater is growing and I’ve just done the final increase row for the yoke. I still have 13 rows of colourwork to go. I’m thinking that this project would be a good flight project – I have a work trip to Adelaide this week. You can see my solo after-dinner knitting party in Canberra this week. All the staples!

There’s not a lot of progress to report on my Graphica sweater but I have moved onto the next colour. It’s very hard to take a photo as the edges keep rolling.


Of course, it’s obvious that I’m not yet over my case of castonitis. This project doesn’t have a name because it’s coming from my head. I’ve had this Abbey Road yarn since about October, or was it earlier? I’d noticed it in Spotlight and thought it would make a great chunky lap rug. It’s the Born to be Wool weight of their yarns but it’s not listed on Ravelry so I can’t say what real weight it is. From what I can work out, it’s more than a super bulky as the recommended needles are 15mm, which is what I’m using. I started with a pattern but that was worsted and I didn’t like the numbers of raglan divisions, and I didn’t like the increase method used, so I decided to just wing it. It seems to be working well. As you can see, I’ve divided for the sleeves and fits nicely. I split for the sleeves after only 19 rows so you can see it’s knitting up very quickly. I intend for it to be a jacket length so it shouldn’t take too much longer to finish. I started this on Friday night.


Due to the cancellation of the Sewing Day, I was able to work on my Stevie dress. It is such a quick project. It took me just the afternoon (and not all of it) to get the whole thing done apart from the hem. I purchased the fabric from Tessuti some time ago and I can’t remember what it is. As I mentioned last blog, it has some stretch and it’s a cotton. I’m pretty sure I did read the fabric details but I didn’t write it down. I’m becoming a little better with that these days. The dress looks pretty unimpressive on the coathanger but it’s a lovely fit on. I hope I’ll have some pics of me wearing it next week, once the hem is complete.

I only really made one modification and that was with the cuff. Once the cuff is turned out, you’re only supposed to hand stitch to catch it at the underarm and at the top but I didn’t like how you could see the seam inside (there’s a picture of that). I ended up stitching the cuff down completely. My one gripe about the fabric is that it has a white backing which I think may be noticeable at the sleeves – maybe not. You can just see the white on the right sleeve in the full picture.

In the process of making this, I found a new blog and podcaster – Athina Kakou. She had a make-along video to make the Stevie dress. It was her fourth one. Athina also has patterns and I may have purchased one.


There’s no actual dyeing to report but I have skeined up some yarn. It’s not a normal skein and I’ve been trying to work out how to do this. I need the skein to be really long as I’m planning to do individual sections for a self-striping, colourful sock yarn. I thought that putting chairs at each end of the table would be effective but it seemed to pull a little and the chairs started to turn. I need something that doesn’t move. The length of the repeat on this skein works out at just over 5 meters so I’m thinking probably 4 different dye sections of just over a meter each. The yarn is in the citric acid soak at the moment so maybe tomorrow morning I can do the first one or maybe two sections. I want to do them separately and let each section dry before I do the next. It’s all a big experiment and I hope it doesn’t turn to custard!



A few sewing acquisitions to show this week. Firstly, I purchased some fabric from Spotlight. It’s a beautiful caramel colour in a cotton/linen. I’m not sure I’ve purchased enough for what I have in mind so will have to work that out. I also purchased four patterns. Sigh… But they are great. Two pairs of pants from Style Arc, a Blackwood cardigan from Helen’s Closet and a Sheona dress from Athina Kakou. I purchased the Blackwood cardigan because I’m joining in with the #sewmystyle2019 monthly projects. I don’t know too much about the SewAlong but will look more into it. The caramel fabric is for one of the pants and tomorrow I’ll be printing the patterns onto A0 and will be able to work out if I need more. I still need fabric for the other projects but it’s very limited here with what one can buy. I’m off to Sydney next weekend and I have a list of shops I want to check out. I’m thinking I should be able to find some suitable fabric for these projects.


Tomorrow is Canberra day which means I have a day off! I love long weekends. I am looking forward to getting some things done. As I mentioned, I have a work trip to Adelaide this week so I’ll get some travel knitting done. It’s going to take over 3 hours each way because I couldn’t get any direct flights, so that won’t be total knitting time as I’ll be changing planes in Melbourne. I intend to pack very lightly with only carry on so I’ll have to think carefully as to which projects will be making the journey with me. It’s for two nights so I’ll have to take at least two projects but maybe smallish ones. I hope to have split for sleeves on my Bell Sleeved top so that could be a good one, along with my Humulus as I mentioned.

It always amazes me how much I actually get into these weekly blogs. I start each one thinking that I don’t really have much to say today but I end up with heaps! It’s time for me to get ready for the party today. There’s some driving time which means I’ll get some knitting done on the way but I think I’ll be driving home, so none for the return trip. I hope everyone has had a great week and, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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