Sunday 17 March 2019. #34

Greetings! I had a wonderful afternoon last Sunday, celebrating my daughter in law’s birthday. It’s great when the family is together and I look forward to every opportunity. Of course, I also got some quality time with my granddaughter. 😊 Lunch was at the Yacht Club on the lake.

It seems I’ve been all over the country this week – 4 different states/territories anyway. I started in NSW, drove to the ACT, flew to Victoria and changed planes to SA – then all the same again in reverse. I managed to pack lightly with only 3 projects. I stayed at Mawson Lakes which is a lovely area with several man-made lakes, the main one shown below. I walked it one of the mornings but it was so dark I went back to take a pic before heading to work on the second morning. The first aerial shot is leaving Adelaide and the second is arriving at Melbourne. I was so surprised at how dry things were, particularly Melbourne.

This weekend I’m in Sydney and managed to get to a couple of fabric shops and a yarn shop so I think the acquisition section will be much larger than the knitting section for a change. I had a pampering afternoon yesterday and woke up to some very miserable weather this morning. The photo shows the Sydney city buildings, which you can’t see for the weather.


For the flight to Adelaide, I decided to work on my Baubles shawl. I managed to get a fair way into the last section which was a patterned brioche. I had a great time knitting it and continued at the hotel. Last night I finished the third last row, with only a bobble row and bind off left. This will definitely be a finished object next week.

I decided to split the knitting for the two flights on the way home and the Bell Sleeved top was first on the agenda.  It has grown, shrunk and grown again. I’m not sure how my swatch lied but I ended up ripping out all the way to the first lifeline. I had already taken out the floss lifeline because I hadn’t paid attention and knitted through all four stitch markers. In the process of remediating that, I had to cut and re-tie at each marker and the floss couldn’t cope with the stress. Anyway, when I’d reached the number of stitches that I’d calculated with the swatch, having used DK instead of worsted and smaller needles, I tried it on and it was way too big! I’ve now re-knitted and re-divided for sleeves and I’m almost at the 4″ mark where I will do a few purl rows and increase for the peplum. I still think the sleeves have more ease than I’d like so I’ll decrease a couple of stitches when I get to them. I also think the body has a little extra ease so I intend to do some under-bust shaping before the purl rows.

My colourful Graphica was scheduled for the second flight and that seemed to be much shorter than the flight down – obviously wind assisted in that direction. I didn’t get a lot of time on the flight but I continued on Friday night and finished the third section. I’m now onto the fourth section and have divided for the sleeves. I haven’t tried it on yet but that’s on the agenda for today. The colour in the pic seems a bit blown out.

Those three projects received most of the time this week but I did put in a little bit of work on my Brioche Yoke sweater and my Zweig on Sunday and my Humulus sweater on Monday.


I started with the first step of my striped sock yarn with some yellow over about a metre of yarn. This is now dry and waiting for the next step where I’ll add black to it. I’ll probably do that in stripes along the yellow next weekend.



Last Monday I was able to print some of the patterns that featured in the Acquisitions section of last week’s blog. I printed both the Sheona dress and the Blackwood cardigan but the two pairs of pants wouldn’t fit in the A0 size they were supposed to. I had some time to fill in so I had breakfast and coffee browsing Instagram. I again saw a fabulous Metamorphic dress by Sew Liberated and decided to finally purchase the pattern. Since I was still nearby, I ducked into Officeworks again and had that printed too!

Then I had some happy mail from Knitpicks. Here you can see some Wonderfluff at top left.  This was ordered for a Turtle Dove but I think it may now be a Sunday cardigan by PetiteKnit. On the right, there’s some Wool of the Andes Tweed worsted. This is for a Koivua by Caitlin Hunter. I’m also going to use the leftover tweed that I used for the Nightshift shawl. I’m particularly itching to get that one on the needles. The rest is Swish DK and will likely be for one of the baby projects that I have queued.


On my way through Sydney on Friday I called in at Skein Sisters to swap a 9″ circular needle and some yarn and cables followed me out. I bought some Berroco Ultra Wool DK. The rust (showing a bit more orange here) is for a Carbeth cardigan by Kate Davies. That’s on my Make9. The teal is also for a baby project. Obviously, I’d forgotten that I had the other teal yarn as I’d not yet opened the box. 😊


I’ve been wanting to get to a couple of fabric shops in Sydney but never actually made it and yesterday was the day.  I started with The Fabric Store and bought these beauties. The white doesn’t appear to be showing well. It’s a cotton floral lace. I’ll show a better picture when I’m using it. No fixed plans for that yet. The linen and Liberty cotton are for the Metamorphic dress. Start date yet to be determined.

The next stop was The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria where I ended up with several purchases. This shop had pretty much everything. There are lots of bolts of dress fabric, along with remnant pieces of several lengths, which are ideal. Along with that they also have quilting fabric and notions of all sorts.

From left,  some seaside striped cotton (87% cotton/13% polyamide) for the Style Arc Thea pants; polyester/ spandex double knit for the Sheona dress; some plain white inter-locking (project unknown); bonded stretch crepe for the Blackwood cardigan; cream black large stripe ponte for another version of the Sheona probably; and finally fine pinstripe wool suiting (project unknown). I certainly have my sewing projects sorted for the next few months.

Today, I’ll be catching up with my old school friends for a fancy lunch, so I’d better get myself organised. Venturing out into this deluge is not high on my want to do list but I’ll enjoy it when I get there.

Until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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