Sunday 31 March 2019. #36

Hello! Well, we certainly got a taste of winter as the temperature dropped from yesterday afternoon and registered an apparent low of less than 10 degrees overnight. I do think we’ll have a few days of warmth left before winter actually sets in; at least I hope so!

This week was topsy turvy as far as work goes. I was in Canberra only Monday and Tuesday, instead of my usual Tuesday to Thursday. On Wednesday, I took the train to a medical appointment in Wollongong. Having just returned from Canberra the day before, I didn’t want to drive up and back to Wollongong in one day. It also gave me the opportunity to knit, and the doctor running nearly 2 hours late also gave me some knitting time plus a headache. The chance to see my granddaughter made up for it all! I still had the buttons to go onto my Floozy and I wanted to wear her for my train trip, so did that on Tuesday night. It’s a relaxing trip on the train, aside from the one change, and has a great view of the coast. A Friday afternoon massage and facial was the perfect way to end the week!


This week, my Bell Sleeved top photo actually shows some progress! No backwards knitting required and I’m into the bottom round and round knitting. This is going to be a good vanilla option when I need it. I need to do 8 inches on the base before some purling/garter but I’m not sure whether I will do that. Because the neck is not garter, I feel the bottom should match. I got a good section done on the train and sitting at the doctor’s office the other day. It was also good for some bed knitting yesterday morning with a cup of tea and on the Huskisson wharf while I waited for my massage appointment.

It’s easy to see the continuing progress on my Graphica sweater. I’ve used all the colours and have started to repeat them in reverse. You can see the top blue background/yellow pattern is now a yellow background/blue pattern. It’s looking like the bottom flares out but there have been no increases since dividing for the sleeves. I hope it straightens out soon.


I did manage some work on my Brioche Yoke sweater this week and remembered to add the short row shaping that I had planned. You can just see the difference from front and back though it’s very subtle. I tried it on once split and I’m happy with how it’s going. I was concerned that I may have stopped the brioche too soon but a second try on confirmed that it was OK. Now it’s a lot of round and round until I add a little waist shaping – another good vanilla knitting project.

My Zweig has nearly two matching sleeves. I only need one more pattern repeat and they’ll be at the same point. From there, I need to do 5 inches of rib on each but I’ll try it on first to make sure I don’t need more pattern first. I’ve set myself an arbitrary goal of finishing this one by next weekend. We’ll see how that goes!


The Pop baby cardigan is now ready for sleeves. That was the project for the trip to Wollongong this week. I’ll pick up the sleeves today and do them two at a time. This should be finished by next week’s blog.


The Lanesplitter skirt is looking good. I love how the yarns are working together. I only need about 6 rows and I’ll be going along the straight section, with no more increases. And then the decreases to finish the other side.


There’s not so much progress on the Cabled cardigan but I have split the right front. I only need to do 14.5cm and then I’ll get onto the back which, being plain stockinette, should go fairly quickly. I’m thinking of changing to circular needles but it’s probably not so necessary now that I’ve split though there are still a fair few stitches on the one needle.


Of course, I couldn’t help but cast on a new project. It was a toss-up between the Sunday sweater, Twist of Fade or the Koivua. When it came to it, I wanted something quick and the Koivua isn’t a bad option. The Twist of Fade lost out to the Sunday sweater because I have to do some maths to work out the fades since I’m using four colours. The Sunday sweater should be a really quick knit as it uses 6mm needles so that tipped it over to win the contest. Here is the start with the collar – I only cast on late last night. The collar is done with 5.5mm needles but I’m thinking I may start again with the main needle instead, to get a looser neck.



I started and finished my Blackwood cardigan yesterday – I’d cut it out last weekend. It’s a good fit, apart from the sleeves which are way too long! I think I can get away without the cuffs and just turn up the hem but I’ll try it on once I unpick the cuffs. This was the first stretch fabric I’d sewn for some time and had a few hiccups to start with. I couldn’t understand why the stitches were skipping and realised I should be using a ballpoint needle. That nearly ended the whole activity until I found a very old packet with 2 left. I also wasn’t sure about what type of stitch to use. Most recommend zig zag and my Janome has a couple of stitches that could be used but they go over and over many times, taking forever. I did a google search and it was suggested to use a zig zag with 0.5 width and 3.0 length. That seemed to work better than the fancy stitches as it had more stretch. This was a very easy pattern and the cardigan will be great for Autumn/Spring weather over a long sleeve top. I think, if I made this again, I would use a lighter fabric as the double bonded crepe is more jacket weight. Action shots to come!

I also got to cut out my next project – the Sheona dress. I think this will be a really quick project and can’t wait to get to it. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until next weekend as I have visitors to prepare for today. I’m doing the three quarter sleeve option this time. It will be great for the cooling weather.



Last Sunday I spent some time on my Round the Garden quilt, adding some leaves. I hope I may get some time today to do a few more and finish this section.



Last night, I was scrolling through Instagram, as one does, and found a post for a wool and fibre event – the FibreX. It’s to be held on June 22nd at the Central Coast. I think my friend Mary and I may need to attend this event! It’s only a three-hour drive and we’ll be able to make a weekend of it.



One of the KALs I’ve been participating with is in The Colorwork KALs Group on Ravelry. They do different challenges each quarter. For the first three months, I participated with my Fern and Feather which was actually entered as a “major project”. I’m still working out what happens with this KAL. So we are now moving into the second quarter and, for April to June, the challenge is a project from Alfa Knits or Colorplay / Rainbow / Spectrum (the major project is ongoing). I’ve decided to participate in the Rainbow category. You may recall the minis that I had left over from my Sharman Cocoon (pictured below)? Since then, I’ve been trying to find the perfect project and I knew I would stumble over it sooner or later. I’ve decided to do Ambah O’Brien’s Blaise shawl. Cast on for this project is from 1st April so this weekend I’ve been working out how many colours I can use – seems I can use 90 if I want. I have enough colours left so, to keep the repeats even, I will do 36 – change every 2.5 repeats. I want to use the maximum number I can to get a real colour gradient and I know I will have more leftovers for something else down the track. I’ll also be using the same grey that I used for Sharman as I had more than a ball left over and I managed to get my hands on another couple of balls.


Last Sunday I watched “The Other Boleyn Girl” – I had thought I’d already seen it. It was quite an interesting and well-cast movie, if you are into historical ones. I knew that Anne had lost her head but didn’t realise the full story around it. I understand that there’d be some poetic licence to the events but I imagine the storyline would have to follow the historical version to some extent. I definitely enjoyed it!

I also started a new book and decided it’s not for me. It was the Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak and is the narrative is quite poetic in parts. It’s described as both masterful and tedious – I can’t get past the tedious. I canned that one and started reading Jonathan Kellerman’s The Wedding Guest (Alex Delaware series), which is more my style. I haven’t read one of Kellerman’s novels for a while but I still enjoy its flavour.


A friend of mine put me onto a great Australian podcast called Chat 10 Looks 3 (I haven’t yet worked out the reference there) and I’m enjoying it. “A peripatetic podcast in which Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb discuss what they’re reading, watching, cooking, listening to or irrationally exhilarated by.” I’m finding it very easy to listen to. Because of this new podcast, I really need to watch the movie The Wife with Glenn Close and I’ve already got some recipes by Yottam Ottolenghi on my to-do list, eg Cauliflower Cake, Sweetcorn Polenta and Pea, Za’atar and Fetta Fritters.


There’s nothing exciting or unusual coming up this week for me. I will be going to Canberra as usual but I will be taking my coat, gloves and cowl and may even wear boots. This time, I will be prepared for the Canberra cold! I’m hoping to get a couple of small objects and my Zwieg finished so that will be my focus, though I want to work on everything.

Until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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