Sunday 7 April 2019. #37

Hello! How was your week? Welcome to April – it seems that these months are flying by! I hope you made it safely through April Fools’ Day. My week and April Fools’ Day started with a breakfast catchup at Huskisson with some girlfriends and finished with lunch and knitting session at Ulladulla with my bestie. Other than that, it was a normal work week. The weather has been very mild Autumn weather, with today heading for 29 degress C and tomorrow 31!


This week, my packing for Canberra was not very well planned. Firstly, I took the wrong size needles for the Pop cardigan, forgot the smaller needle for the Zweig ribbing and forgot the shorter cable for the Sunday Sweater! That did mean that I worked more on the two projects I did have with me that I was able to work on.

I really wanted to get my Zweig finished this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to get much work done on it while I was in Canberra. I did do the last few pattern rows and tried it on again, deciding that it was now ready for the ribbing. Then it was set aside until Thursday night, and I’ve been working on it each night. I need to do 5 inches of ribbing on each sleeve and I think it’s going to kill me! What you see in the picture is just over 2 inches and that was at least 3 hours of work. So, this weekend’s finish has now moved to next weekend.

My Lanesplitter skirt got a lot of love this week and it’s a very easy and potato chippy knit. I love how the colours on each of the skeins are changing and working together. I can’t wait to get to the next colour change. I am over half way with about 10 inches left to do before I start the decrease to straighten up the other end.

The Cabled Cardigan was another that was abandoned while I was in Canberra this week and it wasn’t because of needle/cable problems. I had miscalculated and it appears I’ve knitted too far. I wasn’t up to doing the maths at the time so it was put into time out. I’ll have to recalculate it today. That’s what happens when you change a pattern and then don’t read it correctly!


I restarted my Sunday Sweater with the larger needles and got to the first increase row when I realised I’d left the shorter cable at home. I didn’t want to continue with magic loop as it does change the stitch slightly at each end. I decided to wait until I got home on Thursday and got into the main part of the yoke. This is another of those potato chippy knits where you want to get to the next increase. The collar will be stitched down on the inside. It’s moving quite quickly because of the large needles and should work up quickly even when I split for the sleeves and it’s at the not so potato chippy part.

I’m well into the next section of Graphica. I didn’t get to work on this one much but it seems to progress well with only a little love. After this section (only 6 rows left to go) there are 3 patterns left before I start the ribbing.

Finished object: I finished the Pop cardigan on Friday night and I’ll sew in the ends and block today. I’m hoping it will fit! It looks so small. It didn’t take much yarn as I have about 44 of the 50 grams left of the third ball. Maybe I’ll make a matching hat. And I need to find buttons. It’s very squishy so should be a warm cardi.


The Bell Sleeved top didn’t see much action this week so there is only a little progress and not much to say at all!


I finally started the Blaise shawl that I mentioned last week for the Colourwork KAL 15. I was undecided about whether to use 36 colours or only 30. I vacillated a couple of times and ended up with the 36 colours as that would use less of each colour. The texture is fantastic and I’m really enjoying this. I have three months to finish this project so I wasn’t concerned with knitting on it too much but I want to get to the next colour and the next, and so on! I’m limiting myself to one or two colours a day (the rows are still very short). The top picture is the front side, the wrong side in the bottom picture is just as nice. And, yes, I’ll have lots of ends to sew in. Sigh…. The third picture has the order of the yarns.

Another KAL I’m taking on is the Game of Thrones Season 8 Make-a-long. Yes, I need another project like a hole in my head but how could I pass up a GoT KAL? I say, really? The essence of this KAL is that you use a different colour to represent each character in the final season and only use that colour as long as the character lives. Going on past GoT experience, there’ll probably be a colour or two dropping off in each episode! The pattern can be anything you want and that makes it difficult to choose. I really like the look of the Navigate shawl but I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn for each character. I think the best option would be to do a simple cowl like the Poly Chevron cowl (shown below). That pattern is for a tube so I would only knit half of it flat instead, similar to the Adventurer cowl I did for the Advent minis. A cowl would be good because, if it’s short (lots of people dying) then it won’t matter and if it’s longer (nobody dying) then it can be wrapped twice. And it will obviously be more colourful than the picture shows. I have until next weekend to make the decision as the new season airs Sunday night US time. I’ll watch it on Monday night, or maybe Tuesday as it will be a good one for while I’m in Canberra.

And, yes, another new cast on. Obviously, I do have holes in my head! Ambah O’Brien (also designed the Blaise shawl) called for test knitters for her latest pattern, the Ochre cardigan. I found I don’t like doing test knits because of the pressure but this is a small cardigan and the deadline is not until May 13. I think it’s the perfect project for the Malabrigo silk yarn that I’ve had for a while, trying to decide what to make with it. I’m not sure if I can show the actual picture of the cardigan yet but here is my yarn and my swatch. The yarn is Malabrigo Mora which is 100% silk. It will certainly have a lot of drape.

These new projects just mean that the priority will change. I will still work on the low priorities but they may need to take turns on the schedule between all the deadline knits. The Pop cardi is finished and I hope that the Cabled cardi and Zweig will also be complete by next weekend.


My Sheona dress fabric was cut out and ready for me yesterday. The hardest part is pinning on the neckline and it still only took about an hour to sew together. I haven’t yet done the hems on the dress and sleeves as I’m deciding whether I should take it in at the sides a little bit. The hem will have to come up a fair bit too. I had a little issue with the sleeves. I fussy cut them so that they matched and completely forgot to flip the pattern for the second one. There wasn’t enough fabric left to cut a whole other sleeve so I decided to go with it. The difference on these is minimal and I didn’t notice anything when I tried it on. If there is a problem, I could remove them and do short sleeves instead. They do match quite nicely.


Next week I hope to cut out my Metamorphic dress. As it’s essentially two dresses together, it will take more time to both cut out and sew together.


I got to do some dyeing yesterday on my self-striping/self-patterning sock yarn. I tried to cheat and, as I’ve found every other time, it doesn’t work. I should do one colour at a time and wait for each to dry but I started doing two colours at the same time and then I didn’t wait until it was completely dry when I added the rest of the purple. It’s not that bad as it appears to fade from one colour to the next. I have two or three sections left to do. One will be random yellow, orange and red, one will be natural with speckles and, if there is any left to dye, I will do another small section of a solid colour.


This week I started binge watching Seasons 6 and 7 of the Game of Thrones to get myself re-acquainted with where Season 7 finished. I like it just as much this time as last time. I’m up to episode 4 of Season 7 so will certainly be finished before the new season airs. Next month will be MeMadeMay where you wear your me-made items and share on Instagram with others participating. The challenge is to wear your own made items as much as you can – some do it every day. Last year I didn’t participate because I didn’t have a lot but this year I’ll have lots to share. It’s also good that most of my me-mades are knitwear and May should be quite cool here.

This next week doesn’t hold anything much out of the ordinary until Saturday when my husband and I will be celebrating our 34th anniversary. I’d say that’s worth going out to dinner for! So until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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