Sunday 14 April 2019. #38

Welcome! This week started with an evening spent with my old book club. I haven’t been able to attend for a couple of years because they are normally held on Tuesdays but, being a Monday, I was able to finally join in again. It was so good to catch up with everyone. Daylight Saving finished last weekend and it was lovely to see the sunrise before I went to work, for a change. The weather on Monday hit 32 degrees Celcius at home and then in Canberra, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, it got down to less than 2 degrees. You can see the light ice film on my car and I had to wear my Summer knitted items – my Adventurer cowl and my Baubles shawl. More awkward selfies!

I was given a gift of some lovely Easter flowers by my offsider at work before she proceeded on leave. That was so very thoughtful and I love having flowers at home. I don’t do it often these days as I’m mostly not there to appreciate them. On Friday, I had to have some work done on my car so I was able to get some unscheduled waiting knitting done. Yesterday was my 34th wedding anniversary and my husband and I celebrated with a special dinner out. I’m so amazed at how young we look on our wedding day. During the day, I caught the train up to Wollongong to visit my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. We had a nice walk and brunch out on a very nice Autumn day near Wollongong harbour. I even got to catch up with a girlfriend who happened to get onto the same train. I caught a very early train as you can tell by the long shadows.


This week, I managed to get some waiting time on my Bell Sleeved top. I had an appointment and had not changed my watch after the end of daylight savings last Sunday so I was an hour early – of course, I was also little earlier as I don’t ever get somewhere too close to the right time. I like a decent buffer. I also worked on this during my waiting time when my car was getting a recall fixed. It doesn’t look much different from last week but is considerably longer. I tried it on yesterday and decided maybe an inch more before I do the garter edging. I will be onto the sleeves by next blog.


Some more progress on my Graphica sweater but it’s slow going, of course, with all the other projects. A little bit at a time will get me there eventually. This is one of the projects I had with me in Canberra.

For my Book Club session on Monday night, I wanted some vanilla knitting. I finally decided on the Brioche Yoke sweater as everything else was either not vanilla or needed to be tried on (eg Bell Sleeved top). This project is not high in priority but was perfect for vanilla knitting. I’m doing helicle knitting to alternate skeins and it’s a very mindless process, until you hit the next yarn and need to back up three stitches.


Finished Object: Finally, I got to the end of the sleeve ribbing on my Zweig! I have sewn in a few threads but need to finish them off and block it. It fits lovely though I sometimes think I need another inch or so on the length. I was concerned about the puffy sleeve and tight cuff but they look much more pronounced when not being worn. I mentioned in an earlier blog about my design modification (read mistake) which makes my sweater unique amongst the literally thousands of Zweigs out there (3,916 listed on Ravelry). I read the little cable pattern incorrectly and ended up with an “o” rather than an “x”. The yarn I used was Wren and Ollie Sock in the Seven Seas and Smitten Kitten colourways. Action shots to come soon as sweater weather is very close. 


There are a few more inches of progress on my Lanesplitter skirt and I only need about 5 inches more before I start decreasing. I thought this project would go more quickly but I suppose it’s not getting too much action time.


I’ve made some progress on my Ochre Cardigan test knitting. It’s coming along nicely and managed to spend some time on it, including my train trip returning from Wollongong. I’m not far away from finishing the yoke section. Here is also a picture of Ambah O’Brien’s Ochre cardigan which shows what it should look like.

The other project that kept me company on the train yesterday was my Sunday Sweater. I got to split for the sleeves and I’ve since tried it on. It fits so nicely and the yarn is so soft and smooshy! I sent my girlfriend the photo below and she dared me to post it on the blog. There’s no shame in enjoying some nice yarn! The yarn is Knitpicks Wonderfluff and we’ve both ordered some for other projects. It’s 70% Alpaca, 23% Nylon/Polyamide and 7% merino. This project is now on the vanilla list for round and round mindless knitting. It’s hard to photograph as it tends to look like a funnel. The neck will be turned inside and stitched down later but I wish I’d thought to do it while I was knitting the final row and I could have caught the stitches at the same time.

Progress continues on my Blaise shawl. This is another Ambah O’Brien project – she’s an awesome Australian designer. I really like moving to the next colour so that makes it very potato chippy. I worked out a good way to transport the yarn in order – this way I can take the next one off and they stay in order.

I have my yarn ready for the Game of Thrones KAL that’s starting this weekend with the launch of the latest and last season. The KAL is called “You Win or You Die”. I have decided on the Poly Chevron Cowl for this project and have organised the yarn per character, as in the photo. I’ll be doing two rows per character as they appear, using their allocated colour and a pattern that I’ve allocated for each house. That can be stockinette, garter, lace, rib, etc. I have also purchased a light grey yarn as the episode dividers so I suppose that I’ll have to have a different pattern for that. I hope I haven’t complicated it too much – I like to set arbitrary challenges.


I haven’t had much opportunity this week to get to my sewing machine. I would normally do that on Saturday but I had my trip to Wollongong instead this week. Last Sunday, I did try a hack on my Sheona dress, adding a frill to the bottom of a sleeve but the fabric is a bit stiff – it would look fine if it was a bit drapier. Today, I’ll be unpicking that – two rows of stitching as I had stitched the seam down as well to see if it sat better. I’ll also unpick the cuffs on the extra long sleeves of my Blackwood cardigan, so I’ll be able to finish those two. The Sheona also needs to be taken in a smidge at both sides. I’m hoping to be able to cut out my Metamorphic pattern and maybe pin that, ready for sewing next week.

My girlfriend bought the Style Arc Sydney dress pattern so we’ve decided to have a Sew Along to make this. It will be fun sewing together and working out what needs to be done. It’s obviously a dress for next Spring but there’s no time like the present for a fun project.

Sydney dress


Last week’s dyeing session turned out a bit too orange. My intent was for orange with pops of red so I redyed some red into that section yesterday. It seems to have worked a bit better. Today I intend to finish off that last white bit with some sprinkled colours.

Stash Acquisitions

I joined the Seamwork group a while back and keep forgetting to have a look at it. This week I did and realised I had 7 pattern credits. I found three patterns that I really like and downloaded them. The Neenah will be good as a skivvy that I’d like to make. The Anise jacket will be on my list to make very soon and the Georgia dress will be scheduled for spring. I will have to find the right fabric for this awesome jacket. It may require a trip to The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney. I have already had the patterns printed so I’m ready to go during my week off.



This week is going to be a short work week as we will have the Good Friday holiday. That is also the day I start some leave so won’t be back at work for over a week! I’m so looking forward to pottering around the house and catching up on some projects that I’ve not had proper time for. Today I’m excited because it’s the day when the final season of Game of Throne airs! At least in the US; I will have to wait till tomorrow, but with the time difference it won’t be that much later.

I have been catching up on all my audible podcasts this week so haven’t yet started a new novel. From my list of audible books, I have lined up the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane which is a #1 New York Times bestseller. This is the blurb: “A powerful story about circumstances, culture, and distance, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane paints an unforgettable portrait of a little known region and its people and celebrates the bond of family.” I’ll also have to download Becoming by Michelle Obama as that is my book club book for this session. They meet every two months and it’s easier to finish the book closer to the time as it makes for better discussion. I’ve heard nothing but praise about that book and, apparently, the audible book read by Michelle herself is supposed to be great.

I have a feeling this week may drag on as I’ll be looking forward to my week off. I’ll have plenty to keep me company outside of work so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO


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