Sunday 5 May 2019. #41

Greetings! I’ve just returned home from a little town down the coast from where I live, called Lake Conjola. I was with some girlfriends and we’ve taken the opportunity while our husbands were away playing golf to have a relaxing lake/beachside break. This week started with my fortnightly girlfriend catch-up breakfast (with my Lanesplitter Skirt) and a lovely sunset through the clouds and trees. On Tuesday morning I had a very foggy 2-hour drive to Canberra but was happy that the weather there was very mild for this time of year. The leaves are starting to turn and there are beautiful colours showing up everywhere in Canberra. We don’t get such a grand display here on the coast.

This weekend was absolutely glorious with lovely weather until this morning when there was some rain. We enjoyed the scenery sitting next to the lake and walking out to the beach and headland. There was much competition with several games including Finskas – a very interesting game where you throw a cylinder of timber to a pile of several numbered cylinders and add you score with those numbers as the cylinders move around the playing area; we played bocce – a version of lawn bowls where you throw the balls rather than roll them; cards against humanity – a fill-in-the-blank game using words and statements that are quite offensive (no seriousness here!); Uno – a fun children’s card game but very competitively played by adults; Twister – a very tricky game for us ladies getting to a certain age! We had a couple of kayaks but I didn’t get out on one this time.


This week’s blog is all about the knitting. I only worked on a few projects this week, being away for work and then away for play. The Lanesplitter skirt kept my hands occupied during this week’s nail biter Game of Thrones episode. It’s a great “no thinking required” project and all my many other projects currently require considerable concentration. I finished decreasing into the corner of the rectangle and it is now ready to block. The pattern indicates that there will be a bias that needs blocking out. I now need to sew up the sides and pick up stitches for the top rib band which is then turned under with elastic inserted.


Though I didn’t take it with me this weekend, I mainly focussed on the Ochre Cardigan during the week in order to meet the 13th May deadline. I finished off the collar after sorting out the serious yarn barf and then picked up for the sleeves. I had every intention of knitting them two at a time until I got to the lace but the 100% silk really doesn’t suit two at a time. It’s much too slippery so I left one side on a cable and started going round and round with my 3.75mm 9 inch circular instead. That worked very well. After a few inches, I started on the other sleeve as I was making sure that the ball I was using would be enough for both sides. A couple of the skeins I’m using were considerably darker than the other three and I used the darkest in the body lace. It is darker in that there is more of the purple colour and it is darker than that in the rest of the cardigan. It seems to suit well in the lace. The sleeves are a bit darker than the body though not a lot and I’ll use the remainder of the darkest for the lace here too. The photo was taken after taking the cardigan out of the bag it had been sitting in for the weekend so is very crinkled. I intend to finish the sleeves this week. Looking at the photo, it seems that the pooling is more noticeable on the smaller number of stitches on the sleeve. I hadn’t noticed it in real life.


The Sunday Sweater is also growing some sleeves and they are an easy to knit project which was suitable for the weekend away. I only have to increase every 5 cms. The two at a time is going OK for this project as I wasn’t sure how the large needles would work. I tend to have a couple of tight stitches along the joins but they are much better than loose ones which look like a ladder.


I haven’t yet caught up with my You Win or You Die KAL for Game of Thrones. I have now finished episodes one and two, seen below left and episode two on the right. I am hoping that this week I’ll catch up on episode 3. It’s certainly a very fun project and I’m loving how it looks!

Me Made May 2019

Each year, the Me Made May challenge occurs on Instagram. I’ve decided to participate via my blog instead, and participate when I can. The original challenge was to wear something every day but I’m still building up my me-made wardrobe. Awkward selfies warning! Wednesday was May 1st (May Day) and I started with my Sheona at work. Thursday I wore my Lush cardigan which goes really well with my Nine West brocade shoes. On Friday, I worked from home and then headed down the coast wearing my floozy cardigan with my jeans and on Saturday I got to wear my Zweig for the very first time, but only in the evening as it was too warm for knitwear during the day.

Stash Acquisitions

A few weeks ago, I was enabled into buying some yarn from Fibernymph Dyeworks. It’s very hard to watch podcasts and resist the temptation! Obviously, there was no resisting this time and I ordered 2 sets of sock yarn. It took some time for me to get them as they arrived at work while I was not there for 2 weeks! It was such a lovely surprise to finally get them as I had actually forgotten they were there. They are gorgeous! The left is a set of Inversibles in turquoise and dark brown. One is a majority of turquoise and a bit of brown; the other is the inverse. The pair on the right is a set of 7 alternating stripes and a mini for heels and toes. The yellow is showing too yellow in the picture and is more of a yellow-lime colour. Both sets are on the Bedazzled base, 75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% stellina so they are sparkly. I’m going to have to do lots more sock knitting as my sock kits are starting to pile up. That’s a possibility as I’m almost at sweater overload and, really, how many sweaters can one person wear?


The only other purchase is some Knitpicks bare yarn; the majority is Swish DK and three skeins of Swish fingering. These are for an upcoming weekend away with some old friends and I’ll be teaching them some dyeing. We’ll also be doing some dressmaking so it will be quite a teaching weekend.



As I alluded earlier, this week’s Game of Thrones episode was epic. It’s so hard to wait a week to see each of them. Other than that, I was watching Season 2 of Cardinal – a detective show set in snowy Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 and hadn’t realised that the next season and another had been aired. Unfortunately, once I had watched the first three episodes I couldn’t watch the fourth as it seems that SBS removed it from their on-demand list. Hopefully, they’ll come back again soon. I finished watching Peaky Blinders and started on Season 2 of Secret City on Foxtel. I still haven’t started my book as I’ve been catching up on podcasts. I have now worked out how to have them automatically downloaded so that I don’t need to remember where I’m up to and add them to a playlist.

Next week will be another hectic weekend as I’m off to Sydney to see the matinee show of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the tickets for which were my birthday present in January.  After that, we will be attending our daughter’s delayed 30th birthday party and it’s also her husband’s birthday. To top off the weekend, we’ll be having a Mothers’ Day lunch with our son and daughter-in-law (and baby Evelyn) at Kim’s parents’ place. That should be a wonderful afternoon. A very eventful weekend coming up! I should be able to get a fair bit of knitting done as I’ll be a passenger during the drive up and down.

So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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