Sunday 12 May 2019. #42

Happy Mothers Day! I know that we share this day with the US, but the UK celebrated in March, I think. I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks living out of a suitcase, coming home just long enough to change out with clean clothes. This weekend I’ve been in Sydney for several celebrations – our son in law’s birthday, our daughter’s delayed 30th birthday party and today celebrating mother’s day in Wollongong with our son, his family and his in-laws. We had a girl’s day out yesterday starting with a makeup session at Myer, then lunch and to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s been such a great weekend.


Finished Object: Knitting is the only craft I managed this week and I didn’t get anywhere near as much time as I normally do. I was on a deadline to get the Ochre cardigan finished and I managed it easily enough. You can see it now blocking. The skein I used on the sleeves is a bit darker than the rest but not as noticeable in real life. I wanted to alternate skeins but, when I started on the sleeves, I was doing two at a time and didn’t want to complicate it further. I didn’t get more than a couple of rows done before I decided that was not going to work well for silk. I should have then started the helicle knitting but didn’t give it another thought. Maybe some action shots next week.


My Graphica sweater is moving along but not as quickly as I thought. I spent a little more time on the Ochre cardigan than I’d planned and it took up my Graphica time. This means I won’t get it done by Wednesday which is the end of the 2019 Colorwork KAL. That’s OK. I know it will be done soon after that which is good as the weather is cooling very quickly.


The You Win or You Die (Game of Thrones) KAL is ongoing but I’m a little further behind on my Leftovers cowl now. I’m about halfway through Episode 3 (on the right) and probably won’t be started on Episode 4 before I watch Episode 5! That’s OK, I’m still enjoying it so much and now, with no deadlines, I’ll be able to get more of it done.

You may remember the Pop cardigan as a finished object but it’s too small. I have cut into the body bind off and added about 2.5 inches. I’m just starting the latest bind off and will do the sleeves next, adding about the same amount. It will need another block because you can see the curly stitches from where I frogged back the garter edge. This will be finished, again, next weekend.


New Cast On: This is the Smocked dress by Jenny Wiebe (Vangy Knits). This project is one on my Make9 for 2019. It’s not the final colour but I wanted to start it before I could dye anything so went for it in the undyed yarn. I intend to dye the dress as a finished project. It’s a cute smocked front, puff short sleeves dress and will look great on Miss Evie.


The Lanesplitter skirt is also currently blocking waiting for me to sew up the sides and add the waist rib band. Maybe this week?


Me-Made May

I managed to wear me-made most of this week but didn’t take all the photos. It started last Sunday with the purple and caramel Ellie sweater which I made back in August 2017 from Touch Yarns Possum Merino 8 ply. That was disappointing as I realised when wearing it that there was a moth hole right on the front chest area. That’s now been put aside for repairs. I wore my Sheona dress (not shown), my Adventurer Cowl, my Elton cardi with my Nightshift shawl and my Riyito sweater in one of my very early self dyed yarns. Today I wore my Floozy cardigan but, because it was so warm, it didn’t make it into any of the photos taken today.

As I’m posting so late today, I thought I’d include our Mothers’ Day pics. Evie is all rugged up ready for the walk to her Nanny’s home and the view from Nanny’s home with the wonderful pre-lunch nibbles. It was such a beautiful day.

My living out of a suitcase continues for this week as I’ll be taking out the old and putting in some new items. Next weekend will be one for relaxing as I won’t even leave the house. I want to get back to my Sydney and Metamorphic dresses and some other crafts. Maybe even some dyeing! Hopefully a little more variety in the next blog. So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO

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