Sunday 19 May 2019. #43

Welcome to election weekend in Australia, and it appears that nothing has changed. My week has been pretty normal with my regular Canberra trip. Monday started with my catch-up breakfast and we are still sitting outside. We’ve only been inside once so far but I don’t imagine we’ll be able to do it for too much longer. My view this week consisted of lots of Autumn leaves. I have taken several pics and, though they look good, they don’t have the same effect as in real life. It’s so very pretty at the moment. We haven’t yet had a frost and I think that’s likely to change soon too.


I’m still focusing on a few projects at the moment but I am also starting to pick up some that have been waiting patiently. The Graphica sweater has progressed though not as quickly as I’d hoped. The pressure is off now because I didn’t meet the 15 May deadline for the Colorwork KAL. I also got my 9” circulars mixed up and it appears I used the 3.75mm one for the green/orange section instead of the 3.5mm. It didn’t look different compared to the previous section so I went ahead and used the same needle for the rest. The curve of the sleeve divide makes the sections look like they are not lined up with the body but I have kept the same row count. There is only one section left now and the ribbing. This last section is longer than the corresponding colour of the body and I’m not yet sure if I’ll be doing it all in those two colours or if I’ll reintroduce the beginning colours again. After all, the ribbing does use the blue from those colours. I’m leaving it until I get to the same point as the body and will try it on to make the decision. I’m hoping to be finished the sleeves this week and will pick up the provisional stitches on the neck to increase the ribbing for, hopefully, a funnel-type neck. Will it all be done by the next blog?


The Sunday Sweater was again my go-to knit for Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. There’s always so much happening in those episodes that knitting that requires any thinking is totally out of the question. Mind you, I had to increase twice during that episode and measure several times so that I knew when to increase. Fortunately, that wasn’t too taxing on the brain. I only have just over 15cm to go before 8 rows of rib and bind off so my intention is to finish this one this week too. Because I’m increasing at a set measurement each time the rows are getting longer and the normally quick sleeve row is now taking much more time.


I have frogged the garter section of the sleeves on the Pop Baby cardi and am working to extend them by about 2.5 inches. There was a decrease near the end of the sleeve so I had to frog back to that. It should be finished this weekend so I can block out the curly stitches.


The Smocked dress is coming along nicely and I’ve divided for the sleeves. At the moment, I’m just working down the length of the dress which is just round and round stocking stitch. There are no increases during the length of the dress but there were a few at the smocked area which will give some more fullness and also the smocking stitches not being smocked will give more width. I’m not sure I like the idea of the buttons behind the left back shoulder and, if I’d realised before I was well into it, I probably would have centred the button panel.

Progress on my Game of Thrones (You Win or You Die) KAL is constant but I haven’t caught up yet. This is actually a good thing. I should be about up to episode 5 when I watch the final (6th) episode on Tuesday night. I keep my GoT viewing for when I’m in Canberra. Because I need to confirm who actually died, I’m happy to be behind. There are often surprises in this show! I’m about mid-episode 4 below and the bottom right picture shows episode 3 complete.

My Blaise shawl also got some love this week. I am currently moving from greens into teals and I am nearing the centre of the shawl. Depending on how much grey yarn I have left I may add one more repeat before starting the decreases. From where I am now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that. I should know by next week.

I was able to take some “action shots” of my Ochre Cardigan the other day to submit to the test group. As I’ve been away so much, I had to do it while in Canberra for work. Not shown in the photo are my pyjama pants, which I cropped out. This looks just like the picture of the pattern but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the fronts of the cardigan sitting on the outside of my boobs, preferring the cardigan to meet in the middle. It’s more a shrug type top than a cardigan. It’s not a cold weather outfit so I’ll see how much wear I get out of it next summer. I’d probably wear this with more of a tank top but that was all that I had with me at the time.

My Sharman Cocoon has been waiting patiently to have all its many ends sewn in. Now that the weather is cooling very quickly I’ve been more motivated to get this done. I had a good session yesterday and it won’t take long to get the rest done. I’ll give it a good soak and block once I’ve finished and it will hopefully be ready to take away with me next weekend. It will be a cosy shrug to sit around the fire in on my weekend to Kangaroo Valley, where it should be pretty cold.



I had a full day at home yesterday and was looking forward to getting some sewing done. Well, that didn’t happen because I spent most of the day cutting out fabric. I wanted to get back to my Sydney and Metamorphic dresses but realised this week that I need a couple of items that are wearable now instead of summer dresses. Firstly, I dug out the Inspiration magazines that my friend Cathie had given me. There are several items in those that I want to make but I’m starting with a pencil skirt using some Japanese fabric that I’ve been waiting to use. The pattern doesn’t include seams which I find is very easy to get wrong, and cut without the seams. This pattern only uses two pieces plus a couple of facing pieces so shouldn’t be a problem. I had to trace the pattern and couldn’t find my tracing vilene. In the end, I used some fusible interfacing which is almost the same but I can’t iron it – not that I’ll ever need to. I think I’ve decided to add a lining – it’s much more comfortable when wearing stockings as the fabric doesn’t grab onto them. I haven’t cut the facings or lining yet as I was still deciding. I realised that I didn’t have a zipper in black so that will need to wait until I’m able to purchase one tomorrow. I do actually have one but the zipper pull is missing so it’s not an option and it’s not an invisible one.

On Friday, I purchased some black rayon double knit and yesterday cut out another Sheona dress by Athina Kakou. That’s what I’ll be sewing today. I’d purchased a long cardigan (yes, I’m not knitting it!) and thought it would work really well with a plain black dress and my tan suede boots. I’d had plans to knit something to replace a cardigan that I’d retired but that’s not likely to be finished for this winter. Also, I needed something so that I could wear with my boots as that particular colour is lacking in my wardrobe. The boots will also go with the skirt (above). I’ve made a modification to this Sheona for a faced neckline rather than a neckband and I also made a modification as I trimmed the pattern to where I thought it should have been. I now don’t think that but it should work with a slightly more boat neck instead. I also cut the dress down to the size 10 as previously I’d made the 12 and had to take it in down the sides. This should remove some of the extra fabric under the sleeves as shown in my picture below right, which would have required removing the sleeves to do a proper job of taking in. I think it is still very wearable.

Since I was on a cutting roll, I decided to also cut out the Kristy top by Style Arc. I had some fabric I was gifted from my friend Debbie’s mother’s old stash. I really “ummed” and “ahhed” about this one as I’m concerned about pattern matching. I finally decided that it would never be possible so I cut it out anyway. The fabric is a black and green stripe, shown best on the facing piece at the top right of the picture. This could be a good top for work. Depending on whether I finish the Sheona today, I  may start on this one too.

Stash Acquisitions

When I purchased the rayon double knit for the Sheona on Friday at Spotlight, I also picked up a few remnants. I always have a look to see what’s worthwhile. There’s not usually much there. I purchased a 1.75m piece of Combed Cotton Jersey in the Latte colour, a 0.9cm piece of a dusty navy colour Wool Blend Suiting, and a 0.8cm piece of Stretch Denim in Indigo. I almost cut out a Neenah (Seamwork) pattern to make a jersey polo top with either this Latte or some white that I purchased recently. By that time, I’d had enough of cutting. The denim may grow up to be a Moss skirt (Grainline Studio) and I’ve no idea what I’ll do with the suiting. It says 112-145cm – if it is closer to 145cm I will have enough for a skirt.

MeMadeMay 2019

So this week’s MeMadeMay is pretty basic which shows what I need to make, and got me onto my fabric cutting spree. Sunday – Floozy cardigan, Monday – Sheona, Tuesday – Baubles shawl, Wednesday – Marled Magic shawl (pic), Thursday – Lush cardigan (pic) and Adventurer Cowl, Friday – Lush again, Saturday – it was too warm for knitwear and too cold for my only me-made summer dress. I only took two photos all week. My Marled Magic Shawl, which was a mystery KAL by Stephen West, is one of my favourites. It’s actually a shlanket, it’s so big.

Future plans: One of the things that I’ve worked out is that, for work, I would prefer to wear cowls. I find that shawls just seem to drop here and there but the cowl stays where it’s put! If I find some suitable yarn in my stash, I may start the Radost cowl. This should be a pretty quick knit.

Radost cowl

Stash Dash 2019

There’s a challenge held on Ravelry called Stash Dash which has been running for a few years. Until now, I didn’t really have much idea of what it was. There doesn’t appear to be a link to this year’s Dash but last year’s guidelines are here. I will post a link next week a the Dash starts on the 24th May and goes all the way to some time in August. The aim of this is to try to achieve a set meterage of yarn used, either knitted, crocheted or spun. Not sure about weaving but that’s possible. From my understanding, you can nominate how much you think you’ll get done and the interesting part is that you can use your WIPs, including the meterage for the part already done, as long as you have some work yet to finish. The conversation at the moment is whether sewing up and adding buttons or zippers count for the whole project. Looking at my unfinished and languishing projects, I have quite a few that would count. I think I’ll use this as an opportunity to get them finished. Obviously, that doesn’t mean I won’t start a new project or two! The contenders are the Sunday Sweater, Blaise shawl, Lanesplitter skirt, my Brioche Yoke sweater, Graphica sweater, Humulus sweater, Bell Sleeved top, Inka the Little Llama Security blanket, Kettle Valley Poncho, Comfort Fade Cardi, Rings of Change blanket and my long-languishing Levenwick jacket. Oh, and of course my Game of Thrones KAL.


I’m currently excited for the 6 June Handmade’s Tale Season 3 premiere. This is just in time to take over from my Game of Thrones. On Netflix, I have finished watching all the Vikings and The Blacklist episodes available and have moved on to the new Shetland episodes. I’m also watching the second season of Secret City on Foxtel. I have added After Life on Netflix, starring Ricky Gervais to my list. I’m really looking forward to that one and am keeping it for when I’m caught up with my random episodes.

I gave up on listening to the book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane and have started listening to The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner. The former was too slow and quiet sounding and just didn’t keep me interested. The latter is certainly no Pulitzer Prize winner but is much more exciting and I listened for two hours straight on my return from Canberra this week – totally unheard of.

Coming up next week, I have a long weekend away with my old school friends. We do a weekend away at a different place at the end of May each year. This year, we are heading to Kangaroo Valley which is up towards the Southern Highlands. I’ll be taking them through some yarn dyeing and we may even do some sewing, amongst some local sightseeing and food consumption. Of course, I’ll have my bag of projects to knit on during some down times.

I think I’ve rambled for long enough so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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