Sunday 26 May 2019. #44

Hello from Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia! I’m currently away with some old school friends for a relaxing country weekend. Starting with Canberra this week, there was a lot of colour and most of it in carpet form.

We are staying at a large house called Glenmurray Country Farm Stay on a large cattle property. There’s a lot of talking, good food and crafting happening.


Finished Object: I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and knit but I managed to finish my Lanesplitter skirt. I had to knit the band and add the elastic. Before adding the elastic I knit down the last row with the row that I’d picked up for the band. I did that to the last 6 stitches and fed the elastic through, finishing the final stitches once that was done. It was more difficult to feed the elastic through the knitted fabric as the corners were catching. I think it is a little longer than I wanted to wear with boots but will still be just fine.

I’m still working my way through the final sections of the Graphica sweater. I had done one sleeve end section with a colourwork pattern that I didn’t think suited the rest of the sweater (centre bottom picture) so I ripped that back and did a plainer section. There’s only the rib left to do on the second sleeve then I intend to pick up the provisional stitches on the neck and add more rib. Still not sure about that. I enjoyed an early morning knit in bed with this one.

I’ve only reached the end of  Episode 4 on my You Win or You Die (Game of Thrones) KAL Leftovers cowl. I don’t think I’ve knitted a stitch on it this weekend yet!

There has been some small progress on the Smocked Baby dress and the Blaise shawl. I was hoping to finish the dress this weekend and dye it. There are still close to 24 hours to so maybe that will happen. I think the dyeing may have to wait until Monday afternoon when I’m home.


We had a good session of sewing yesterday, with three machines working hard at the table. The pic only shows two machines as the third, mine, hadn’t been set up yet. I made the Seamwork Akita top which is a very easy one piece top. It’s very comfortable but I found that the dart is a bit high and I may add a smidge more shaping at the waist. I can’t add too much otherwise it will be too hard to put on. This afternoon I’m hoping to move onto the skirt I had cut out. Last weekend, I had finished the black Sheona dress but I don’t have any photos I can share today. I’ll post those next week.


Another crafting session yesterday was teaching a couple of my friends how to dye. Mari did a colour stripe dye and had to wind off yarn into 5 sections for individual dyeing. The hardest part was picking the colours

My other friend, Bronwen, wanted a grey set of yarns, from pale grey to almost black. That was a successful dye session.

Stash Dash

I have my first finished project for Stash Dash – the Lanesplitter skirt. I finished that on 25 May, with the waistband section. That is 656.1 metres for my first entry! The Dash started on 24 May but I haven’t seen the rules video yet so I’ll need that to get started properly.


MeMadeMay 2019

Efforts for MeMadeMay this week have not been great. I’ve worn my Adventurer Cowl but little else. On Friday, I wore my Floozy (old picture) and got to wear my Sharman Cocoon (shown below). I had packed lots of knitwear but the weekend has been so unseasonably warm that I haven’t worn any.


Something I forgot to mention last week is that I had my old overlocker/serger serviced. I’m looking forward to using that for my sewing projects. I didn’t bring it with me this weekend as I had enough to transport and I’m not sure about using it yet. It’s a very old Singer machine that belonged to my mother and hasn’t been used for over 20 years. I was assured that it was definitely worth having serviced as it was originally a very good machine. The plastic is looking a bit yellow but, if it works, I’m not worried about that.


I think it’s time I stopped rambling and I need to get back to my crafting in this lovely house so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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