Sunday 8 September 2019. #59

Hello friends! What a wonderful weekend I’ve just had! I’ve just spent the weekend with some great friends and had fun shopping, eating, laughing and generally having a ball. Of course, it all came about because of Chicago. The show was fabulous – we stayed across the road from the theatre and across the other road to Chinatown. We were so close to everything – Darling Harbour, the shopping area, a myriad of restaurants, including on Friday night the Asian street food stalls. The lights at night were amazing.

The week started with a visit from Steven, Kim and Evie. They stayed until Wednesday, and it was wonderful having them there. I had a catch-up breakfast on Monday morning. We do this every second Monday and always at Salty Joe’s cafe in Huskisson. The weather has been up and down this week, a few very warm days and a few very cold days. The wind has been up again which has made the cold a lot colder!

On Thursday, I went to the Spinners and Weavers group for my second visit. They are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. It seems like ages since the last one – it was three weeks because August had five Thursdays. I’ve got some pics of what people were working on. The members bring lots of different crafts, of course, spinning and weaving but also needle felting, embroidery and knitting.


I’ve made good progress on my Tuileries sweater, now nearly at the split for the sleeves. I took this project to Sydney with me but I stopped once I noticed that I had a few stitches mixed up on the twisted rib sleeve section. You can see in the bottom photo that there are about seven stitches that should have been the opposite stitch. As the apartment we were staying in didn’t have great lighting I thought I’d leave fixing these until I got home. It shouldn’t be difficult to fix, though I need to remember to pick up as twisted knit stitches. By next week, I’ll be working down the body. I have no idea whether I’ll have enough yarn to finish this, even though I have sufficient yardage by calculation. I think because I’m using smaller needles and finer yarn, that maybe it will take more? Anyway, I decided that I’ll do the sleeves and body concurrently and, if I run out, I’ll use black yarn and do it as a colour block.

Please excuse the knitting photos for this blog post – I got home late today and had to take them without my usual natural light. The Rugby shawl is now ready for me to start the applied lace border. As I didn’t have the pattern/chart with me, I thought it best to leave this one until I returned home also. I think the lace border has a 16 row repeat so I’m assuming that the number of stitches I have should be divisible by 16. I’ll work that out properly now that I have the chart to hand. Working off the phone would have been a bit difficult and I really needed only vanilla knitting while in company.


My Fibernymph Dyeworks socks got the most of the attention this week and weekend. I managed to get through the heels and I am well on the way up the legs now. I would have been further along except I’d realised that the heel made the foot too long. You can see in the first photo that I had done the first heel and progressed to the Eye of Partridge heel after the green and brown stripes. I frogged the heel and those two stripes and now the sock fits perfectly. It did mean that the gusset was not completed to the number of increases that the pattern called for but it was enough to fit my foot. I enjoyed the Eye of Partridge heel but need to take a bit more notice of what rows I was on for the next time. The top heel is perfect but with the other one, I obviously got my rows 1 and 3 mixed up a few times so that stuffed up the alternated stitches. I really don’t think anyone will see it. This project was worked on in many different places, including the train station and ferry platform. In the bottom left photo you can just see the Opera House while I was waiting for my ferry.


I am now into the second half of the first batt from Ixchel Fibers. I finished the first half and started the second half while at Spinners Group on Thursday. I’m hoping to get more time this week to finish this one and maybe the second batt. It’s such beautiful lush fibre that I’m really looking forward to knitting with it. I think I’ve decided that a shawl would be lovely made with this. Maybe one of the Curious Handmade shawls that I can easily modify so that I get to use all the yarn.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was able to spend a bit of time sewing my latest Adrienne top. I finished it on Wednesday and wore it on Saturday night. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I wore it anyway. I don’t actually have a picture of the full top as it is still packed away in my suitcase but I’ll post a picture next week. I’m still having trouble with skipping stitches as you can see in the pictures below. It is so frustrating – I’ll have to call my machine repair shop this week and ask them about that.

I did manage to sew one hem on my Metamorphic dress. I’ll get to the bottom dress layer this week. The linen is very shreddy, as you can see below.


I have been following Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe program. I say following because I haven’t actually participated properly until I worked out how I wanted to participate. The program follows the concepts of setting goals and creating a mood board, creating a colour palette, planning your looks etc. I had started a mood board (or what I called my Sewing Planner) on Pinterest. Essentially, this is a collection of some of the patterns I already have. I also have a Trello database which has the majority of my patterns already there, so I used that as my mood board. I didn’t want to start looking at new patterns and get swatches for new fabric so I decided to list all the patterns on Trello that I have fabric for and to pick three from these that I want to make first. That way I’ll be working from stash.

These are the patterns I’ve chosen. The first three are the ones I decided to make now and will probably follow up with more of them later. I also have some fabric cut out and, hopefully, I’ll get working on those too.

These are the fabrics for the three initial makes. Top left is some stretch Art Gallery fabric I purchased online which will be for the Inari Tee. Top right is some gauze fabric that I purchased as a remnant from Spotlight which I’m hoping will be enough for the Emmie Top and, if there is enough, the bottom fabric will be for the Thea Pants. I’ll work out all the logistics this week.



This week I finished Season 2 of Mindhunter on Netflix and wish that I could watch Season 3. At the moment Season 3 doesn’t exist but it’s obvious that there will be more. I also finished listening to my Audible book, Gathering Prey by John Sandford. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed his book. For my next listen, I’ve lined up The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. That is a nom de plume for JK Rowling and I believe the book is excellent.

Next week I have a sewing day and lunch organised with different groups of friends and probably a brunch as well. I’m hoping to get a few things done, as usual, particularly getting into the quilting of the two baby blankets. I had a snafu in that the backing fabric for the second quilt is not big enough so I’ll need to add to it.

I’m very late today in posting this blog, so I’ll leave off here. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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