Sunday 29 September 2019. #62

Hi y’all, today from sunny but cool Sydney! We’re still settling into Spring with temperatures ranging between mid-teens to mid-twenties during the day and the nights have been mostly very cool. Monday’s bike ride to Huskisson was very pleasant, with the sun sparkling on the water. On Tuesday, a few of us celebrated a friend’s birthday at Hyams Beach for breakfast. This started with a very enjoyable walk from Greenfield’s Beach, along the track to Chinaman’s Beach then to Hyams Beach. It was a great day for the walk, with a cool breeze keeping the walk comfortable. I also then had lunch with some other friends at Huskisson. It’s great to be able to catch up with friends in a way that I couldn’t when I was working. On Wednesday, I went to the movies to see Angel has Fallen and a final bike ride for the week on Thursday to Huskisson for an early morning coffee on the creek. It has been a very scenic week!

On Thursday, Rob and I headed to Sydney to catch up with our daughter and son-in-law, and his mother who was visiting for the weekend. Firstly, I met up with a girlfriend for a visit to the Achieve pop-up shop at Balmain and an early lunch. This was followed by some self-care and a lovely pedicure. Dinner on Friday night was very festive at a fabulous Lebanese restaurant in the city, followed by ice cream at Messina’s at Circular Quay for dessert. Saturday morning was the penance for the feast when Sharleen (Shaun’s mum) and I paid a visit to Shaun’s gym at Balmain for a solid workout. I should train like this more often! Especially considering more breakfast and lunch out again after the workout session. The flowers are blooming beautifully with amazing scents as you walk around the streets.


Finished Object: I finally finished my Fibernymph Dyeworks socks. I only had the cuff to go and did that with a 1×1 twisted rib. I only did about 10 rows of ribbing as I don’t like a large cuff. The picture shows the socks literally hot off the needles, without ends sewn in or blocked. I wanted to take the picture before leaving for Sydney.


There hasn’t been a lot of progress on the Tuileries sweater, or at least that’s how it feels. I’m in the endless stockinette section, apart from the side twisted rib sections. I’m thinking I’ll start on the sleeves soon as I want to manage the yarn equally on body and sleeves in case I run out and have to add some other yarn. In that case, I think I will colour block, as mentioned in last week’s blog.


My Rugby shawl is very, very close to being finished. The lace section is about three-quarters complete and a few of the rows have been troublesome in that I hadn’t been paying enough attention. The last row I knit was done about three times as it appears I got very confused as to what row I’m up to. I think it’s right now and I’ll definitely have the shawl finished by next week. I also ran out of the red yarn on this last row and have attached the variegated yarn to finish off the border. I will be very glad when this one is finished. Hopefully, I’ll have the shawl blocking for next week’s blog.


When I was at the movies on Wednesday, I made some very good progress on my Twist of Fade sweater. I’m not sure if I mentioned in previous blogs but the pattern calls for reverse stockinette but I decided to have the stockinette side for the outside instead. I’ve now reached the third skein and have faded that one in. The fade for this new skein is not as noticeable as the previous fade. The blues are very close but made be more noticeable when I get further into the different plain blue of the new skein. I had to start fading before I had planned as I need to ensure there is enough yarn for the sleeves to match. I have worked out that just under 50% of the yarn will be required for the two sleeves. I’m now prepared to dye a further skein of yarn to complete the top of the sweater if I need to. As the fade goes from pink to a speckled blue, a pale variegated blue and finishing with a more solid and darker blue, I thought a darker version of the same blue would work well to finish the sweater, if needed.

The Ranunculus sweater is proving to be a very quick knit, obviously due to the size of the needles. I have now split for the sleeves and you can see the pictures here; firstly, as a round yoke just before I split for the sleeves and now looking more like a sweater after the split. The pattern calls for no sleeves – just the cap that results from the yoke, or long sleeves. Having seen other projects for this sweater, I have decided that I would prefer to have at least a rib edge on the short sleeves. I’ll try this on when I need to make a decision as to how much to add for the sleeves. I’m now into a decent section of stockinette in the round which will be followed by more twisted rib. This is quite a cropped sweater so trying on will be necessary to work out the length I’m after. My Ravelry yarn stash tells me that I do actually have a third ball of this yarn so I’ll have to dig deeper to see where it is as I’m likely to need some more yarn if I extend the sleeves and/or the body.

The slow-moving Garland sweater has finally reached the end of the hem ribbing. This has been a very small and easy to carry project so has managed to get some action just by the fact that it has been available when I had some downtime between activities. I’ll be glad to be moving on from the twisted rib. The fact that the yarn is lace silk and the needles are large, I’ve had to modify how I do my twisted rib as it’s not been possible to put the needle into the back of the stitch without splitting the yarn. I have been putting the needle into the front of the stitch and rolling it over the other needle so that it is at the back. That is a much slower process than normal over the 288 stitches and I hope that the rest of the knitting is not as tedious.



This weeks spinning has only been some plain merino yarn in preparation for my chain plying practice. I’ve cut off 100 grams of the fibre and will spin this all on one bobbin. I don’t have a photo of what’s on the wheel as I’m not at home but this is the fibre I’m using. I don’t know exactly but it’s a very fine merino, probably about 17 or 18 microns. I’m hoping to have this done this week and have started on the chain ply before the next blog so that I can move onto the red, black and white fibre of which I’ve spun one bobbin.



This baby quilt has now been sandwiched. I didn’t get to start quilting during this past week so that’s on the schedule for this coming week, along with another quilt (the snow days quilt). That will mean I’ll get to listen to my book for a good portion of the week.



This week I picked up a few more remnants at Spotlight. They are, clockwise from top:

  • PTD Double Knit stripe, black/white – 148cm x 1.0m
  • PTD Satin Floral Garden, multi -1 46cm x 1.7m (I’m thinking a summer nightdress)
  • PTD Satin Group 1 Dash, mustard – 148cm x 0.8m (Ogden cami?)


Yesterday, my friend Bronwen and I visited the Achieve pop-up shop at Balmain. This is a branch of their main store at Meadowbank. The shop is now called The Sewing Basket. This store is where volunteers work alongside supported employees with disability. All the stock is donated by the community and provides a sustainable shopping solution with a wide range of vintage and rare crafting items. And that means there are so many bargains to be had! I picked up this great load for just $29 (the two photos on the left). The fabrics both appear to be a rayon or viscose blend, perhaps. The black floral is 2.5m x 115cm and the other is at least that much. That one had just arrived and had not been tagged. The attendant measured it for me but I can’t remember what I was told – I think around 3 metres. The old patterns were just $1 each (the top three) so great for the pattern stash. I also bought the Laura dress pattern from Rebecca Page. This will be a great beach cover initially, but the options of a top or longer dress are looking promising too. It should be such a quick sew.


As mentioned earlier, I saw the movie Angel has Fallen on Wednesday. It featured Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was action-packed with guns, bombs and lots of edge-of-seat suspense. As I mentioned last week, I started the Gentleman From Moscow book by Amor Towles. This book has been keeping me company during my spinning and will be a great companion also while quilting this week.

It has been a fabulous weekend but it’s not over yet. Today I’m meeting up with three old school friends for lunch, my friend Bronwen mentioned above is one of them. I’ve been friends with these three girls for a long time, since the beginning of high school though one, Jane, has been my friend since kindergarten at age 5. That’s 55 year’s we’ve been friends! And later this afternoon we’ll have a visit with Evie and her parents.

Thanks for checking in with me and my shenanigans! It’s time to make myself beautiful for my day out so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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