Sunday 20 October 2019. #65

Hi friends! I can say that this week has been a big one in our household! It all started last Sunday with a 1st birthday party for my Granddaughter Evie. There were two other birthdays as well – my daughter Erin and husband Robert. All these birthdays are two days apart. That made it a three cake week! I made a bunny cake for Evie, a Persian Love Cake for Erin and, for Robert, I made the traditional Zuppa Inglese. The last one was put together at the last minute for dessert on Friday night so I wasn’t very fancy with the strawberries on top. It would have been a big fail on Masterchef but it still tasted fantastic!

Sunday night was spent in Emergency in Sydney with my mother. She’s all good now but it was a bit of a scare. I had a bike ride on Tuesday and Friday for coffee with friends and then, on Thursday and Friday, the children arrived for the weekend. On Saturday, we took Evie to the beach to play in the sand but she wasn’t having any of it – she really did not like the sand. She was happy to sit on the towel instead. On Saturday night we all went to a send-off for a friend’s son who is going to Antarctica for 12 months to be the resident doctor.

Today, I got to visit my girlfriend Mary who has just moved into a new place. It was lovely sitting on her deck and catching up. On the drive down, I saw a huge smoke trail into the sky but it turns out that it was from controlled back-burning. We are getting ready for a hot and dry summer so I hope that these measures help.


My Twist of Fade sweater was my travel knitting to Wollongong on Sunday for Evie’s party. It just required about five inches of round and round stocking stitch which made it easy to work on. It was fortunate that I had this project as it also kept me company for the unplanned emergency room sitting that night. The next day I had some train and bus knitting time as well but, even with all this monogamous knitting, I’m only at just over four inches so I still require another two and a bit inches! That was Monday and I didn’t pick it up again this week as I think I may have overdosed on it. I’m a little concerned that this may be a bit larger than I had expected. It is supposed to be a loose comfortable sweater so I’m hoping it’s not going to be too loose and comfortable!

Most of my available knitting time this week has been spent on my Starflake shawl, which is the Westknit’s Mystery Knit Along for 2019. The photo at left below shows the completed first clue, sections 1 and 2 and on the right, and with less than perfect colour capture, is today’s almost finished Clue 2 (section 3). I still have six (brioche double) rows (of about 365 stitches) to go before I can start Clue 3 which dropped on Friday. Yesterday’s efforts required a few fixing ups and some tinking backs and it is nearly perfect. Okay, so I may have missed a couple of brkyobrks but I’m confident I can pick these two up on the next row! I should have started Clue 3 before the next blog.

The only other knitting I did this week (aside from a couple of rows today on my Garland top, photo at the top of this blog) was on the Lunae shawl. I hadn’t done any work on this one last week and it was a good palate cleanser from the intense work on the other two projects above. I’ve now just passed halfway on the first part of the shawl. The major work on this shawl will be on the border when I pick up stitches at the bottom edge shown here. It will be interesting to see how my yarn chicken plays out.



I didn’t actually do any dyeing this week but the mini skeins that I dyed last week had dried and I put them together with the first two pairs that I’d dyed. I have 6 more pairs to dye but they will now have to wait a bit over a week before I’ll be able to get to them. My intent for those skeins is to dye them with speckles only using the colours of the skeins that will be either side of them. I don’t have the skeins in the final order below; I had just put them together to take a photo of them.



I did find some time this week to try and finish the Snow Days baby quilt. I ended up stitching in the ditch on every row – or at least, almost every row. I only have two rows left which I would have finished but I noticed that I’d picked up some very light interfacing as I was turning and moving the quilt around and managed to sew it into the back. The photo below right shows where I’ve cut the interfacing away and still have some left in the stitching to remove. Then I only need to add the binding and it will be complete. I’m not sure I’m going to get that done this week as I’m only going to be home on Monday.


I didn’t get a chance to start sewing on my Georgia dress this week but, while clearing crafting paraphernalia for the onslaught of several family members, I decided to sort some of my dressmaking fabrics. I had watched a recent episode from Stitchy Bee on which she discussed different ways to sort fabrics. She used cardboard to fold the fabric into same-sized rectangles. I used plain A4 card stock and these then fit nicely into archive boxes. I had seen this method before used for patchwork fabrics and I’m going to do that with all my patchwork stash once I move back into the new house. As it’s not starting until February, it won’t be before August probably but I don’t see the point in doing it right now and again then. The dressmaking fabric was starting to get out of hand so this worked perfectly.



I’ve only made one purchase this week and it was for the Carnaby dress pattern by Nina Lee. This is a shift style dress which seems to suit me and it has a neat pocket section at the bottom. It can be done in one fabric or colour blocked as per the photo below. There is also an exposed zipper on the back, which I haven’t done before. It should be a quick and easy sew, except for maybe the zipper.



I didn’t even get to do any spinning this week! As I said in the opening, this has been a huge week for me and there is little rest for next week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll be in Wollongong looking after Evie while Kim is at work. I’m looking forward to spending this time with her. She seems to have grown fond of me in the last couple of weeks and I know she will be wonderful company. Then, for the rest of the week, I’m off to Canberra for the Contemporary Craft Retreat which is held annually at the Greenhills Conference Centre at Mount Stromlo with my friends Mary and Karen. This will be Karen’s and my first attendance but Mary has been several times. On Thursday, I’m going to catch up with some old colleagues and the retreat starts on Friday, finishing after lunch on Monday. The classes I’ve chosen are all paper/painting related; three of the classes will be collage and painting with Gaye Nieuwenhof and the fourth class is Book Making with Pam Annesley. I’ll be sharing a lot of these activities with you next week and the week after.

I haven’t been watching much on Netflix but have followed the Masked Singer competition on the TV. It’s is definitely not something I would have done on purpose but it has been actually very entertaining. The grand final is on tomorrow night. On the reading front, yesterday I finished my Book Club book, A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, which I absolutely loved. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the amended date for Book Club on Tuesday as I’ll be in Wollongong. I have several titles lined up to read next and the book I select will come in handy with my return trip to Wollongong and on Thursday to Canberra. So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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