Sunday 2 February 2020. #80

Hello friends! What a week this has been. I thought our packing was hard work until we got to this week. Today we leave our old house after living here for 29 years. I can’t say I’m really sad about it because it was a renovation to start with but now we’ll have our own designed home to live in.

Every day has included packing from first thing in the morning to at least 4.30 in the afternoon. Packing, loading, moving to the storage space, repeat. Aside from that, Monday evening we had a drink at the Brewery to celebrate a friend receiving the Order of Australia Medal. We had a visit by a Longicorn beetle. They are at least 4 times bigger than the normal beetles we get around here! I babysat Evie on Wednesday and we went to the pool for a swim. On Thursday night, we had dinner with our friends for which we’ll be house sitting. We got the lie of the land and had dinner looking out at a wonderful sunset. Instead of sunrises we’ll be seeing sunsets for a while. On Friday morning, I got up before the sun and was soon greeted by a very red sky. The second photo shows the sun in the sky but doesn’t show how orange it was. The final three photos were yesterday. The first shows the state of our main entrance area this week. Everything from other rooms had to come through here and it looked like nothing had changed all week. The other rooms are very empty now. Finally, after working hard packing and moving in 38 degrees, we were able to have a cooling swim. You can see the bruises on my legs, mainly from hoisting boxes!

The storage space is filling up nicely but it will be pretty packed today when the rest goes in. There are heaps of stuff from the pantry, laundry and bathroom, along with outdoor chairs and bikes, and more! We will still be able to access at least all the items closest to the front where we’ve put our winter clothes, my crafting supplies and other items. I’ll post the final photo next week. That outdoor table frame was only draining as it still had some water to get out. It’s now sitting at the top right of the picture, above the lounges and three bed heads and ends.


Finished Object: This is going to be a very short blog this week as I have done very little. Actually, Thursday, Friday and Saturday did not see a stitch made! That’s a very unusual situation but we had to meet the deadline and there was still so much to do. Early in the week and on Wednesday, I spent a bit of time knitting on the body of my Turtle Dove and was able to bind off while Evie slept. I did try it on a few times, even though the temperatures were in the high 30s, and I finished it with the simple rolled hem option. It’s a bit wonky at the moment but I think blocking will fix that. Hopefully, I get the chance to do some blocking this week. It’s not urgent, though, as the temperature will have to drop some 15 or more degrees before I’ll be able to wear it!

The only other project I worked on this week was my Lunae shawl. My evening knitting has been done in front of the Australian Open watching some very entertaining tennis. You can see the pattern is taking shape now, though it is slow progress with so many stitches.

As I mentioned, not a lot of content this week and I’ve been missing my crafting. I’ll be able to do plenty of knitting tonight, though, when we settle in at Robert’s sister’s holiday house down the coast. We’ll be here for this week, moving next Sunday to a friend’s holiday house for 2 weeks. I have packed plenty of knitting, sewing and some spinning to keep me amused for the next three weeks before we move into our long term temporary accommodation and watch the new house grow. This week, I’ve managed to work through a few podcasts and some of my book but nothing else. I’m certainly looking forward to the rest next week, especially for my back which has really not enjoyed the lifting and standing and bending! So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO

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