Sunday 9 February 2020. #81

Hi friends! Welcome to a very wet south coast of New South Wales. We’ve been staying at a beach town called Bawley Point and were lucky enough to get some good weather for the first part of this week. Today we move to another little town, this one called Fisherman’s Paradise and is situated on a river. Maybe a little kayaking could be on the cards but it appears that this week is going to be very wet. Maybe some inside activities instead. I have plenty with me!

We moved out of our old house last Sunday night after a huge day getting everything out. There’s not much room left in the storage unit. It took much longer than anticipated and we didn’t leave till about 10pm, arriving at our accommodation at Bawley Point not too far from midnight. On Monday, we both spent the day recovering from the sore muscles we’d worked up with the move. It was both mentally and physically exhausting. But what a place to relax! The walks on the rocks at the point are very relaxing and the rockpools are fun to inspect.

The weather declined a little each day but I was able to go to the beach until Thursday. The very strong northeasterly winds brought in the bluebottles. I didn’t have the energy to get fully into the water earlier in the week as there was a strong shore dump and the decline in the weather didn’t improve my desire to get fully wet. I did walk along the shore and soaked my legs in the refreshing salt water. On Friday, we had to make a quick trip to Sydney and the rain had set in overnight. We made a very good decision in only driving to Wollongong and then getting the train to Sydney as it would take us very close to where we had to go. It made the very wet trip much more relaxing. We spent the night in Wollongong on Friday night and drove back on Saturday morning.

On our way back, we called in to see how the house demolition was going. They have been at it very quickly and the place is down to the floor level already. The photos show the progress from Monday to Friday. Demolition is expected to be completed by next Friday, along with some excavation. I’m hoping the predicted daily deluge is not going to hamper progress too much. The rain is very welcome otherwise and it seems that the major Currowan fire has now been declared completely extinguished. While at Vincentia, we stopped for a coffee and watched the rain come down!


My knitting has resumed and I’ve had a very relaxing week of it. I’ve been enjoying working on the Lunae shawl. The mosaic stitch pattern has been a delight to knit, especially once I worked out how to keep track of where I’m up to. I took a snip of the chart and loaded it into Paint where I could “rule” out the rows I’d completed. I say “rule” in quotations because it was actually freehand with the mouse and very uneven but it did the job. I’ve now finished the main chart and only have a small chart left to go. In total, 16 rows left which include the bind off. I’m hoping that it may be done tonight while I’m watching TV.

Finished object: The Songbird shawl is now finished! I didn’t have a lot left to go and it was great car knitting on the way up to Wollongong on Friday, and back on Saturday. It finished with a picot edging that I expected to take longer than it did. The picot was to be a 4 stitch bind off but I went for 5 stitches instead, like the picot I did on my Olilea shawl. I figured that would use less yarn and go faster. I was conscious that I still have to make tassels and needed to leave enough yarn. I doubt that I’ll make this shape of shawl again. It’s not my favourite style as the start of the knit it takes forever to get any width and you’re left with a very long skinny bit. I think crescent shawls are my favourite shape. It will need a good blocking, which will hopefully get done this week.

The other project I’ve been working on this week has been my Mina’s Vanilla socks.using my Fibernymph Dyeworks inversibles yarn. I have now added both heels and I’m working my way up the leg. One could say that I’m on the last leg of this project. Sorry, pun fully intended! It was great for knitting on the train from Wollongong to Sydney and back. I didn’t have a small bag or plastic bag to put the socks in as they were in with my Songbird shawl’s bag. The socks were fine in my handbag (Mary Poppins style, with everything including the kitchen sink!) until I removed them on Friday night. I had dropped at least a dozen stitches and it was hard to pick them up. After several attempts with the circular needle, which was all I had with me, I decided I was only making it worse and waited until I got to the house when I could use my trusty little crochet hook. It looked like such a mess that I’m now surprised at the fact that it’s not even slightly noticeable!

I did manage to block my Turtle Dove, though it’s been so steamy that it’s taken several days to dry. All ends are sewn in and I just need to wait until the weather cools before I can wear it. I think it will be a fantastic staple in my wardrobe. The lighting in the garage was not great and this pic makes it look like it’s brown, rather than a very dark, almost black charcoal.



Though we were only staying at Bawley Point for a week, I did end up getting out the sewing machine and diving into a little project that’s been on the list for some time. I’ve had a pack of minky fabric for a few years now and thought that it’s time to use it. There were 8 pieces that I squared up to 13.75 inches each and then cut them into four. Minky is such a soft plush fabric and is also stretchy. I have heard that this fabric is such a pain to sew together and maybe that’s why I hesitated for so long. I was thinking that I might use some tear-away paper to assist when I discovered that it is only stretchy in one direction. So, when I laid out the squares, I made sure (or thought I did) to have one stretchy side match up with a non-stretchy side. This worked fine if I used several pins. You can see how I laid them out initially and then how they ended up after the individual rows were sewn. I need the rows to be offset as well for when I sew them and realised that one row was wrong. It still works OK as it has been rearranged as I wasn’t going to unpick. I will sew these rows together this week. The zig-zag patterned piece was not straight on the fabric and I couldn’t straighten it or I would have lost too much fabric and would then have been on the diagonal, leaving two stretchy sides. As it is, I got the measurement wrong on the pink and white spot fabric so only got 2 pieces. Lucky I only needed 30.


During my packing experience, I uncovered some of my first few successful knitted items. These three are circa 1985 as I know that the yarn for two of them, the plain cream and the grey, was purchased in New Zealand on my honeymoon. I’m also pretty sure that the cream one was knitted completely on my honeymoon – we had a hire car and drove around the south island for 2 weeks. Robert drove which meant I could knit to my heart’s content. They have held up very well considering they were just tied into a normal plastic bag (not airtight). The cream one had one tiny hole but also had some age stains. I have kept the grey one for now.

I finished my book, The Godmother, and did enjoy it. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I’d not been so distracted with the move and opportunities to listen to it were so far apart, that the book was quite disjointed. The ending was excellent. I have moved onto my next book which is Heavy on the Dead by G.M. Ford. It’s a light, fast-moving detective story which is part of the Leo Waterman series that I’ve been reading for many years now. I was intending to listen to a different book but it hadn’t been download. This one will be nice and entertaining for the next week. As there is no wifi for the next couple of weeks, I took the opportunity to download some episodes from Netflix when we were in Wollongong. I downloaded the latest season of When Calls the Heart. I’m thinking that something light is best at the moment. In the meantime, I have been watching the start of the latest Married at First Sight season. Very light and entertaining, and a good laugh at times. Sometimes quite cringe-worthy!

We have two more weeks of living out of suitcases and a final car packing before we move into our temporary accommodation for the build. Those two weeks should be quite relaxing and we will be a little closer to home. We’ll be able to call in and check out the progress. Time to finish packing the cars and move on to our next stop so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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