Sunday 23 February 2020. #83

Hello friends! Welcome from Erowal Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales. Today we moved into our permanent temporary accommodation as our house is built. We are house-sitting for some friends who set out today on a trip around Australia. We’ve gone from riverfront to basin/lakefront. These photos show the sunrise yesterday to this afternoon’s view.

It’s been a quiet week but I did get to spend some time with friends and family. Coffee on Monday morning followed by a fabulous massage and facial that I was gifted for my birthday. On Wednesday I spent the day at my friend Narelle’s place for a sewing day. On Friday, my friend Carol opened her studio for a fun day with acrylics. On Saturday, I had lunch with my bestie, Mary, and then spent the afternoon with Kim, Steven & Evie and their friends as they were staying down the coast for the weekend. The place they were staying in had this fabulous “patchwork” staircase that has given me some ideas for my new house. Today was a big day of packing and finally unpacking, which is why this post is so late this week.


I had intended this week to do a heap of tassels for the shawls I’d just finished but that didn’t happen. Instead, I was totally immersed in my Tuileries sweater and spent most of my time knitting on this. Last week I’d started the first sleeve and now I have moved onto the next sleeve, getting more than half of that done, and I’ve also made some progress on the body.


New Cast-on: On Thursday I was able to start on a new cardigan for Miss Evie. I’d been given some yarn by Evie’s Nanny and I was able to add a few extra balls to make the cardigan. It was quite a decision as to which one I was going to make and I found that the majority of girl toddler cardigans only had a button at the neckband. I was after a more classic cardigan style with buttons up the front and finally settled on Anna’s Summer cardigan by PetiteKnit. This cardigan is knit in one piece starting from the bottom of the body. I managed to do the body in two days and I’ve now also cast on the sleeves. I want to do these two at a time so you can see how I did the rib sections of each separately and I now have them ready on the one circular needle to knit on. Once the sleeves are done to the underarm, they are all put on the same needle and the yoke is finished. The neck and button bands are done last. The yarn I’m using is a Spotlight 100% wool line. The pattern is for DK weight, which this is but it is tending to a heavy DK or light Worsted. The suggested needles are 3.50mm but I like the fabric I’m getting with 3.75mm as I think it would have been a much firmer fabric with the smaller needles. I’m doing the 2-3 year size and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit big as she’ll grow into it. I think the 1-2 size would have given too limited a timeframe that it would be wearable.


This week, I finally got to finish the quilting on my Wendy Williams “Oh Christmas Tree” quilt. The top of this was finished over two years ago and it’s taken this long to get it together. It was so close to being finished for the Christmas just gone but I ran out of time. It looks good in the photo but still needs a firm pressing which I’m able to do now. I just need to add a rod pocket to the top and the bottom and it will be ready for its debut next Christmas in plenty of time. You can see how my machine was set up at Fisherman’s Paradise. I will have a different set up now and will get that sorted during the week.


Last week I’d made lots of circle flowers for my Round the Garden quilt – also by Wendy Williams. I made some more and enjoyed stitching on these this week, firstly while watching a couple of my podcasts (very limited data but I needed some entertainment!) and then more stitching at the sewing day with the girls. I even started adding some teeny circles yesterday to fill some of the gaps. This section also needs some stitching to look like grass. I’m glad I’ve been able to move on with this and it looks like I’ve managed to fill nearly half of the circle border. I’m going to need lots more circles to get the section filled and will cut those on one of my friends’ Sizzix or Cricut machines.


As I mentioned at the beginning, my friend Carol opened her studio this week. We had decided to do one of the Wow Art Daily Challenges. These challenges take you from a blank canvas to a great acrylic painting, step by step on how to add the different colours and textures. There is no talking, just the demonstration and we learnt that there are times that you need to let the paint dry though it’s not indicated. I was happy with my painting, bottom right, but I ended up with a bit of a mess in the autumn foliage section as I had a little too much paint and had not let it dry before adding more. I can address some of that when I get to it next as it will be well dry by then. We are already planning on doing some more challenges soon.


I have been enjoying my latest book, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. I was a little concerned at the beginning as it seemed to be a bit depressing but it has moved into the meat of the book and I’m looking forward to each next chapter. At one point, I thought I knew which way it was going but, no, it’s definitely given lots more options now. I also watched the first episode of The Stranger on Netflix. This is a production from a book of the same name by Harlan Coben that I read a while back. I remember reading the book but I don’t remember what happened so I’m looking forward to the next episodes. I think all of Harlan Coben’s books are fantastic and I’d love it if they made a series out of all the Myron Bolitar books at some stage. Now that I’m back on wifi, I’m looking forward to watching the latest season of Outlander, Grace and Frankie and The Witcher!

It’s very dark outside, which is so unusual as I always do the blog first thing on Sundays. I think it’s time I need to sign off and I look forward to chatting again soon! So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday 23 February 2020. #83”

  1. What a lovely busy time! I have never thought I too have ‘creative obsessions’ but maybe I do – looking at the variety of your crafting is reminiscent of mine …… all about the house ….. many WIPS….. and many more ideas I’d like to try!!


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