Sunday 21 June 2020. #100

Hello friends! I made it to 100 posts! What a milestone, and one I never thought I’d get to when I made my very first post. So I think I’ll keep going and try for 200 now. I really enjoy doing this blog and many of you keep coming back, which is wonderful but surprises me as well. This week has been very busy and we’ve spent a lot of it on the road. On Monday we were up at the house and called in at Huskisson for a quick lunch of pies and a nice view before heading on to Sydney. Same with Friday, but lunch was later and this time it was pizza at Jervis Bay Brewery while we waited for the pink slip for my car. Registration is due again and the pink slip is mandatory.

When we reached Sydney, I took the opportunity to head into the City to check out some prices for new pots that I need for the induction cooktop. Our frypans are newer and are induction-ready. The trip was totally a waste of time because normal shopping hours are not happening for the stores I needed. It’s quite random as one store, David Jones, was open till 7pm which is a normal time but Myer closed at 5pm. Unfortunately, it was just after 5. DJ’s doesn’t have cookware. Myer is having their End of Financial Year sale which is why I wanted to call in there. The other store I wanted to visit was Victoria’s Basement which has cookware and all sorts of kitchenware on sale all the time but I wasn’t surprised that it was closed. I caught the bus into town and sat in a COVID19 approved spot. There weren’t many on the bus but a few got on during the trip and were not interested in sitting where they were supposed to. Which is why I decided to walk home. The trip home on the bus would have had a lot more people heading home at that time of night (6 – 6.30 pm) and I felt that they probably wouldn’t all be compliant. The walk home was nice as it was a very mild evening. I walked through Hyde Park – there were many doing the same thing so I wasn’t alone, and past the War Memorial, up through Darlinghurst then alongside Victoria Barracks and past the Paddington Reservoir. It only took about half an hour and qualified as bonus exercise after my morning run on the beach.

Even though I had sufficient exercise on Monday, on Tuesday morning I went for a run around the inside circle at Centennial Park. I really enjoy that run and try to do it whenever we are staying at my parents’ place in Sydney. It’s about a kilometre walk to get to the starting point, 3.5 kilometres around the circle, then another kilometre walk to get home. There were so many people out walking and running, and a large gaggle of geese were also taking advantage of the lovely winter morning.

On Thursday night we had some friends from Canberra over for dinner. We’ve known Rebecca and Bruce for more than 25 years when they lived nearby and our kids went to school together. It was also coincidental that they had a connection with Bawley Point so we try to catch up when we are both here at the same time. We don’t normally get here too often these days except for now while we are building. Yesterday we had a great day with morning tea followed by a hilarious game of Finska, late lunch and a walk north to the boat ramp. Finska is a game of skill but also very random that levels the playing field for everyone. The idea is to throw a cylinder of wood and hit many numbered cylinders or individual ones to add up to a score of 50. When they are hit, they are stood up again wherever they landed. You can’t rely on the bounce as it doesn’t go where you think it will. This is now on the list for Christmas this year when the whole family will be at the new house.

Here are this week’s beach scenes. I was particularly confused by the footprints one day because the angle of the sun made it look like they came up out of the sand rather than being imprinted into the sand. Quite the optical illusion! I was up early enough to see a wonderful sunrise on Monday morning.

Iso Cooking: I only managed a couple of extra-curricular cooks this week. On Sunday, I was inspired by a friend on Instagram – she’d made raspberry scones. I had most of the ingredients for my raspberry and white chocolate muffins except for the white chocolate. The recipe actually has coconut instead so I went with that this time. I only made a half batch as I have been doing with my cooking lately and they lasted just the right amount of time. Yesterday morning, I made a batch of Apple Oat biscuits to take to Bruce and Rebecca’s place for morning tea. I googled biscuits and scrolled until I found something easy that included ingredients I already had. I omitted the slice of apple on top as I didn’t want to use all the apples in the bowl. These are what’s left of them and I must say they were enjoyable.

House Update: Exciting news on the house front – we are moving home in 3 weeks, give or take a day! This week we had the front door stained and installed, along with the glass panels, and the glass balustrading has been installed on the decks – you might not notice them at all except for the stainless steel strip along the top of them. The water tank has been delivered but not yet been put in place – it will sit under the lower left window and next to the protruding section of my studio. All the floor tiles have been installed in the bathrooms and laundry and the tilers are working their way through the wall tiles – they are more than halfway with some already grouted. I can’t wait for the tilers to put the feature slate tiles on the outside and through the entryway. The next two weeks will be jam-packed! Starting tomorrow, the carpet is going in, on Wednesday the floorboards are going in and the robes are being installed. The kitchen, laundry and vanity install starts the following Monday and the bathroom-ware is going in – toilets, shower screens, bath, basin bowls, etc, along with the lights, pendants and outdoor lighting. Is there anything I’ve missed? It will only take a week then to finish off any little bits and pieces. I can’t wait to go home!


It seems that the crafting content is less than the life content this week, mainly due to not being around much. That means that the most crafting was done on my knitting as I had some car knitting time. I reached the rib band on my Koivua sweater and tried it on for length. It fits really well but needs a little more length. The pattern allows for an increase in length by repeating the bottom knit/purl section as many times as required to add two inches each time. One repeat will be all that I need and I’m halfway through that now. There are only seven rows of ribbing to finish it off before bind-off. I’m not sure how successful the fade was as the caramel is much lighter than the orange and the red but I still think it looks OK.  I’ll be doing the sleeves one at a time – much as I really like doing sleeves two at a time, I don’t like colourwork on magic loop. Therefore, I’ll be using my nine-inch circular and it won’t worry me as I’ll know exactly where I am on each side. My preference for two at a time is because I have this thing that I need the row count to be exactly the same and with the same tension. Doing them singularly doesn’t allow for tension consistency but I’ll have the row count perfect because I’ll be following the chart. By next week I should have started at least one of the sleeves.


The first Leaf and Lace cardigan is now done and it is so cute. I need to sew in the ends and wet-block it but I’ll do that after its fraternal twin is finished – you can see that on the right. This one has the yoke finished and I’m about to split for the sleeves. The wet-block will help wash the white cardigan; it got a little grubby while knitting. I should have the second cardigan finished by next weekend. I’ll need to find some nice matching buttons for it – I’ll have to buy them as my stash is well hidden at the moment. I think I may have had just the right buttons there but it’s hard to tell without seeing them.

I also managed some progress on my Le Pouf cardigan. The second sleeve is now almost at the same point as the first sleeve except that I was unable to complete the last section because I couldn’t pull out the centre end of the yarn. The end is out but it’s so tightly caught up inside that it’s pointless to keep trying. I’ll just wait until I finish on the other side and use that ball. I had separated that ball into two separate balls specifically but hadn’t counted on the centre pull not working. I have found that happens frequently with my fingering weight balls. The winder seems to go very tightly. Moving forward now I will have to marle in more yarn to get the sleeves to the right length and I’ll be using the leftovers of the teal yarns. I should probably halve what is left so that I get it the same on the other sleeve later on. The dark red that is attached in this photo will be what I’ll use for the button bands after I’ve finished the sleeves. There is plenty of yarn for that. Again, the colours just won’t show correctly on this!


Of course, my Habitation throw always gets some love, being such an easy and portable project. I’ve nearly finished using my magic knot ball now, having maybe two and a half colours left to go. I’ll have to dig out some more leftovers to keep going on it. I’ve not yet reached halfway – once I think it’s wide enough for a large square I will start on the decreases to the end. I should have some leftovers from my Le Pouf cardigan to add to it.



This week was a little light on spinning but I did finish the second bobbin of my Ashford merino/silk, ready for the two-ply this week.


Again, very little action in the sewing section. I have been putting together two patterns so that I can cut them out this week. On the left, I have the Tessuti Monroe top. There were two pdf files and I thought they may have been two different sizes so I only printed one out as I noticed one A4 page had “Size 1” printed on it. It turns out that this one was the sleeve only, for both size one and size two. Looks like I’ll have to print the other one out now. I am using some olive spot cotton-linen jersey for that one. I also think I’ll try modifying it so that it has a grown-on turtleneck. If it doesn’t work I can cut it off and put a normal neck on it. On the right-hand side is the start of the Fibre Mood Charlotte dress pattern. There are so many pieces for this one that I still have more to put together and then all of them to cut out. Here is the floral fabric with black background that I’m going to use. I retrieved this from the storage shed the other day – I hope there is enough fabric. The wrong side of the fabric is light so I should be able to use the cream thread that is already on the overclocker. I’m hoping the wrong side won’t be too visible, as it’s a wrap dress but it should work as a wearable muslin.


This week I’ve been watching episodes of New Amsterdam. I’ve got plenty of data at the moment because I haven’t needed to use much lately and I want to use it before my monthly plan is over. If I don’t use it then I’ll lose it when I go back to the minimum 3GB data allowance. We’ll be back on wifi when we get home so I won’t have any need for such a high allowance but I also don’t want to lose it without using it. I have listened to some of my book – A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J Maas and I am enjoying it more now. It has started to get more interesting, rather than just being a soapy type of romance. I also attended the International Virtual Knit Night on Zoom this morning – it has been the first opportunity I’ve had for a while and it was great to catch up with them. It seems to be the same people online when I’m able to join so I’m really getting to know them. Due to the end of daylight savings in the southern hemisphere and the start of it in the northern hemisphere, the window is so small for me to join unless I get up very early. Being winter here, that is not an attractive option.

My mind has started planning the return to our new home. We have a few things we need to buy and sort out before it happens. I am so looking forward to unpacking my stash and sorting it all out in the new space. I will need a few things in my studio too, to get it to how I want it and that may not happen immediately. I hope to get it all done before too long so that it will be a good useable space, rather than filled with boxes that can’t be unpacked.

It’s time now for me to enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday afternoon and stop chattering on. I hope you are all safe and well and, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


3 thoughts on “Sunday 21 June 2020. #100”

  1. What a busy life you lead! I am so impressed – exercise, baking, making, seeing friends, more exercise, house building – you must be exhausted! Lovely to see it all though! Very interesting the explanation of that game – Finska? – I have seen the skittle things before and wondered what it was all about. Possibly a game to suit many ages.


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