Sunday 5 July 2020. #102

Hello friends! Can you believe that half the year is over now? I’d like to send a happy July 4th to my American friends and hope you were able to celebrate safely. It seems this year can only improve. Our restrictions have lifted some more but those in Victoria are currently going backwards. It’s been a pretty hectic week for me, mainly on the road up and down, to and from the house. We are getting to the pointy end and things need addressing every day. On Monday I had lunch with my girlfriend, Mary, after checking out some lounges at a local furniture store. On Tuesday, we went to Warrawong to look at lounges. There are about ten different places there and we were able to settle on one and order it. On Wednesday, we picked up a dining table that was gifted to us. Some friends of my mother-in-law were moving and didn’t need it anymore. It will make a great addition to my studio as a large work area for pattern cutting, etc, and also when I’m hosting my crafty friends. After a quick stop for coffee and cake (cake for Robert), we dropped that straight off to the house as there’s nowhere we can keep it down here. The table and chairs are sitting under the house in what will eventually be a workshop for Robert.

On Thursday evening, we were invited to dinner at our friends, Rebecca and Bruce’s place as they were here again for a few days. It was a sumptuous winter dinner of baked lamb shanks and I made a puffy and very yummy bread and butter pudding. We met up with Rebecca and Bruce again on Friday, for lunch and a game of Finska. I made a favourite of mine – Barbecue Glazed Meatloaf. Yesterday, I had to go back to the house to sort out some issues with the position of one of the vanities and I took Mary with me as she hadn’t seen the house yet, apart from all my photos.

The first two of this week’s beach photos are from near our house where Robert went for a couple of laps. It’s been a brisk but sunny week. If you can find a sunny spot without the wind it’s glorious but very bitter in the shade.

House Update: As we are nearing the end, there is so much happening! The kitchen, laundry and vanities have been installed and measured for the stone tops (not the laundry). I forgot to take a photo of the laundry. It appears that all the electricals are in for the main part of the house, yet to be installed in the studio area. I’m really pleased with the pendants in the kitchen and above the stairs. They look small in the photo but perfect in real life. The stone feature wall is currently at the three-quarters level and I forgot to take a later photo when I was there yesterday. The stone is heavy and it needs to be done in stages so that each section can dry before progressing. The stair rail is about to be installed. This week everything will be finished off and, hopefully, we’ll be able to move home at some point from next Saturday. We are able to start moving things from the storage shed into the garage from the end of this week. I’m just a little bit excited! 😍


This week I’ve only managed to focus on a couple of things. If I’ve been in the car, I worked solely on my Koivua sweater. I finished off the first sleeve chart and worked through the 5 repeats on the knit/purl texture which is either where the final chart is started or you can repeat more to get a longer length. I’ll have to try it on and extrapolate how much further the last of the colourwork is going to get me. I wouldn’t want to frog the colourwork to add another repeat if I got to the end and found it was the wrong length. The pattern is designed for bracelet length sleeves and it all depends on what row gauge I’ve managed to achieve. This is up for a try-on and some calculations today.

That was car knitting. Night at home knitting consisted of working through the sleeves of my Le Pouf cardigan. I finished one sleeve and now I’m working through the same colour changes for the second one. Once this is done, probably tonight, I’ll pick up the button band and that will be knitted with the dark red yarn. I’m pretty sure this pattern doesn’t actually have buttonholes or buttons.

I only spent a little time on my Habitation throw this week, during a Zoom chat with my girlfriends on Tuesday night. I finished the magic knot ball and have now moved onto more leftovers. I have paused on this until I finished the first sleeve on my Le Pouf cardigan, then I’ll have all those leftovers to add. There is no teal left to use and I had divided the yarn so I’m pretty sure I know what I don’t need now.



Tour de Fleece: The other craft I’ve been focussed on this week is spinning, specifically for Tour de Fleece. I’ve done more than I usually do as this challenge is to clock up as much time and fibre as possible. I finished the first 100 grams yesterday which was Day 8. I need to ply it now so that may happen this afternoon. So far, since last Sunday I’ve clocked up 12.25 hours and 100 grams of fibre.

This one doesn’t qualify for Tour de Fleece but does for Stash Dash. This Ashford fibre turned out the same as previous spins – it’s a worsted weight of 166.5m/100 grams. It’s soaked and skeined and will join its siblings in a box for now. I will be starting something with them soon but there’s a bit too much happening at the moment for that.


During spinning time, I finished off the second season of New Amsterdam. I’ve continued with Ozark but I find I can only watch one episode at a time. I’ve also started the latest season of Line of Duty, which I’ve been looking forward to. It’s now on Netflix and I’d missed it when it was live on Foxtel. This coming week is my turn at babysitting and I can’t wait to catch up with my little sidekick. I’ll have a few stops on the way up to get some more bits and pieces, as well as my new sunglasses that are ready for pickup. I think Thursday will see the start of moving the small stuff out of the shed. I won’t be here much longer now and I’m looking forward to getting home, especially since that now means the new house. It will also mean I’ll be able to settle into some sort of routine as the last few weeks particularly have definitely had zero! Our mattresses are coming next Saturday but we have to wait a few weeks before the lounge is ready. Once everything is moved into the house we’ll have plenty of time to unpack and find new homes for it all. I’m also looking forward to being able to enjoy some of my other crafts, particularly dyeing, which I haven’t done since January!

Now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful, cold winter day so, until next week, I hope you are safe and well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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