Sunday 19 July 2020. #104

Hello friends! Welcome from sunny Vincentia on the south coast of New South Wales. We are back home now, albeit in a brand new one. We’ve only spent two nights here but it’s been wonderful, even though we’re still in the turmoil of unpacking and sorting through all the boxes. Everything is out of the storage shed and mostly in the garage. I have unpacked quite a few boxes but there seems to be a never-ending supply. All my crafting boxes have just been moved into the studio as a lower priority. I’m still looking for some essentials, for instance, the dinner set, but we’re managing with the picnic set in the meantime. I love how my pendants are casting shadows on the walls and ceiling! We celebrated the first evening with some champagne after setting up the TV for the football. We didn’t have the furniture and the TV stand was in a yet-to-be-discovered box so leaning it up against the wall was perfect, along with a couple of lounge cushions on the floor. The last picture shows what I see when I’m lying in bed – it’s an amazing sight to wake up to.

While we were still at Bawley Point, earlier this week, we had some terrible weather and it really churned up the ocean. You can see the wild seas crashing through and washing right up to the top of the beach. It was quite a sight to see and there were many spectators.

The next photos are local to where we are now and there are a few from during the stormy seas. The swell doesn’t come through into Jervis Bay unless there is a storm like this and the local surfers had a great time on the rare bay waves. One enterprising surfer actually set up some lights and they surfed until about 1.30 am!


I haven’t had much time for crafting this week but did get some done while we were driving up and down from the house. Each time I took my Koivua sweater with me although the first two times I actually forgot to take the chart sheet. I was a bit tired and didn’t actually realise that I could have downloaded the pattern onto my phone. Sigh. I probably needed the rest. Finally, I remembered the pattern and I’ve now reached the end of the final chart on the left sleeve. I had added an extra knit/purl section repeat and I think it will be easy enough to add a little more of the chart if I don’t think it’s long enough. I haven’t had an opportunity to try it on to see how it fits, so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow and I’ll be able to finish off that sleeve. I’ll be glad to get onto the final sleeve as I’m looking forward to wearing this!


Last weekend, I started knitting a baby bonnet using a very old pattern. I’ve now finished two, and I am halfway through a third. I think the first one might be a little bit big to match the baby cardigans I’ve knitted so I knitted a smaller one in the ivory (it’s not white and it’s not cream), and the third is another in the blue yarn. That way I’ll have matching bonnets to go with the cardigans. The tops are finished with i-cords looped in a very cute way.

I have only added a few rows onto my Habitation throw but it is handy as something that is easy to do at any time, though the baby bonnets were even easier! It needs a little more before I start decreasing and I think that each week. Hopefully, I’ll get to that point soon!



There hasn’t been very much spinning this week but I did get to finish the second 100 gram single. I didn’t get the opportunity ply the yarn and will be looking forward to doing that this week. Then I’ll be able to start the third 100 gram bundle of fibre. You can see some close-up photos of the first skein and I love the colours. I can’t wait to use this for a cardigan or sweater but I’ll need to add another skein or two. I’ll have to see if one of the last lots of fibre that I spun up will possibly blend. It was another batt from Ixchel, but from the November club. I have sent up the spinning wheel yet but maybe tomorrow. The lounge room is still a work in progress, using our old lounges until we get the new ones.


It’s another short blog this week and I’m very late posting. I spent most of the day today sorting through boxes. I am still deciding where things will go although the kitchen is coming together well. The pantry is yet to be finalised once I see what I need and I’ll have to get some tubs and baskets so that everything remains tidy. I have been lining all the drawers and I’ve employed my crafting skills to get it all looking nice. Cutting the liners wasn’t easy and they looked really ragged until I got my cutter, ruler and mat out. So much easier and a better way to do it.


I will leave it at that for this week and I hope that next week I’ll have more to show. We are still monitoring the COVID situation in Victoria, and whether New South Wales will start to show the same spiking pattern. Until next week, I hope you are safe and well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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