Sunday 26 July 2020. #105

Hello friends! Welcome from a rainy south coast New South Wales. We’ve had pretty good weather for winter lately so I expected to get rain sooner or later. It’s been a very busy week with unpacking and it’s going to take some time to get it all done! I did have a day away from the grind to mind Evie and we had some fun. We went for walk to the park to kick the ball around. There are also a couple of pics from around here from yesterday.

I had a wonderful massage and facial on Friday – I had been waiting for this since my birthday in January. It was a gift voucher that I get every Christmas, birthday and Mother’s day. My new bedroom boasts a wonderful view and I don’t even have to get out of bed. These are a few snaps I took this week with the third one being this morning. It has been raining all day.

While we were working inside the house, there was some work going on in the backyard too. There is an easement that runs from the top of the hill to the bottom and it crosses the bottom corner of our land. Our land and the one next door were the only ones not to have the easement piped and they set to work on rectifying that this week. The pipes were installed and the dirt respread. There are a couple of silt pits as well. Once they have finished whatever else they need to do we are going to have new fences installed.

Studio Update: The studio has been at the bottom of the priority list this week and I only went in yesterday to move a few things around. I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time in there and I will need to order a few things from Ikea before it is all finished. I’ll be capturing the progress here – you can see how many boxes I have to open and sort through!


This week has been another one when I have been unable to get much crafting done. I only managed some little bits and one was finishing the first sleeve on my Koivua sweater. I added about three or four rows of the final chart to get that bit extra on the sleeve. I haven’t tried it on yet so I’m hoping that it’s OK. I finished it off, as the pattern indicates, with the contrast colour and I think there should be plenty for the other sleeve. I didn’t weight the caramel yarn so I’m unsure but I can always tink back on the i-cord bind-off and as many rounds as I need if I run short on the other side.


I did do a little bit of knitting on my Habitation throw but it’s not enough to show at this point. The only other knitting I did was to finish off the third Flurries beanie for the matching cardigan set. Here are two of the beanies with their matching Leaf and Lace cardigans. I just need some buttons and blocking and I’ll be able to gift them next week. The babies have now been born and they are gorgeous!


I bought a few bits and pieces at Spotlight the other day as I needed some yarn for the Knit for Cancer challenge. This came up on my Facebook feed and I thought it would be a great idea. I registered and they sent me some patterns. You can knit a hat and/or a scarf which they’ll sell to raise funds or use for patients. Anyway, the colours that they ask for are blue, grey and white or at least two these so I dropped in at Spotlight to get some. I settled on acrylic which was very soft (another requirement) and easier to care for than wool. While I was there, they had a special on 2 patterns for $12.00 and I picked up a couple of patterns that were on my list. Seems I’m really feeling the summer clothes even though it’s the middle of winter!



I’m really late with this blog today because the family has been visiting the new house. Evie has had fun running around and up and down the hallway and it’s been a great day even if it has been raining the whole time. I love having the family together!


This coming week will be spent unpacking and sorting ad infinitum! I hope to spend plenty of time in my studio. I will be getting together with a couple of friends next weekend as our annual retreat had to be cancelled due to the COVID spike in Sydney. Several of our attendees are from out of state and are not able to travel and the numbers became too low to make it economical. I have a couple of projects to take with me and they are baby focussed. I’m very lucky to have two grandchildren on the way – my daughter-in-law is due in November (having a boy) and my daughter is due in January (gender unknown).

It’s time that I get this blog out and I hope I can get back to my regular programming very soon. So, until next week, I hope you are keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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