Sunday 2 August 2020. #106

Hello friends! This week has been another busy one, with continuous unpacking and there is still so much to do. The weather was horrible for the first part of the week – heavy rain and strong winds. Finally, the sun came out again. Erin and Shaun were with us until Friday and it was lovely spending some quality time with them. We played Bananagrams every night and it was getting quite competitive.

The house itself is almost completely done now. The mirrors and shower screens were installed and all that’s left now is one mirror (our ensuite) and one drawer (studio ensuite). You can see my excitement below to have mirrors in the bathrooms! The kitchen splashback was installed on Friday and I think it’s wonderful. The rain washed away a lot of the dirt from where our easements were piped down the back. I think they are coming back to finish off the work and that will mean we’ll be able to sort out the fences.

I am currently staying down the coast for a couple of days with some local friends. We had to cancel our retreat as our friends from interstate were unable to travel and things are heating up again in Sydney. Anyway, we thought at least a few days were needed to make up for this disappointment. There is plenty of crafting happening. plenty of talking and, as usual, there is always plenty of food and beverages to enjoy. We were greeted yesterday morning by some kookaburras who regularly drop in for a breakfast of raw minced beef.


This week I knitted up a hat for the Knit for Cancer challenge. It was a very quick knit using the Greek Mosaic beanie pattern. I showed the three lots of yarn I purchased from Spotlight last week and they are working well together. I have to use the white yarn with three strands to match the other yarns. This is a free pattern on Ravelry and is a very easy mosaic stitch. It’s a great way of doing colourwork without having to use more than one colour per row. I ended up doing an extra 10 rows of the pattern (half a repeat) as it seemed that the beanie wasn’t going to cover my ears but I think it may not have needed that. The decreases are very clever in how the pattern ends up at the top of the crown. I will be making a grey pompom for this, probably tomorrow.

I have now passed on the little Leaf and Lace cardigans with their matching Flurries beanies and I look forward to seeing them on their tiny recipients. I blocked the cardigans earlier this week and the beanies were soaked and dried hanging. I would normally block them on balloons but I have no idea where the balloons are at this current moment. I think the way that I hung them helped to make the i-cords on their crowns stand up nicely. The final touch was adding the buttons on Friday.

The only other real knitting I managed this week was on my Koivua sweater where I picked up the second sleeve stitches and finished the first section of colourwork. I now have 6 knit/purl repeats to do to match the other side before completing the rest of the colourwork. It’s getting close on this one and would really like to finish it by next week’s blog. Let’s see how I go with that.


I finally wound off my second bobbin of the Ixchel Fibres October batt. I haven’t soaked this or the first one yet and may get around to that this week. I really wanted to start spinning the final bobbin of this project but I wasn’t able to get the spinning wheel to draw properly. I had snapped the drive band again and, this time, rejoining didn’t work. I will need to change the drive band though I’m not 100% certain as to what I need to get for it. I have some cotton twine, which seems very similar to what is on there so I might give that a try. I’ll see if I can get some online in case this one doesn’t work. I hope I can get it going again.



I usually start a new project for our annual retreat and I decided to go ahead even though it’s only a very short getaway. I purchased this pattern and the linens to go with it at last year’s Sydney Quilt Show. This is the Wendy Williams (Flying Fish Kits) Over the Hill quilt pattern. I thought it was going to be a bit complicated but after putting the first block together I was able to set up a few more ready for stitching. I’m well into putting together the first section of seven. I think I’ll work on completing each section at a time. Once I have these six blocks together I’ll add the felts before moving onto the next section.


I am now back at work on my Round the Garden quilt! This is another Wendy Williams (Flying Fish Kits) pattern and I can honestly say that I have quite a number near completion and a couple already completed. I love all her work. Before things got really hectic with the house I had started the second quarter of the building border on this project but didn’t get that part done. Yesterday afternoon I managed to finish all the felt bits and they are now pinned and ready to stitch down. As with the first quarter, I’ll then add all the extra stitching for trees, birds, bees, etc. before moving onto the third quarter. I also have a pile of circles ready to add to the inner border so might get onto that at the same time.


I think all that I’ve managed this past week were a few episodes of Call the Midwife. It’s such a lovely show. I’m working my way through season eight and I’m hoping that Foxtel has season nine as well.

This next week will be another one of a lot of unpacking, firstly to clear all the boxes in the garage and hopefully then to get some time to also work at my studio. It feels good each time I empty a box but there always seems to be so many still to go. Surely it will soon start looking like I’m making a dent in them! Once I am mostly unpacked I will feel able to spend more time crafting, though I still need to get some furniture for storage before it will all be complete. Good old Ikea will be helping in that regard.

This post is going out early for a change so that I can get back to our crafting today. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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