Sunday 27 September 2020. #114

Hello friends! Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. I am starting today’s blog in sunny but windy Sydney and I know I’ll be home before it’s finished. What a busy week it’s been for me. The week started with a predicted temperature of 30 degrees Celcius and ended with 20 degrees and under, with cold winds. The 30 degrees didn’t actually eventuate for us as the sea breeze kept it down but it was a lovely day on Monday. I managed a bike ride on both Monday and Tuesday and finished with a ride on Friday.

On Tuesday we were invited to JB Brewery as they were being filmed by the Sydney Weekender for a future show. As they don’t normally open on a Tuesday (apart from the summer tourist season) they let a few of us regulars know that it was happening. It was a lovely day to sit and chat with friends over lunch and a wine or two. It’ll be interesting to see how they put the shots together when it airs.

Wednesday was my Evie day and it was a great day for some shopping and then a walk to the park. The flowers are really coming out everywhere and we checked these ones out. Some had bees so we stayed well away from them. After leaving there I headed up to Sydney and spent the night at my parents’ house. On Thursday I drove them down to our house as they hadn’t seen it at all apart from photos and they spent a couple of days with us until I drove them home on Saturday.

After dropping mum and dad off home, I headed over to Erin and Shaun’s house. Erin and I had a late lunch and then went for a walk around the local area. The wind was keeping the temperature down but it was a very sunny spring day. We passed by the old Colgate-Palmolive factory building which has been turned into fancy apartments with a great view. We then had a relaxing time watching the football until Shaun came home to cook us dinner.

This morning we had a big breakfast and Erin and I went on a walk around Ballast Point, Birchgrove and East Balmain looking at venues for a picnic baby shower. I think we’ve settled on Ballast Point as there are several spots that would be perfect that could accommodate for wind in different directions, while still maintaining a lovely view of the harbour.


This week I put in a lot of work on the test knit for Truly Myrtle as it’s due today. I’m happy to have finished in time and blocked it on Friday. It has dried nicely while I was away and now I’m just waiting on the go-ahead to show what it is and what it looks like. I still need to take some decent photos. Once that was done I was able to move onto something else and the only thing to hand and easy was this pair of socks. The Turtlepurl self-striping yarn in the Trenchcoat colourway is look great and I just want to get from one stripe to the next. I’ve decided on afterthought heels as I want to keep the stripe pattern correct. The picture I posted on Instagram and Facebook last week attracted a few comments that it looked like I was knitting a bikini! I’m glad they are now looking like actual socks. I have ordered a new needle for sock knitting as the ones I’m using don’t have a great join and I’m always trying to get the end stitches over the join. I might have called in at Skein Sisters on the way home to get the 2.5mm 60cm Chiaogoo needle but they are not open on Sundays these days. I hope that it arrives soon so that I can move the stitches onto it. I have a few plans for other knitting now. Firstly, I want to knit a cowl in some super bulky yarn in my stash. I was hoping to take that with me to start but I can’t find my old circular needles. The pattern I’ve chosen (and probably chunky yarn requirements anyway) uses 12mm needles. I didn’t really have the opportunity to get some until today and then I thought I’d probably have some already if I can only find them. I’ll be picking up a WIP to work on this week too.

The main plan coming up is to dye some yarn for the new Stephen West MKAL. I have done the last two and I am looking forward to doing this next one also. I initially thought I wouldn’t have time, with the test knit, but the dates work well. I have a few ideas on what I want to dye but I don’t have all the equipment I need yet. I don’t want to be dyeing in my new kitchen so I wanted to buy a portable electric cooktop. Looks like I may need to order it so I’m not sure when I’ll get it. The MKAL doesn’t start until October 9 which gives me a little bit of leeway and time for planning.


I mentioned last week that I’ll be starting on a new spin and that’s exactly what I did. This is the Ixchel Fibres 2019 December batt, or rather two of them. The total amount is just over 300gm so I originally thought I’d do two lots of 75 x 75gm 2 ply until I remembered that my bobbin can only take 100gm. Instead, I’m now doing three lots of 50 x 50gm 2 ply. It’s spinning up very nicely!


The crochet segment of this blog has finally made a reappearance. But, before you get too excited, it’s only for a previously finished project. I have been wanting to pick up my crochet hook for a baby blanket project but I still haven’t found them! I finished this Rings of Change blanket a few months ago, before we moved home, and I wasn’t able to block it. It’s taken two months of being in the new house and I finally unearthed it and it’s now blocked. I think it looks good where I have put it. I just like having it on display as it was quite an achievement. I didn’t complete the whole pattern as I ran out of the yarn several rows short. I was happy with how much there was anyway. You can see the blanket blocking on my studio deck – the photo was taken from above on the main deck.


I haven’t had much opportunity to sew this week but I was really happy to get a start on my #WFHmodulesewalong with a remake. While we were at Bawley Point waiting for the house to be built, I made these Pietra pants. They turned out large and, even when I took in what I could without them being weird, they were still large and billowy so I didn’t like them. Lisa from And Sew On had a YouTube video recently on the Pietra shorts to skirt makeover. It seems that the Pietra shorts are sized quite large and it’s a common issue. I decided to follow Lisa’s example and turned mine into a skirt. I really wanted to wear it on Tuesday but I didn’t get it quite finished. Since then it’s been quite cool and definitely not skirt weather. I’ll take pics when I finally get to wear it. The final photo here shows some rayon that I purchased for the lining on my Marbella dress so I’ll be able to move on with it this week.

A little bit of other sewing was the next Geranium dress for Evie. I showed the fabric last week. I did get some time on it but I got to the point on putting the skirt together and decided the fabric was quite fine and probably should have a lining under it. I have some rayon (that’s what I think it is) in white that will be suitable for a lining for this. I’ve washed the fabric and I’m ready to move on …. once I work out exactly how I’m going to tackle this. The first issue I had was that, although I had plenty of the birdy fabric, I didn’t quite have the width for the skirt if the birds were orientated correctly. So then I worked out that I had enough lining fabric to put a couple of panels, one on each side. While I’m doing that, I thought it would be nice to have a small band of the contrast fabric under the bodice. The bodice lining is cut to size so that it overlaps the seam where the skirt is attached. If I lower the front bodice with a band, then the bodice lining won’t cover the seam. I’m trying to decide whether to put the lining onto the skirt and gather them together but I need to work out how I’ll manage the bodice lining. I have a few ideas and I’ll work out the best way for it. TBC!


This week I watched Season 2 of The Split on ABC iView. It was great and I hope there will be a Season 3 but I know I’m going to have to wait a long while for it. I didn’t watch much else but I have now started Longmire on Netflix. I had intended to watch this one for a while and finally started it. I had heard lots of good reports and I am enjoying it. I’m still listening to Girl Woman Other and I am definitely still enjoying it. I only managed to listen on my way home from Sydney today and I kept on it for the majority of the three hour trip. Mostly during this week I was listening to podcasts and I’m really interested in a new one that was recommended. It’s by Dr Rangan Chatterjee and it’s called Feel Better, Live More. From his website: “I want to empower you to become the architect of your own health. Because when you feel better, you live more.” The episodes I’ve listened to are great and I’m inspired to get his book called Feel Better in 5 which is “the first daily 5 minute plan that is easy to maintain, easy-to-follow and requires only the smallest amount of willpower.” What I’ve heard about this book sounds great.

As I expected, I made it home before I was able to finish today’s blog and it’s getting dark now. I’d better get this blog up so that I can get dinner sorted and get started on the new week. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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