Sunday 25 October 2020. #118

Hello friends! I’m very late with the blog today as I’ve been up to Wollongong again for more festivities. After last weekend’s birthday festivities, I had a very slow day on Monday after waking up exhausted and with a headache. I took a “sick day” and spent it mainly on the lounge with my knitting. I didn’t even go down to my studio! On Tuesday, I was feeling much better and rode over to Huskisson with my friend Julie to meet up with some friends over coffee. I then spent most of the rest of the day in the studio. On Wednesday, I was in Wollongong with Evie and we had a great day out at a different park. This park has a fence all the way around it and, though the activities are for smaller kids, it was perfect for Evie and she was able to run around from one activity to another. The park is right next to a huge mural that you can see below. We’ve had some heavy winds this week and on Thursday I found that my tomato plants had fallen down. Fortunately they weren’t actually broken so I was able to re-stake them – which I had been meaning to do for a while as they were getting so big. There are lots of little flowers and hopefully soon lots of little tomatoes. On Friday, Julie and I rode over to Huskisson again for breakfast with some other friends. Today’s activities in Wollongong were for Kimberley’s baby sprinkle. It was a lovely gathering of her friends over some yummy afternoon tea. I had made apple and pecan friands along with some Portuguese custard tarts. I also make some chocolate cupcakes using a vegan recipe as I had to make something without eggs, dairy, cashews or peanuts. I think the cupcakes worked well.

The weather this week has been up and down with a couple of beautiful days. Unfortunately, today wasn’t one of them and the baby sprinkle had to be inside due to the rain. It has rained steadily since yesterday afternoon and I think that will be great for the lawn and for filling our water tank. It is predicted for rain for a few more days.


The Turtlepurl Yarns self striping socks are very near to completion. The other day I decided to put the afterthought heels in so that I can see how much further I needed to go. The afterthought heel method I like to use is one by Kirbywirby Yarns. With this method you leave 2 stitches at each end so that you don’t end up with a gap at the join. It works really well and I grafted the stitches using the Knitting with Suzanne Bryan tutorial on How to Kitchener (Toes) Without Ears. You can see how smooth the finish is with this method. I am now back onto knitting the leg and I think I’ll just finish off the white section I’m on and then do the cuff in the dark red. I’ll try them on again once I near the next black section and if necessary I can knit a little bit more.

The Cabled Baby blanket is on track. Last week I mentioned that I’ll try to do a repeat and a half each day and I’ve managed this, doing 9 rows religiously until today. I have not yet had a chance to do any knitting so today’s quota will have to be written off. I think I allowed for a bit of a buffer with that calculation so it should be fine. I’ll get back onto it tomorrow.

SPOILER ALERT: Slipstravaganza. I’m currently working on Clue 2 (Section 3) and I am exactly halfway. I didn’t get to this much this week so I’ll need to do some catching up. The first photo shows Clue 1 (Sections 1 and 2) and the other photos show Clue 2. The lighting wasn’t fantastic this morning and the close up is showing some brown, of which there actually isn’t any. It’s actually bright teal, light teal and grey. I’m hoping I’ll have better photos next week when the whole section is finished. Each section has looked better once it was all done and it will also be so much better once it’s blocked out at the end. Clue 3 came out on Friday but I haven’t yet looked at it. I’ll wait until I finish Clue 2 before I do. The project has, as predicted, slowed down due to the number of stitches. At the end of Clue 1, I had about 269 stitches and the first row of Clue 2 took that number up to over 400 and each row is increasing. It does make each row take a lot longer to knit. I will definitely be working on Clue 3 by next week’s blog.


I finally finished plying bobbins three and four of my Ixchel Fibres December 2019 batts and I’ve started on number five. It has been slow going because I have been using some of my spinning time on my knitting. That’s OK – it’s still coming along and there’s very little of this bobbin to go now so I’ll be starting on bobbin number six.


I did spend a bit more time at the sewing machine this week. Last week I had left off on my Peppermint Wrap Top before adding the sleeves. I did that early in the week, attaching them with French seams. You can see how many pins I used. The top is finished and it fits, though I only tried it on very quickly. I know there are some blogs that explain how they made bust adjustments so I may check those out as I think I’d like to make another one of these. This is the second finish for my #wfhmodulesewalong.

I had a little spare time yesterday morning and I finally put together a Sheona top that I had cut out in January this year. I had wanted this navy top to go with a skirt and it never did get sewn up. Mostly because it turned cold and winter arrived but now I need it. It took about an hour to put together so it was a really quick win. This is finish number three for the #wfhmodulesewalong. And I actually wore this today with the skirt that it was intended for, though it also goes with the current module.

A late entry to my #wfhmodulesewalong is the Seamwork Laura wrap skirt. I had some remnant linen suiting that I got into my mind would be great for a wrap skirt and I was going to use the bottom part of the Charlotte dress pattern that I’d made up recently. In the end, the fabric I had wasn’t enough but I was determined that I was going to make a wrap skirt. I found another piece of linen that I’d purchased for my Metamorphic dress and, though it was a large piece, it still wasn’t enough. I had found a pattern on Seamwork for this Laura wrap skirt and it was easier to download that than to modify the Charlotte pattern. I then spent some time wondering how I could colour block using two of the fabric pieces that I have and in the end decided it wasn’t going to work. I came to the realisation that I was never going to wear the Metamorphic dress as it really did not suit me at all. So I put it to another use instead and used it for this wrap skirt. I have put the main part of the skirt together, using folded in seams. I’m not sure if they have a name but I thought that French seams would be too bulky and I didn’t want to just serge them. I think this works well. I only have the band sections and hem to go on this. Instead of doing ties, I’m going to add a button on each side so that there is less bulk and it will work with my Peppermint Wrap top. This will be #wfhmodulesewalong item #4.

I have not yet finished my Marbella dress but I did try it on. It fits but I will just take a little bit off the bust seam before finishing it. Once I’ve done that, I only need to join the skirt lining back section and stitch it down onto the inside zipper seams. Then the hems and it will be finished. That will make my #wfhmodulesewalong #5.


Early in the week I got working on the Superman quilt and have almost finished the backing. I have used up all the fabric that was left over from the front piecing and I just need to add some white sections to make this the size I need. I hope to sandwich it this week so that I can start quilting it next week.


I have started thinking about Christmas and I have at least one more stocking that I need to make for this year for Baby 1. I know that there will be another for next year for Baby 2 due in January so I wanted to get a couple more in preparation. It’s really hard to know exactly what size the panels are when you see them online and the minimal measurements are hard to work out with the shape. In the photo below, the red one is the fraternal twin of Evie’s that I made last year and her stocking is larger than the rest of the stockings for the whole family. Of course, all stockings for this generation will need to be the same size and I thought the ones I’d ordered would be about the same size but you can see here how much bigger they are! And because of the design, I can’t really cut the size down. So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and ordered some more. Fingers crossed they are about the same size or even a little smaller. I can easily add a border if I need to.


I finished listening to my book early in the week as I couldn’t put it down. That was Robert Galbraith’s third book in the Cormorant Strike series. I very nearly just went straight to the next book but decided instead to go to the next book in my list which was Karin Slaughter’s Piece of Her. Another compelling read and I have already finished that one too! It was full on from the very beginning and kept the same pace right to the end. I finished that one yesterday and today I started a new book – Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell. I only managed a short stint on that today so I haven’t got a feel for it yet. On Netflix, I’m still working my way through Longmire. I’ve now started the sixth and final season – I think that may be the real finale as that season was released in 2017 and there aren’t any more so far.

It’s been a long day so I’m going to leave it there. I have a few things happening in this coming week, including a visit by some old friends. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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