Sunday 1 November 2020. #119

Hello friends! Happy Halloween from Downunder. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Ώ This has been one hectic week! After a quiet start on Monday with a breakfast catch-up, I had preparations for visitors that kept me busy until they arrived. The weather has been very wet and miserable and I didn’t get even one bike ride in. The only day I could have ridden was Friday morning when I was entertaining guests and the sun shone beautifully. Early Tuesday morning, I was in the queue at Aldi waiting to grab a special. I purchased two bedside tables which were easy to put together. Lucky I had my sock knitting to keep me occupied.

The visitors arrived on Thursday afternoon and I’d made a banana cake in the morning. We had a couple of drinks at the brewery and the weather was very kind to us. After that we had dinner at the local Indian Restaurant at Huskisson. On Friday, our visitors went down to Mollymook where one couple have a holiday house and we met up with them all for drinks at a lovely place called the Altar Wine bar. It’s an outdoor area attached to a former Church that had been turned into a home. I actually knew the owners who converted it and they had done a fantastic job inside, keeping the essence of the church. The outdoor wine bar was a beautiful setting and I’ve included many photos because there was so much to photograph, including some very old gravestones.

After a pleasant evening at the Altar wine bar we headed to a restaurant in Milton to have a pleasant evening. Early on Saturday morning I headed up to Sydney to prepare for a baby shower today. The drive to Sydney was probably the worst in my memory. The rain was so hard and there was thunder and lightening, water planing and driving through water. The rain continued today and it was good that we’d discarded the picnic idea and had a luncheon in a lovely upstairs room of the local Royal Oak Hotel. We made a raspberry and white chocolate cake and Erin put together several floral arrangements. It was great catching up with all of her friends. Kimberley came too and we’re all excited that she has only three weeks to go until her little boy will be making an appearance.


I finally finished the Turtlepurl yarns self striping socks. I find it very handy to have a pair of socks on the go as they are perfect knitting for waiting in queues, coffee shops and for taking on the bike. I have now handed over the socks as they were a birthday present for my dad. Also shown below is the yarn for my next sock project. I’ll get this next one started in the next few days. The yarn is a one of a kind from Pineapple Yarns and it’s been in my stash for some time now. I’m looking forward to see how this yarn knits up. Instead of a vanilla sock, I think I may do some with a pattern this time.

I have made some progress on the Cabled Baby blanket but not in the last few days. I’ll need to do some catch up. I did have one cable pointing the wrong way but I noticed it only after three rows so it was easy enough to drop down the six stitches and swap them around.

SPOILER ALERT: Slipstravaganza. It’s probably not a big spoiler as I am way behind. I wasn’t able to get any knitting done in the last couple of days so I wasn’t able to get onto the next clue. Fortunately, last night I finally finished Clue 2 and I’m looking forward to picking up on Clue 3 tonight. Clue 4, which is the final clue, was released on Friday so I have a some catching up to do. I’ve been avoiding the posts on Instagram as most have a spoiler photo but there have been a couple that have just put the picture up. Lucky I realise before I actually see what it is but it probably wouldn’t matter at this point.


I finished spinning bobbin number 5 of my Ixchel Fibres December 2019 batts but I haven’t yet start on bobbin number 6. I’m sure I’ll get some time to do some spinning this coming week so I hope to have that well underway by next week’s blog post.


Early in the week I was able to spend some time at the sewing machine to work on my #wfhmodulesewalong and I finally finished it. I was able to post the picture of the 5 items in time for the deadline today. The deadline was 31st October but US time so that gave me a little bit more time to get to it. I’ll probably have better photos next week but you can see below that I finished the Seamwork Laura skirt. The six items were the Marbella dress by Itch to Stitch, Laura Skirt by Seamwork, the Sheona dress as a top by Athina Kakou, the Pietra pants by Closet Core patterns changed to a skirt, my denim jacket that I’ve had since the 1980s and the Peppermint Wrap top by In the Folds. You were allowed to have something from your wardrobe, or made previously or thrifted as part of the module. I think I’ll be moving onto baby things next.


I didn’t really get into my audiobook this week, only listening for a little while. It sounds really familiar so I’m wondering if I have already read it. I have almost finished the entire series of Longmire and I’ve also started watching Spooks (on SBS on demand) – they have the full 10 seasons and I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages.

I’m looking forward to a quiet week coming up, before I head off for a weekend with a few girlfriends. We’re heading to Bowral and will be staying in a nice house, relaxing and getting into some crafting together.

It’s another late posting this week and I feel like I’ve rushed through it all. I hope to be able to work through next weekend’s post at a more leisurely pace. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


2 thoughts on “Sunday 1 November 2020. #119”

  1. So impressed you have been doing some lovely crafting amongst the boring stuff like shopping and prepping for visitors. Cute socks for your Dad. What lovely flowers and cake for the baby shower too – sitting here right now in the UK it’s a dull Sunday afternoon and I fancy a slice! (Weather dull and just about to rain – again – and dull news from the PM last night that the country goes into full lockdown this Thursday – feels like it’s never ending boredom ahead!} . Looking forward to seeing that green/pink yarn turn into something fantastic – great looking skein!


    1. Thanks so much! I need to keep some craft happening otherwise I wouldn’t be very happy. 😊 I really feel for everyone over there – you guys are really having a tough time. I’m fortunate where I am but I know that Melbournians have had a pretty tough time too. I hope your craft is keeping you a little bit happy but I hope we can get rid of Covid worldwide soon. πŸ’œ

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