Sunday 6 December 2020. #124

Hello friends! This week we were waiting patiently for the arrival of our grandson. We had to wait until very early on Friday morning when our beautiful grandson, Finnick, arrived safe and sound. That was obviously the highlight of the week, closely followed by spending extra time with Evie. The week started quietly on Monday pottering around in the studio – I’m still unpacking boxes! On Tuesday, I spent the day with Evie and we had fun in the park followed by morning tea at the cafe before a paddle in the lagoon. On Tuesday evening, Robert and I had dinner at the RSL Club at Huskisson. We had a lovely meal on the deck with a great view.

On Wednesday I did a bit of Christmas shopping and called in at the car wash on my way home. The car wash was certainly long overdue! On Thursday, I dropped my car off for a service and rode my bike home via the Woollamia boat ramp. They are still doing works there, probably adding more ramp area but it’s hard to tell yet what it will look like. I have given up on my tomato plants as they have been devoured by possums in my absence. Very disappointing. It’s why I don’t normally plant anything anymore as I don’t particularly want to feed the local wildlife! Another bike ride on Friday morning and then I was off to Wollongong to meet Finnick. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen until Saturday morning because I was waiting for a sofa bed that didn’t arrive. Funny, it seems to have turned up since and was left in our under house area. This morning, Robert and I took Evie to the park and then for a paddle. The weather is fabulous today!


I’m getting very close to finishing the Cabled Baby blanket. I finished the top ribbing and then I picked up up the stitches along one side. I’m about halfway through on that one but I might just do more ribbing on the sides than the top and bottom depending on the yarn I use. I have a whole ball for each side but I don’t think I’ll need to use it all. I wanted to do a tubular bind off at the end of the ribbing but, as it’s 2 x 2 rib, that would have meant adding an extra row to swap the stitches around so that it’s 1 x 1 rib. In the end, I just chose to do a normal bind off with a larger needle so that it’s not so tight and it worked perfectly.

After last week’s backward steps on my Slipstravaganza shawl, I’m now full steam ahead to finishing. I’m onto the last chevron repeat and only have just over four rows to knit before the i-cord bind off. Let’s see if I can get this one done and dusted by then next blog. Or will I spend more time on the baby blanket instead? Either way, finishing one will mean I can do the other more quickly.

Advent Fun: On Tuesday I started my advent socks while I was minding Evie. I got the toes cast on and was able to finish the first colour that evening. While I’m doing my socks, I’m also working my way through my mini wine advent. The bottles are so cute and hold a full glass of wine. So far, I’ve had 3 whites, a rose and a red. They are just the perfect size. I have been knitting socks as plain vanilla so far but as I was knitting on the fourth day I thought it might be a good idea to do a slip stitch row when I change each colour. It doesn’t matter that the first few are not like that and I’m loving how it looks with the slipped stitches. It looks like I forgot to take a photo of the socks when I finished day three’s knitting. It’s an easy task to knit each colour on each day and I love getting to each of the colours. I have a feeling these socks may be quite long but I’m going to just knit until they are all done. The afterthought heel will be the last session of knitting. That would be on Christmas day if all goes to plan but I think I’ll be a bit busy with a house full of visitors. It could be a lovely task for Boxing Day when it will all be much more relaxed.


Amongst the unpacking of boxes and sorting in the studio, I still got some time to do some sewing. I cut out the 5Berries pattern called the Peter Pan dress and I’m doing a “Sew the Look” of a dress that we wanted for Evie. The Peter Pan dress has long sleeves and I started with shorter ones so that I could try the bodice on Evie. I’m doing the size 2 and I think it will be pretty exact so she may not get much wear out of it. This one is a wearable muslin as I wanted to do one as her Christmas dress for the Santa photo. I should be finished this one in the next session so she’ll get to try it on later this week. I just have to gather the skirt and add it. Then the hem and buttons. The neck is faced with a self binding. The pattern calls for press studs but I might do buttons instead. And I might do buttons to just under the waist rather than all the way down.

I also made a start on my Carnaby dress. I’ve added the facing and worked out how I’m going to finish the back opening without a zipper. I’ve also added one sleeve but didn’t get a photo of that. The fabric is really weird, like the needle doesn’t want to pierce it easily. The pattern doesn’t indicate any gathers for the sleeve but it obviously needs that. Doing the gather was hard with the fabric but I got the first one done. It’s going to be a really wild dress!


This week I purchased the last of the patterns I was hoping to buy with the sales. It wasn’t on sale but I managed to get a second pattern half price so I took advantage of that. I purchased the Nikau dress and Rookie Wrap skirt from the Sewing Revival. When I saw the dress, I though it would be great for some fabric that I purchased in Singapore a few years ago and I’ve been waiting for the right pattern. I also have some fabric that I’ve wanted to make into a skirt and this one is a wrap that is reversible. It will be great to use some coordinating fabric that I have. All I need is more time to do everything that I want to do!


I didn’t get to finish Spooks (MI-5) like I’d hoped but I am very close to the end of the tenth and final season. I’m interested to see how they wrap up loose ends for the finish. Last week, I was reading The Late Show by Michael Connelly. This was a new series and a new character. Though it took a little to get used to it, by the end of the book I was hooked. I’m looking forward to more of the same. I’m now reading The Deserter by another old favourite – Nelson Demille. It’s definitely following the same style and proving a great read. I hope to get some more of it finished this afternoon on my way home from Wollongong.

I’ll be doing more sorting in the studio this coming week, and putting in the new sofa bed. I think it will only be another week or two and the room will be fully set up and exactly how I wanted. Which is good, because the new baby will be sleeping there with his mum and dad while they are staying over the Christmas break. And I’ll have more cuddle time with Evie and Finn! Time for me to hit the road now. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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