Sunday 20th December 2020. #126

Hello friends! Things are all systems go, here in my world. It’s been a busy week with a variety of things; some quality time with my grandbabies and many events where I enjoyed some Christmas celebrations. Last Sunday, we got the Christmas tree standing (in a reasonable manner) but I couldn’t make myself decorate just yet. On Monday, I had a trip the chiropractor for my seizing back and felt great for a little while until I started working on decorating the tree. I managed to finish decorating though I think it could have done with a little more work. I think it still looks good, especially at night, and I think you can see it from the street. I must get out there tonight and have a look.

On Tuesday, Evie and I did some Christmas shopping and enjoyed morning tea together before some indoor playground fun. There was a very special babycino with two marshmallows and some snowflakes! Shopping was basically a Christmas tree hunt – we found them everywhere. And have a look at my beautiful Grandson at two weeks! I can’t even!

On Wednesday morning, I drove down to Ulladulla and had breakfast with Mary. We enjoyed a bit of knitting before Mary had to go to work. I then went to a “Wednesday Golf” Christmas party in the afternoon at the brewery. Yes, there is only one glass of beer there – most of the girls enjoy the wine instead. 😊 I was awake early on Thursday morning so I got onto writing up some Christmas cards before the shops opened. I went to all three of the local supermarkets before heading to Carol’s studio for Christmas lunch. I only managed one bike ride this week because I was so busy but also due to the wet weather. The bay is still a very milky turquoise – it looks great but I’m not sure that an algal bloom is a great thing. It definitely makes visibility poor.

On Friday, we had the “Friday Golf” Christmas party. It’s great that Robert likes playing golf as it make it social for me too. We went to the local Japanese restaurant, Kanpai, for a great meal and tasted a variety of sake. The one I have pictured here was the best – it’s the plum one. Personally, I think most sake tastes a bit like dirty socks; not that I’ve ever tasted dirty socks! I had a wonderful cocktail called Tokyo Rose and I think it’s my new favourite. It had plum sake, peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice. I liked it so much, I had a second one. I’m quite partial to cranberry juice in cocktails – my other favourite is the Cosmopolitan. After a fun night out, I got up very early yesterday morning and headed up to Shellharbour Square to get the Christmas shopping sorted. It was a very productive day though I may have forgotten one important thing. I think most of the people within a 100 kilometre radius had the same idea. I got most of it done and then stopped for a coffee and toast (late breakfast) to take stock before continuing.


I didn’t knit much on the Cabled baby blanket this week though I did finish one side border. I stalled a bit because I have to pick up the stitches on the other side but that will be done this week. The side with the border is sitting much better. It’s going to be a very warm blanket so I don’t think it’s needed just yet. Thankfully. Check out my grandbabies rocking their Nonna-knitted (and dyed) socks! Evie’s are made with the leftover of a sock blank that I used for myself so we have matching socks and Finn’s are from a whacky self striping dye attempt.

There was very little other knitting done this week apart from my 25 stripe advent socks. I’m up to date and currently on the lavender colour at the moment which I worked on during my International Virtual Knit Night (IVKN) zoom this morning. I’ll probably be at my machine tonight so I’ll need to finish today’s when I’m knitting tomorrow’s colour at a catch up breakfast in the morning. I had a little accident the other day while cutting some fabric. I thought the yarn wasn’t anywhere near my scissors. I was wrong. 😒 The whole point of a 25 stripe yarn is that there are no joins. Anyway, it’s only one and it really didn’t take too much out of the pale yellow stripe – it looks just like the one below it.


Wednesday’s job was to sandwich the Superman quilt and I got it done. I was lucky that the rain stopped as I like to use my outdoor table for the job. I lay the backing first (of course) and clip that to the table at the top end, then layer with the wadding and top, clipping and smoothing each time. It usually works a treat. I always give the table a good wash before doing this as it can get really dusty being outside. I’ll be working on this tonight and probably watching (or half watching) a mushy Christmas movie.

The Christmas stockings are a priority now. I finally got to cutting some extra bits yesterday after some considerable deliberations on how to attack this. First, I cut out a template from the large stocking and then cut the missing pieces. I needed to do an extra cutting as I had only left enough for one seam (that of the actual stocking) and needed another for it to join properly. I’m just about to add the bottom bits and then it will be easy going for sandwiching.

This week I’ve also been working hard to finalise the studio and get it ready for visitors. I came across this quilt that has been waiting for about five years to have the binding added. I decided that I would get that out of the way so that it was out of the studio and actually on display for Christmas. I could have left it for after the visitors but we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it and it probably would have been left until next Christmas. It was a quick job as I’ve nailed the machine sewn binding technique, though cutting the strips is how I cut the yarn. The binding fabric is rows of music and doesn’t sit quite straight on the fabric. It was easier to follow one of the lines using scissors rather than trying to line up the cutting ruler. It’s now resplendent on our lounge and it’s big enough to go both sides. It’s basically one big square. Unfortunately, the cushions are not Christmassy. Maybe for next year!


I mentioned earlier about my IVKN zoom meeting this morning. I was busy and may not have joined the meeting except my Secret Santa was in attendance. Firstly, the person I was Secret Santa for and then I re-joined the meeting later to see who was my Secret Santa. My Secret Santa was Patricia from the US and she sent me a gorgeous sock set by Birdhouse Fibres in the Hydrangea colourway. This is 85% High Twist Superwash Merino and 15% Nylon in fingering weight. Also included were these gorgeous stitch markers! I love this gift and I’ll be using this yarn as my New Year cast on. I would say Christmas Eve or Christmas Day cast on but I think I might be too busy and my good sock needles are in use. So I’ll be madly finishing those to cast these ones on. The premise for Secret Santa this year was a little different due to Covid – mainly because of postage delays. Everyone participating had to name three different yarn websites in their country (or for Europe, even a nearby one) and we were able to gift from those yarn stores. I was Secret Santa for Martina in Milano, Italy, and for her I purchased three balls of Rowan Kid Classic. I had a look at Martina’s Instagram page and saw that she did a lot of colourwork. The three balls I sent were a light grey, dark grey and a rust colour called Rosewood. These are 70% lambswool, 22% mohair, 8% polyamide.


Last night I finished watching Blood Season 2 on SBS On Demand. It was another season of twists and turns and whenever I thought I knew what was happening I was wrong. It was a great watch. I also watched another couple of episodes of Succession. I have heard rave reviews of it but I’m still waiting for it to take off. It’s definitely good, just don’t know if it’s that good – for me anyway. I will keep watching it. I haven’t listened to much of my audiobook, choosing to listen to podcasts instead, but I think it will be an enjoyable read.

This week will be busy with Steven & Kim and the kids arriving tomorrow and I have so many presents to wrap. I’ll have to get onto that! Erin & Shaun are arriving on Thursday unless the obstetrician advises otherwise. I hope they are able to come for a few days, at least. They have an appointment for Wednesday. I don’t have too much on this week so I’ll be able to spend some time with the grandbabies. I’m looking forward to some beach time so I’m hoping for some nice weather. It hasn’t been great in the past week and it’s looking like the near future may be a bit damp.

I hope you are enjoying the build up to the end of 2020, regardless of how you celebrate, and that you are able to connect with family. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures! Merry Christmas!


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