Sunday 17 January 2021. #130

Hello friends! This week has been full of fun, starting with a couple of days of beach weather. On Wednesday, I went to spend the day with Evie and we did some birthday shopping for her daddy and had a pool party. It was a good way of keeping cool on a hot afternoon. That evening, Robert and I had dinner and drinks at the brewery with our friends, Ken and Deb. On Thursday, I had a fun day with my friend, Lorraine, at her place with some sewing, lunch and a swim in her pool. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos! On Friday, I spent most of the day doing housework and getting ready for Steven, Kim and the kids’ arrival later that night. I also made a Zuppa Inglese birthday cake. It seems not long ago that I was telling you that – October for our other big birthday grouping. The kids visited to celebrate Steven’s and my birthdays coming up this week. We had a lovely day yesterday at the beach, then Chinese lunch at the Golf Club followed by afternoon tea birthday cake. They all left this morning and I’ve been relaxing today, starting with a visit to the beach. I went to a different beach today, just to the left of our normal beach, because of the southerly blowing and I didn’t even get into the water as it was quite fresh in and out.


I finished the Bitty Baby booties on Wednesday this week and Evie and I took them to the post office. Erin has received them and she really likes them. I have also made a little progress on the Lieselotte baby blanket though not as much as I would have liked. I just need to keep going round and round for some time yet!

I have made some progress on the Long Squishy Tube test but, again, not as much as I’d hoped. I had ordered a set of 5.5mm tips which arrived on Wednesday but then I realised that this size of tips, and sizes above, require a different cable with larger connectors. I will ring and order some of those tomorrow in probably three different sizes. That way I’ll have the right cable if I need to use these tips on another project or maybe some other tips. In the meantime, I’ve been struggling along with the DPNs. It’s not horrible but a bit painful and definitely slower going. I had hoped to be at the end of this section by now but I’m only about half way. I’ll try to catch up this week when I get the cables. I will continue with a repeat or two each day until then.

The Half Moon Oracle shawl is moving more slowly now since the last increase as there are now 294 stitches. I’ve mainly been working on this while on my International Virtual Knit Night zoom chats but have also picked it up a couple of other times. I have another 13 rows to do before I moved onto the next section which I think is more brioche.


Last Sunday, I got the urge to cut out the Hope dress by Style Arc. For this, I decided to use some patterned chiffon that I purchased on special from Super Cheap Fabrics. I think I paid under $3.00 a metre for this so it’s very economical. It is a bit see through but I intend to wear a black slip underneath. The chiffon is quite slippery and I have decided to do French seams to encase the edges and avoid fraying. I cut out the size 10 which would be fine but I probably should have cut out size 12 as the seams are only 1cm. It’s challenging to do French seams on a 1cm seam, especially with such a fine, slippery fabric. Anyway, I have been doing teeny seams and it seems to be working but I’m concerned that the seams might be a little larger than the 1cm allowed. It is a loose and flowing style so I’m hoping that it’s OK. I’ve only done four seams so far – the front and back bodice pieces to the sleeves. I’ll probably do a bit more this week so I’ll see how far I can get. There are not many steps on this pattern. I have to add the facing and sew up the sizes and sleeves. Then it’s only a matter of gathering the skirt and attaching. I was thinking of applying elastic instead of gathering and that will bring the bodice in under the bust a little. That may not be necessary as the fabric is so drapey. I find that dresses on me without shaping under the bust tend to have a maternity look about them. For the hem, I could do a rolled hem but I haven’t done that before. I think I’ll be happy to add a normal hem to give a bit more weight to the bottom and it would probably be too long on me otherwise.


On Monday and Tuesday, I finished off the Superman quilt I was making for Finn as a play mat. I only had a little quilting to do on Monday and then on Tuesday I worked on the binding and added a “peeper” in red. I found some fabric in stash in the right colour for the binding and used the red fat quarter that was part of the original fat quarter pack for the peeper. When I had sandwiched the quilt I went a little crooked and the white border was beyond the backing by about half an inch only on one end of one side. To remedy this I trimmed that side and was wondering if I should only trim the opposite side when I realised that I had trimmed a good side. So I trimmed all sides by half an inch. This only reduced it to a two and a half inch finished border which is fine for this size quilt. I added the peeper at the same time as the binding which, at first, was a bit fiddly though I soon got into a rhythm with it. I took it up and gave it to Finn on Wednesday and he thinks it’s great! So does his sister who joined him for a test run.


I managed to watch a few shows this past week though I was hopping from one to another as I found it hard to concentrate on any one in particular. I’ve been watching Virgin River on and off and that was good for having on while I was sewing. I watched a bit more of Ozark, another episode of Unforgotten (that’s coming out each week) and have also started Bridgerton, which has grabbed my attention.

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating another solar return and will be spending the day with friends and family. I’ll be catching up with friends for breakfast, then other friends for morning tea. My mother-in-law is visiting for a couple of nights so we’ll be going out for dinner. I’m catching up with Mary on Wednesday for a day of painting and knitting. On Saturday, there is a group of us that will be attending a candle-making class and that should be fun. It will be great to catch up as a group again. Erin is due to have her baby on Thursday so I’ll be waiting for a call. Unfortunately, restrictions are still on so that we won’t be able to visit while she’s in hospital and have to wait until she and the baby go home.

Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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