Sunday 21 February 2021. #135

Hello friends! This is a late post today as I’ve just returned from a weekend down the coast. This week was pretty quiet, starting with a ride to Huskisson on Monday for a catch-up breakfast. Also on Monday, the tree loppers came and started to remove the trees on the property at the end of our backyard. The owners will be building on that block in the near future and the trees need to be cleared. There is one particular tree that is growing sideways over where the fence should be. That’s why we’ve waited to do the back fence when that has been resolved. Anyway, the tree loppers left at about 2.30 pm that day and haven’t been back. We’re not sure if there is a problem – hopefully, they’ll finish the job soon! I did manage to get another ride in during the week and I paired that with a short jog on the beach, though the back didn’t enjoy it. My back issue is getting better but it’s very slow progress.

The main event this week started on Friday morning when we headed down the coast. The final destination was only an hour and a half away but we made a few stops in the journey. Firstly we stopped at Mollymook so that Robert could have a surf and I took the opportunity to have breakfast with Mary. Also, I picked up some yarn that I can use for Finn’s cardigan and some groceries. We also called in at Robert’s mum’s place which is not far from that stop. We made it to Murramarang Resort by about 11 am and there was a bit of a mix up with the check in but we had lunch on the beach there with a couple of the locals (kangaroos) while we waited. It’s a lovely resort and we should have booked an extra night or two to fully relax. I found a very large goanna in front of a cabin just up from ours. We don’t see too many of those around the east coast. Steven, Kimberley and Finn were with us so we got some real quality time with Finn. The wedding yesterday started at 3pm on the headland near the resort and we then moved to the pool bar followed by the reception in the function room. It was a great night with lots of dancing! It’s been a long time since we’ve been allowed to socialise on such a scale. The wedding was supposed to take place last May and fortunately went ahead this weekend. After a short fun stay, we had to pack up and leave this morning.


I’ve made good progress on my Dolly cardigan test for Libby Johnson of Truly Myrtle. I am currently on the dividing for sleeves row and will then be knitting plain stocking stitch for the majority apart from some waist shaping. I’ve been alternating skeins all the way and the plain stocking stitch will make that much easier. After the colourwork, there were some more short rows which can only be done by one skein. I didn’t get a lot of knitting time on the weekend, aside from the drives to and from, though today’s return trip less as I drove half the trip back. The first photo is straight after the colourwork section and is the closest depiction of colours of the two pics.

I have almost finished the body on Finn’s Gramps cardigan. I have reached the hem ribbing which is done in a contrast colour. I was able to find a suitable colour at Ulladulla on Friday on the way through and had intended to start the ribbing but remembered that I need to go down in needle size for the ribbing. I didn’t have the size I needed with me. This will definitely not take too long to finish. I should have the body ribbing done by tomorrow and have made a start on the sleeves. The colours here are a bit blown out and are actually a bit darker in real life.

A little more progress on my Half Moon Oracle shawl with the nearly 600 stitches. The photo shows it in mid row as I was working on that on the way home this morning. I am still on the last lace section, before the i-cord bind off, but the lace pattern has just changed and I need to remove the stitch markers as I go along. The markers are right in the middle of a (sl2,k1,psso) so I need to slide a stitch over to remove the marker as I go. There are only five rows left after this one and I’ll start the bind off. I think it will be in caramel. Before we left for the weekend I was able to sew in the ends on the Lieselotte Baby blanket, and soak and block it It turned out just fine, though the centre didn’t completely block flat. I think I’ll be able to flatten it some more when it gets its first wash. I’ll be able to take this to Sydney with me tomorrow.


I finally finished the first bobbin of my current spin and I’ve started on bobbin number two. I’ve mentioned previously that this is a mystery fibre which was gifted to me and I still strongly suspect it’s a merino/silk blend. I don’t think I’ll be getting much time to spin this week as I’ll be away for a few days, though I might get some done tonight.


I didn’t get to finish my M7953 dress this week but I wasn’t too concerned as I’d decided not to wear it to the wedding. I think it would have been a bit too dressy for a beach wedding and the dress I ended up wearing was more suitable for lots of dancing. The dress is almost complete, apart from the hem but I’ve decided to take in the back seam a bit at the neck to cut out some gaping. I have it pinned. and may tackle that this week if I get the chance. I’m not really sure where I’ll get the opportunity to wear it!


I finally received my birthday present of a new niddy noddy! This was on backorder from Aunt Jenny which is the Australian Ashford representative, and I was happy to get it. It did require assembly but it’s certainly no IKEA project. A little glue and a couple of twists and it’s ready to go. I have a bobbin that I need to wind off and it’s just been waiting for the niddy noddy. It will need to be wound off by the time I’m finished with the second bobbin of my current spin. I only have four bobbins that I like so I need to finish a project before moving onto the next one, which is a good way to be. My only other acquisition this week was a surprise fabric pack from Pitt Trading. This was a mystery monochrome remnant bundle which totalled a minimum of five metres. I did end up with a good amount of fabric and it only cost $20 – $10 for the bundle and $10 for the postage. The stripe appears to be a double knit piece, there’s a piece of woven stretch with a geometrical pattern, some stretch light satin which I would have thought to be lining fabric – does that come in stretch? There’s also some black jersey and a large piece of lace fabric. I’m sure I’ll be able to use these – I already have a couple of things in mind.


I finished listening to All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio the other day. It was an interesting read and, though it was a bit of a WWII romance theme, I enjoyed this one much more than The Champagne War. Using random number generator for the selection, I am now reading Dark Sacred Night which is book two in the Renee Ballard series by Michael Connolly. I really enjoyed the first book of the series and I think this one will be just as enjoyable. I didn’t watch much on Netflix this week, choosing instead to watch the Australian Open Tennis. The final of the Men’s Singles is on tonight and I’ll be watching that. As it’s the only game on tonight, I’ll probably watch most of it, unless it becomes a five hour marathon!

I’ve got a busy week ahead – tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Sydney where I’ll spend the night with my parents and then Tuesday I’ll be spending the day with Erin and Cooper and Shaun’s mum as she’ll be down from Queensland for the week. She’s very excited to meet Cooper and has been concerned with lockdowns that it may not happen! That afternoon I’ll head down to Wollongong for the night as Wednesday is my day with Evie. I have some gardening planned for her.

I think that’s all I have so until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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