Sunday 13 March 2021. #138

Hello friends! I’m typing here on a drizzly, windy and cool Sunday. Yesterday was hot and ended with a summer storm last night and it has cooled the temperature down a lot. It’s been a week filled with grandchildren (and grown up kids) and I’ve had a wonderful time. Steven and Kim were down last Sunday and Monday with Evie and Finn and then, on Wednesday, Erin and Shaun arrived with Cooper. It’s been great to have them all here. Today we headed to Wollongong to celebrate Kim’s birthday which was on Wednesday.

My only bike ride this week was on Tuesday morning and it was a beautiful but cool ride through Huskisson over to the boat ramp at Woollamia. I went early and watched the sun come up while I was riding. Also on Tuesday, we had our first girls lunch at Pelican Rocks in Greenwell Point. The local girls have decided that we’ll do different restaurants about once a fortnight or three weeks to try out all the great spots around the local area – within about an hour around us. I’ve started saving my root ends of the shallots I use and I’ve planted them. I started the shoots going in a jar of water but I believe you can just put the ends into the soil, which is what I’ll do with the rest of them. I’ve been going to do this for some time now. Here’s hoping for lots of regrowing shallots.

The rest of the time I’ve been spending with Erin, Shaun and Cooper, going for walks. We have been eating on the deck as the evenings have been quite mild and last night we watched the storm come through. You can see in the photos below how it came from north-west and headed south-east, totally obliterating the view of the bay. And really hasn’t stopped raining since!


I haven’t had a lot of time to knit this week but I’m still making good progress through the first sleeve on my Dolly cardigan test knit for Truly Myrtle. I’m still working through the decreases and have just changed over one of the balls of yarn. I hope I’m working it the same way as the body so that the change of yarn doesn’t look too obvious or different. I hope to have this sleeve done by tomorrow night so that I can get onto the next one.

Finn’s Gramps cardigan is now done, having finished it early this week. I just need to sew in the ends and decide on buttons for it. Wooden buttons or dark blue buttons? I’ll give Kim some options.


I finished sewing my Pattern Emporium Palazzo pants and I’m really happy with them. With the size requirements I needed either a 12 or 14. Because I wanted to have the stripes going down, it meant I had the less stretchy size across the low waist/high hip. I went with the 14 to account for less stretch but it turns out I was a couple of sizes out. The yoga waistband was across the maximum stretch and the 12 would have been plenty; the rest of the pants should have been a 10. I used the overlocker for all the sewing on this and at the top sides, I shaved off twice so that would have taken it to at least a 10. They are so very comfortable and I think I’ll get plenty of wear out of them. I intend to make another pair soon, this time using a lighter weight jersey. The fabric on these is quite structured so a lighter weight would drape more.

I was wondering the other night what I would be wearing with my Palazzo pants and decided a I needed a white top. I had recently purchased New Look N6620 and thought it would be really easy to whip up with some double knit white jersey I had in stash. I was correct. This only took a night to put together as it has only three pieces to the pattern. The front neck called for bias binding but, not having any white, I just cut a piece of the same fabric and used that. It worked just fine. It’s unusual for a wrap top as the wrap on this one is at the back – the front is on the left and the back is on the right. Then I put it next to my Palazzo pants and realised that it’s not quite navy and white striped – the white is an off white and just looked dirty next to the bright white of the top. I’m sure it will be fine with other bottoms and I think I’d prefer a navy top with the pants anyway.

There’s currently a big challenge happening in the sewing world and it’s called #frugalfrocks2021. This challenge was started by two Yorkshire sewists – Sam from Frugalisama and Ruan from The Yorkshire Sew Girl and has now taken on global proportions. The rules of this challenge is that you need to use a free pattern, fabric you have in your stash and make a dress in March to reveal on the 31st. That’s it! There are so many fantastic free patterns around and I’ve been working my way through all the YouTube videos that sewing vlogists are putting up each day for this challenge. I really liked a few patterns from Mood Sewciety – they have so many wonderful patterns, but in the end I chose one of the many from Peppermint Magazine. I have already made a couple of theirs – the Wrap top, the Boxy top (or Harvest Top) and the Ruffle Sleeve top. This time I’ve chosen the Button Up dress. All their patterns are by designers and you can get them for free via the Magazine online. They are now asking only for a small donation to keep things going. To make this pattern, I’ve chosen some linens that I had in stash – a navy and a cream. The dress has princess seams and I have cut the navy for the side panels and the cream for the centre panels in a colour block. For the lining I’m using a third piece of linen in a beige colour. There would have been enough of the navy but that wouldn’t look great under the cream panels. I’ll get to sewing on this later during the week.


I finished two books this week, firstly The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams. I really enjoyed this novelisation of the writing and editing of the Oxford English Dictionary, especially after having read The Surgeon of Crowthorne several years back, a book on the same subject but from a different angle. The next finish was A Ripple in Time by Victor Zugg. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! I’ve been keeping up with the latest Married at First Sight episodes and it’s certainly a lesson in human behaviour. Not what I would normally watch but now I’ve seen a couple of episodes, I feel I need to know what happens later. Other than that, I’ve had little time to watch shows this week.

I have a few things happening during the week. Some of the girls are coming to my place for a sewing day tomorrow. Next Friday, I have some old schoolfriends coming to stay until Monday and I’ll be setting up some crafting for them. We’ll be making some candles and then we’re going to make aprons. The pattern I’ve picked out is a patchwork one from Pinterest from the Suzy Quilts blog and I suggested we carve some stamps to put on one of the sections. That will keep us going for most of the weekend between sight seeing adventures. I shall have some photos for next week’s blog. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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