Sunday 9 May 2021. #146

Hello friends. Happy Mother’s Day! I know it’s Mother’s Day in the US too, though the UK celebrated in March, I think. I’ll be celebrating with my children and grandchildren today. This past week has been a bit wet. It started fine – last Sunday I may have mentioned already that I caught up with Evie and Finn. You can see Evie setting up our tea party and Finn enchanted by his latest toy. I went for a bike ride on Monday morning to our Huskisson catch-up and then the weather deteriorated quite rapidly. The picture below shows a miserable rain drenched deck outside my bedroom and it was hard to get out of bed. I had a few medical appointments and had to negotiate the rain that was going sideways because of the wind. It rained until yesterday which was a beautiful day. The weather has still been quite mild but I imagine that will change soon.

On Wednesday, I had lunch with some girlfriends at a newish restaurant in Worrigee, just outside of Nowra. The Worrigee Sports Club have turned their downstairs into a very stylish restaurant call The Growers and I can say the food was good. The meals were very large! It was unfortunate that the weather wasn’t great as it would have been lovely sitting outside with a view to the nearby green hills. The restaurant looks empty – there were a few people but it was early and filled up soon enough.

Today is Mother’s Day but we’ll also be celebrating Shaun’s birthday which falls on Tuesday. Shaun fancies a good cheesecake and I thought I’d make his favourite Oreo and white chocolate cheesecake. I also wanted to make a Salted Caramel Cheesecake so I split the difference and the cheesecake too! I was going to make a slice slab cake but I never have a rectangular plate big enough to put it on so instead I opted for my largest spring form cake tin. I covered a piece of cardboard with foil and used that as a divider to fill the first half of the cake. I think I ruined the look of it by trying to smooth the top and just blended the caramel instead. I think it will still taste good but the caramel looked so much better before I smoothed it. Once that had set, I removed the divider and added the white chocolate cheesecake part. It’s a very large cake and it will feed us all tomorrow, with plenty of leftovers, I think.


I haven’t done a lot of knitting this week. I’ve spent a bit of time working on another Classic Ribbed hat, this time trying a larger needle and double DK yarn. I was hoping for something that would fit Evie but it’s turning into a small adult size instead. I’ll keep knitting and see if one of the girls want it or I’ll keep it for myself. I’m using some Heirloom Alpaca that I had in stash, though I don’t remember having this yarn. The 100% alpaca is very soft and squishy! I only need to knit about two inches before I start decreasing. I should be able to get that done in the car up to Wollongong today.

I also started another baby hat, this time the Mishka hat. This is a square type hat and the pattern, which is free, has two little pom poms, one in each corner. It’s done with a type of broken rib pattern and another version has a cable up the centre of it. When I’d reached the point of the first photo I nearly ripped it out back to the rib and started knitting it in plain stocking stitch but I decided to keep going. The stitch is a bit tedious and if I don’t concentrate I’ll start doing the wrong stitch. There is a plain knit round alternated with an offset rib. I’m only now just over half way so a bit more knitting to go yet. When I get to the right measurement, I’ll be binding off with a Kitchener stitch.


This week’s focus was to finish the Artemesia crochet pattern test and I’m happy to say it’s done. Here she is blocking nicely and I’ll be taking photos tomorrow. I had enough yarn, with not much left over which is great as I wasn’t sure of that as I was going along. I’m not sure what plan B would have been had I run out before finishing. The fade went more quickly on the back as I’d use most of the red section on the front but I think it still looks good though the colour of the sleeves seem unrelated looking from the front. The sleeves didn’t take as long as I thought which was a good thing as I definitely don’t like crocheting into chain stitches. I’m also glad to be finished because of the way I had to stretch out the yarn the whole time. The yarn is made up of four fine strands and after crocheting a bit there was one that seem to be longer than the rest. I would just stretch it out as I went along, with the excess pooling near the ball. In the end, I expect all the strands were different lengths. You can see how it was in the photo. That’s not a knot – just uneven strands. Though I was very close to knots at several times!


A few weeks back, I’d made some flannelette pyjama pants for Evie. I’d made a size three to try on for size and they were good. Kim asked if I could add a cuff to the bottom so that they don’t ride up in the cold wether. That was an easy addition and I also made up a fluffy top to go with them. The pants were a free pattern from Sew Simple Home. I made the pyjama top from a pattern that I had from Waves and Wild (previously known as Made By Jack’s Mum). The pattern is Pick n Mix, which has t-shirts and onesies in a variety of styles – round neck, button neck and envelope neck. I used the size four t-shirt pattern because I was using a thick fabric and I didn’t want it fitted. We’ll get to try it on today to see how it fits. I think a larger size would be fine as it would have good coverage at the waist – my only concern is if the neck is a little wide.

I did do a little bit of sewing on some Angelia shorts that I’d cut out in some stash denim a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not really worth a mention. Instead, I decided to start on my McCalls 6016 pattern of shirt and shorts for Finn. The measurements are quite unusual as they are S, M, L and XL for babies. I am doing the XL size as I think that should be good for next summer. The fabric I’m using for the shirt is a remnant that I received in a Nerida Hansen mystery bundle and I think the sharks are perfect for Finn. I purchased a piece of homespun in a matching blue/grey that I’ll use as the sleeve cuffs and shorts. So far it’s been an easy sew but I haven’t started the collar yet. It’s a little weird, also, doing 5/8 inch seam allowance on such a small item! If nothing else, this will be a good fit test as I have some other special fabrics to make shirts out of for Finn and Cooper if this pattern works out for sizing.


I finally put the block rows together for Cooper’s quilt and I’ve also pieced the backing out of the remaining fabrics. I now need to sandwich and quilt it. I should be able to get the sandwiching done tomorrow though I doubt I’d get the quilting and binding done by Tuesday night to take up on Wednesday. Let’s see how far I can get.


This past week, I caught up on the New Amsterdam and Handmaid’s Tale episodes and watched the final episode of Hillary. I also finished watching all the CB Strike episodes that are available on Foxtel. I know the fourth book has also been filmed so I’m hoping to be able to watch that soon. With nothing else that was grabbing me, I started on Deadwater Fell on SBS On Demand. I like David Tennant and I think this should be a good series to watch. I have started on a new book – The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. I selected this one by random number generator. It’s been a good book though I’d mentioned last week that I was tempted to read the final book in the Cormoran Strike series. Maybe that will be the next book I choose. šŸ˜Š

It’s time for me to head north for the day. I hope all the mothers out there have a great day today and are able to catch up with family! Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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