Sunday 16 May 2021. #147

Hello friends! Welcome from a cool south coast New South Wales. The temperature has started dropping and today is one of those crisp, sunny ones. It’s supposed to get up to 16 degrees Celcius – I suppose that doesn’t sound too cold but the current apparent temperature of 8.9 degrees certainly is! Last Sunday was a great family day. We celebrated Mothers’ Day and also Shaun’s birthday. It’s wonderful when we can all get together and the littlies are so cute! I managed three bike rides this week, which is highly unusual lately and also because I wasn’t around too much. The pelicans are always hanging around on the inlet at Huskisson and I googled what the collective noun was. There were about five listed but my favourite is squadron. It looks like we’ve had a full squadron this week. 😊

Wednesday was my Evie & Finn day and we had some fun together. Evie and I did some dot painting and had fun at the park, after our usually coffee and babycino, of course. It was a nice day but you can see the dark clouds rolling in over the ocean. Finn is scooting around the floor now; not crawling but he manages to move around and can be on the other side of room quite quickly! At five and a half months, he’s not far off working out that his legs will help.

On Thursday, I spent some time with Cooper. He is starting to be more interactive, heading towards four months old, and is spending a bit more time awake. Mum went out for lunch so I was able to give him his lunchtime feed. I drove home after that and met Robert at the brewery. The food selection for the night wasn’t great so we went to the RSL Club for dinner instead. I went for the third bike ride on Friday morning and also went to brunch with my friend Annette. On Friday evening, I was in Wollongong again, this time for a sleep over. Yesterday was swimming day so Finn and I got to watch Evie and mum in the water. We also did some craft with an Easter headband template. Evie gets very excited at the mention of craft. ❤


I finished the latest Classic Ribbed hat on Tuesday. Technically, it was Monday but I hadn’t tied off the end until Tuesday. I was going to add a pom-pom but I wasn’t able to locate my pom-pom makers. I bought a set last year sometime before we moved into the new house and now I’m not sure where I put them! I’ll have another look today. I used some Heirloom 100% Alpaca yarn that I had in stash. I can normally remember where my yarn comes from (and there’s a fair bit of it) but these three balls are a mystery. I’m glad I’m using up the stash though! The rest of the third ball will be used for pom-pom. I used the yarn doubled with 4.5mm needles and the toddler size but obviously it turned out bigger with the thicker yarn and larger needles. This one is for Kimberley. I also started a pair of socks for Evie. I’m using the Rye Light sock pattern in the toddler size. I’m using some yarn that I’d made socks with in 2019. My mum is using those ones. Again, I can’t remember exactly what the yarn is that I used. Obviously, it’s a self-striping yarn but the rest of the information escapes me. It has some lovely sparkle too! I’m about an inch off turning the heel. Depending on how the sizing is for these, I’ll probably use the pattern for socks for Finn and Cooper next, using the baby size. The pattern actually has a garter panel on the front but I’m just knitting them in stocking stitch. The main knitting this week has been on another test knit for Truly Myrtle. Yes, another test knit! But it’s a pattern I want so I’m happy to participate. I’m not sure how much information I can reveal so I’ll just talk about the yarn. I’m using some Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply (fingering) that I had in stash. The pattern uses DK and fingering yarn. I had a pack of ten balls and it calculated at enough yardage for the pattern using it double for the DK section so I went with that. I’m not really a fan of using double strands as it’s easy to split the two without noticing if you’re not watching. I’m now not sure how I will go with the ten balls but I might be able to use some other yarn I have for the fingering section. Stay tuned for more information next week. There’s quite a tight timeline for this one so I’ve set myself a target for each day.

I also finished the baby pair of Rose City Rollers Littlies on Monday. They only needed the toes done so it was a quick finish. A friend of Erin’s has just had a baby girl and I’m going to gift them to her. I’m also gifting this baby the rompers in the photo below. My friend Mary had knitted them but not sewn them up so she gave them to me. It was easy to sew up the sides and add the buttons for the straps. I’m not a fan of sewing knitted pieces but this was an easy one. My two boys are too big for this and, anyway, I think it’s a girl pattern so it can go to the new little one too. Mary also gave me a baby’s jumper that only needs to have the sleeves sewn on and ends sewn in. I started on that during the week too. There are so many ends as it was knitted double. This should fit one of the boys nicely!


Monday was the deadline for the crochet pattern test of the Artemisia top that I did for Hailey Hodge (Graphic Knits). It was a great project and I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting again. Here are the photos I took of the finished top and one of them actually features on the pattern page in Ravelry! It fits really well but, unfortunately, I’m not able to wear it now as it’s too cold. It will be a great one to bring out in spring. The lace pattern is so simple but very effective in the circles that it produces. I’ll have to find another crochet pattern to work on now.


I wasn’t able to get to the sewing machine much this week but I did do some more on the McCalls 6016 shirt for Finn. It was only the cuffs and I would have done a bit more but I needed to do a buttonhole in each of the cuffs before attaching them. I was able to call in at Spotlight on Friday and got some that will be suitable. I’ll be able to get back to that tomorrow and make a start on the matching shorts. Other than that, the sewing activity was mainly planning. My next makes are going to be the York pinafore and Arden pants from Helen Closet and the Toaster sweater by Sew House Seven. I have picked out some fabrics (all from stash) that I’d like to make these with and it depends on whether there is enough. I have some pinwale cord in black and caramel for the pinafore but I’m not sure either would be enough on their own to make it. I had this pattern printed at Officeworks on Friday so I’ll be cutting it out today and will find out if I have enough. Maybe I can colour block it with both. The Arden pants are a woven jogger style and I have some pale green linen-style fabric chosen though, again, not sure it’s enough. This fabric is real deep stash, I think from my mother’s stash. I started taping this pattern together on Friday, using many A4 pages and it was annoying me which is why the York pinafore and Toaster sweater have been printed in A0. I’ll finish putting the Arden pattern together today and see if I have enough. For the Toaster sweater, I have pulled out some black and white striped double knit. There should be plenty for this but I haven’t checked it yet. There are two versions of the Toaster sweater and I wasn’t aware of that. This one is a little looser around the bottom. There is a combo pattern pack that I could have bought if I’d realised! I will be able to grade in on the one I have (#2) as I don’t like it to be as open at the bottom. So that is this week’s sewing ready to go and I have a few other patterns on my list once they’re done!


This past week I’ve mainly been listening to podcasts and my book. I finished The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. It was a very enjoyable read. I then moved onto the first of our two Book Club books, the Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. I’ve done a good bit of driving this week so I’m nearly finished. I am really enjoying the book and I’ve been listening while I’ve been knitting too. There’s only an hour and a half to go and I hope to finish it today. I have the latest Handmaid’s Tale and New Amsterdam episodes to catch up on also.

I’ve started thinking about my weeks as home and away weeks. The away weeks are when I have my Evie/Finn and Cooper days. This coming week is a home week so I’ll be able to work on my sewing projects and hopefully some spinning. I don’t have many plans at this point but I’m hoping for some social get togethers thrown in amongst the crafting.

Thanks for joining me for my weekly chat. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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