Sunday 6 June 2021. #150

Hello friends! Welcome from a cold and sunny south coast New South Wales. Well, that was quite a week! Monday started with an early morning ride to our breakfast catch-up followed by a Covid vaccination and then lunch with my friend, Lorraine. I had a terrible reaction to the vaccination starting with the shakes when it was close to 12 hours later. That then turned into fever, headache, stomach ache and dizziness. I felt like I was in a rocking boat when I actually got out of bed to get some Nurofen. I didn’t actually get to sleep until about four am and spent most of Tuesday in bed. By that night I only had a slight headache and I was all better by Wednesday morning. I went for another ride on Wednesday morning and we’d just been informed that someone who had tested positive to Covid had visited our town and local area a couple of weekends previously.

What made me mad was that they’d had symptoms from the 25th but only got tested on the 31st May! I hadn’t actually been anywhere when they were there but one of the places they’d visited three times was our local Coles supermarket which I do frequent. Just in case there had been transmission and I overlapped with that transmission I decided to get tested on Thursday morning. I arrived at the drive through testing clinic at 8.30 am and didn’t get tested until just after 12.00 pm. There were so many cars! Lucky I had some knitting with me and my podcasts and audiobook. With the amount of people being tested Wednesday and Thursday, I was surprised when I received my negative notification at 11.00 pm on Thursday night. On Friday morning I was able to go for another bike ride and coffee with my friend Julie. Yesterday was a quiet day at home with some sewing and knitting. So far, it appears that there was no transmission in the area.


This week I’ve been working very hard on my Truly Myrtle test knit which meant that I didn’t really get to much else. I did, however, finally finish Evie’s Rye Light socks. I kitchenered the toes and sewed in the ends so they are now ready to go. They may be a little bit big – we’ll see. I also managed to finish the body of the Flax Light toddler sweater that I have been working on. I am now ready to pick up the sleeve stitches and work on them. The deadline for the test knit is today but there are few that have managed to finish. That was understood at the time as it was a very tight deadline. Without giving anything away, I’m about to cast off the ribbing on the body (lots and lots of stitches) and have most of one sleeve done. These were both ribbing – I’ve felt like it’s been “death by ribbing” and I still have another sleeve cuff (9 inches) to go! I also want to cast on socks for Finn and Cooper once I’m done with the test knit. I intend to knit them four at a time. 😊


When taking a short break from the test knit, I managed four more owls for my Owl Obsession blanket. I missed out on a BLO (Back Loop Only) section for the majority of these but I’m thinking that will not be noticeable once the eyes are added. There are nine required for the pattern so I stopped there until I gauge whether there is any yarn leftover to do more. My next step is to knit the large circles then the little circles. These little ones lead into the Main Colour and then joing the lot together.


I had many attempts at spending time at my sewing machine but it didn’t happen until Thursday afternoon. I finally made the bias binding for my York Pinafore. The video I use is by SewCanShe and is very straightforward – it’s an easy process but I like to refer to it so that I sew the right edges together, especially since I haven’t made any for a while. You can just see the lines I marked for cutting. I ended up with four yards and twenty inches (1.73m) of double fold bias binding.

Once my bias binding was ready, I was able to get onto my York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet. I think this was cut out two weeks ago, just waiting for some bias binding, but that was my away week. The pattern starts with bias binding on the pockets. The bias binding suggested by the instructions for the pinafore is the double fold (four layers) kind. It would be fine if the binding was showing but I’m opting for the hidden binding. I found that was a bit too thick on the pockets but I went with it. I have now pinned the binding onto the armholes and I think I’ll cut one fold section off so that it’s only three layers. Bias binding has names for the different folds – I’m not sure what this is called but I would say it’s in thirds. The pockets on the front are curved and you need to turn the bottom edge under by 1 cm. The pattern makes a good suggestion of stitching around it and gathering it a little to get the curve to turn under. It was an easy way to do the pocket hems. It won’t take much to finish this project off – once the armholes are done I need to bind the neck hole and turn up the hem.


Though artwork is not my forte, I do like to dabble every now and then. Recently I’ve been following @gypsy999 who is Daisy Yellow Art on the interwebs. For the last few years, Daisy Yellow has been running the Index Card a Day challenge which started on 1st June and finishes on 31 July. So that’s 61 days of art. I thought I would join in and see where/how I go. This challenge is really whatever you want to do but also has daily prompts and weekly themes. So far, I’m sticking with the daily prompts though I’m already 2 days behind. Days 4 and 5 are on the agenda for this afternoon. So far, the prompts have been 01: Contraption, 02: Snapdragon, 03: Lyrics. I’ve been quite literal as my small art ability requires that assistance. For the lyrics, I had been listening to a Strong Songs podcast on “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carol King so I went with the lyrics for that one. Day 04 is Snowglobe and Day 05 is Verdigris. That’s where I’ll be later on today!


I mentioned last week that I’d started listening to Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister by Jung Chang. It’s proving to be a very interesting book but also a very complicated one. I’ve listened to four hours and still have another eight hours to go. It requires a lot of concentration, especially because of the names being so close. There is a Sun and a Soong so I’m often wondering which one they are talking about. To add to the confusion, Soong is Charlie Soong and is sometimes referred to by his first name and other times by his surname! Anyway, I’ll keep going with it but I’m not sure it will be finished by Tuesday evening. I enjoyed watching Mare of Easttown on Foxtel and a little bit sad that the season is over. I now need to wait until the next one. After finishing that one, I moved onto Keeping Faith, also on Foxtel, and that’s proving to be a good one. I’m into Season 2 now and I understand Season 3 has aired. On SBS, I started watching Bloodlands, which is set in Northern Ireland. It has some good reviews but, having only watched the first episode, I’m going to reserve my judgement for now. It’s been a challenge with the accents (Keeping Faith is set in Wales) but my ear gets adjusted fairly quickly. I love all those different British accents.

This coming week is another home week and I have a few things planned. On Monday, a couple of sewing friends are coming around for the day. On Tuesday, I need to drop my car off for a service and rego check and, in the evening is Book Club. On Wednesday, I’m having a body massage and facial – it was supposed to be last Thursday but I was waiting on the Covid result so I had to postpone it. Time to get on with enjoying my Sunday – thanks for “listening” to me today! Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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