Sunday 4 July 2021. #154

Hello friends. Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! I am home on the south coast of New South Wales, having discharged from hospital this morning. It’s so wonderful being home! I arrived at the hospital at 6 am on Wednesday morning and have been inside until this morning. I spent Monday and Tuesday at home, getting ready for hospital and doing a bit of sewing. The pics below show my pre-op cubicle and then my room. The view wasn’t great on my side of the building, facing the rest of the building and the car park, but it was nice to be able to look out of the window and see the weather. I had to wear hospital stockings for my stay and I’m glad to be out of them. This morning I was wheeled down to the front foyer so that Robert could pick me up. I’m walking OK but only short distances at this stage, hence the need for the wheelchair to the foyer – it was way over the other end of the building and down two separate lifts. The hospital was on the north side of Sydney so we had to go through the Harbour Tunnel. The picture below is as we are almost through onto the south side. The operation went well but now I’ll need to take it easy for about six weeks. No lifting and no housework – I think I can manage that! 😊 Short distance walking will be my physio and I need to increase slowly. I’m fine on the stairs if I go slowly so I’ll probably be able to get some sewing done down in the studio. Sitting in an upright chair is actually good for me as long I hold my posture.


I was able to work on my Dove Cottage sweater during my stay in hospital. Before going in, I’d finished the colourwork on the body and I was on the straight knitting section. You can see on the last photo how the stitches along the last rows of colourwork were a bit uneven as I was catching the long floats as I went along. I think that will block out just fine. I’ve got about two or three inches more to do before I need to divide for the sleeves. Before going into hospital, I had already started one sleeve. Yesterday, I felt that I was up for some more complicated knitting as I was bored out of my brain so I thought I’d pick up on that again. I’d finished the rib and was about on round 20 of the colourwork when I realised that swapping the two colours on the chart wouldn’t work as I would end up with grey for the main part of the sleeve. So I just pulled it back to the end of the rib again. I’ll start on it again keeping the colours as I had the front. The effect is that the ribbing on the sleeves is different to the ribbing on the body but I was being a bit too clever with swapping the colours and I finally realised it wouldn’t work.

In my last blog, I’d cast on a second Flax Light sweater. This one is for Cooper. You can see in the first picture when I’d finished the yoke and the second picture shows the body complete to the ribbing. I hope to finish the ribbing tonight and get the sleeves going. I may be able to cast on the third one for Finnick by the end of this week. I’m doing size 1-2 years and adding half an inch on body and the sleeves. I thought that would be a good idea after seeing the size 2-4 that I’d knitted previously on and one and a half year old!

The first thing I worked on when I came to after the anaesthetic was the Two by Two beanie using the yarn gifted to me by my friend Sue. I had cast it on before I went into hospital and it was a very easy two by two ribbing to keep me occupied in waking moments. I had decided on 96 stitches and 3.5mm needles. I ended up finishing it yesterday afternoon. This might be for Finnick – I’ll try it on him sometime soon. I don’t know when I’ll see all the grandkids next.


The Owl Obsession blanket wasn’t packed for hospital but I managed to finish all the owl surrounds by Tuesday night. I’m looking forward to getting back to this, but I think I’ll start with doing the eyes and beaks first, before I start putting all the pieces together. After the first couple of these, I was able to get them done quite easily as the pattern is very simple.


I finished putting the Be Creative sweater together on Monday. It only required putting in the cowl neck and that was very easy. All threads are sewn in and it’s ready to go to its recipient. That will be Cooper, but I’d like Finn to try it on for size too, so that I can make another one. It was a nice and easy make. I think I’ll do the next one as it was intended, with a couple of contrasting panels. I only made this pattern using the remainder of my Unwind sweater material as I knew I’d be able to get the little pieces out of it.

The other sewing that I worked on was my Hudson pants by True Bias. I did finish the pants, all but the stitching on the waist elastic, but I haven’t yet tried it on. I ran out of time so I’ll probably have a try on tomorrow. The first photo shows the inside of the black fleece but the second photo looks a completely different project – I had to make sure I had the right photo because it looks so strange. It looks a bit khaki like the Be Creative sweater I made above. I’m not sure why the photo came out like that because the black leggings I was wearing look black.


I had forgotten to add spinning to last week’s blog. This year’s Tour de Fleece started on the 26th June, in conjunction with the Tour de France, and will finish on the 18th July. I’m participating but only in a casual way as I’ve missed five days already. The first two photos show where I’d left off when I last spun (more than a month ago, I think) and the fibre that was left, about 250 grams. The two skeins shown are the first lot that I’d spun, about 200 grams. And the last three photos show the progress so far. I’d finished the 100 grams for the bobbin that was already started and now I’ve just started on another 100 grams of fibre (not shown). You can see from the last photo that I have some pigtails and I did have to fight with the yarn a bit. I think I’ve got my rhythm back now. Normally, with Tour de Fleece you would have challenge days and rest days but this time I’m just spinning when I can.


This week was a bit of a blur. I didn’t really feel like listening to any of the three books I’ve currently got going and I don’t have any of my favourite series to watch so I watched bits and pieces on the TV in the room. I’m working my way through the Kettering Incident on Foxtel but it’s not the best show around. I’m interested to see what happens though so I’ll keep going with it.

This is quite a short and sweet blog but there’s not really a lot to talk about. I’ll be having a quiet week hanging around the house and resting up but should have more to show next week. Thanks for spending some time with me today! Until next week, I hope you are keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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