Sunday 11 July 2010. #155

Hello friends! Welcome from a cold, damp south coast of New South Wales. At least it’s not raining at the moment! I’ve had a very quiet week, this past week, having just returned from hospital and being in lockdown. The area here is not in lockdown but because I left a Sydney hospital last Sunday, I’m on “stay at home” and “have no visitors” until next Sunday. It’s probably just as well as it forces me to rest. I’m well on the mend but still very limited in what I can do. Walking is about the most I can do at the moment and very slowly, at that. Actually, walking is my physio. I’m allowed to venture outside for my exercise and have progressed from a short walk up the slight hill to around the block now, which is 1.22km. I’ll not be breaking any records anytime soon but it is good to be outside in the fresh air. I have another week and a half before I see the physio to find out what I need to do next. At least I’m able to knit, crochet and sew! I even made some biscuits the other day, managing to do it all at the table rather than standing at the breakfast bar. These are great biscuits and have only four ingredients. These are Caramel biscuits and use only butter, brown sugar, golden syrup and flour. I think they’d be great for adding to, like macadamias and chocolate, which I might do this afternoon! They are really crisp and that is my favourite type of homemade biscuit. They require self-raising flour but I mistakenly used plain flour. I also used honey instead of golden syrup because I didn’t have any in the cupboard, which is unusual. Still, they turned out very yummy!


My Zauberball socks have been waiting patiently for heels and I finally got one of them done. I picked up the stitches the other day and cut into it, though it was really hard to see the stitches with the tiny barber pole colours. I must have dropped a stitch while knitting the heel as I ended up having a couple of little holes to stitch up. Still, it turned out pretty good. I’m going to do the other sock tube this afternoon and hopefully get these into the post to my dad in Sydney.

Finished Object: Hot off the needles, I have finished Flax sweater number 2 which is Cooper’s one. It looks a bit wonky but will be really good once it’s blocked. This one is a size 1-2 years made with Heirloom Merino Magic 8 ply. I’m now ready to cast on Flax number 3 for Finn – here is the yarn. 😊 I’m thinking there may be a Flax number 4 in stripes using all the wool I have leftover but without the garter panel.

I got a knitting request from Evie this week. Apparently, scarves are all the go in the toddler world these days and she asked for one to match the beanie I made for her a couple of weeks ago. I love it when I’m asked for something specific so I was onto it really quickly. Unfortunately, I barely had any of the wool left from her beanie so I jumped online and found the same yarn on Ebay. I must say that the post is really fickle these days but I received the yarn on Friday and it was on my needles that afternoon. To match the beanie, I cast this scarf on for brioche. It took three goes to get the number right, but I think 21 stitches on a 5.00mm needle is perfect for a little person. I’m now onto the third ball and I don’t have a lot left to do but I am going to add some fringing. I’ve done a row of k2tog/k1 eyelets on the first row and I’ll finish the same way. The main part should be done this afternoon.

My Dove Cottage received a bit of love early in the week and I’ve now split for the armholes. I also redid the colourwork on the first sleeve. That one is ready for just stocking stitch using the rust but I’ll do the next sleeve’s colourwork first. The sleeve is quite narrow but fits OK at this point. The increases are only every eight rounds but I’ll be increasing more quickly from here on, maybe every 4 rounds until I get to the final number. The sleeve is supposed to be knit flat but I’m doing it in the round instead. I decided to insert the plain bit with the increases as if I was doing it flat. I’m not sure that extending the pattern onto the increases would have looked any better. It’s just a “V” under the arm so won’t be too noticeable.


I did do a bit of crochet this week. I had started doing eyes for the Owl Obsession owls but they got boring very quickly. I will get back to them and get them out of the way so that I can do some of the more interesting bits. I also got the urge to cast on some Shark Slippers! The pattern I chose was very complicated, though it shouldn’t have been. I think it was the translation from Dutch that made it hard to follow and it was a bit vague, but I did manage to get to the bottom jaw section. The top jaw is made separately and I left that part for crocheting in better light and I haven’t been back to it. There were a few different versions but this one looked cute. I don’t know that I’ll add the red section though. Most others just have the teeth in white. These ones seem a bit more practical because they don’t have the tail on the end of the toes. Let’s see how they turn out.


I have done a little bit of spinning this week. Two sessions actually, so it’s a bit slow going. From this picture, I can see a couple pigtails so I’ve still got a bit too much twist happening. This week I’ve found that it’s a little more comfortable sitting on the lounge with the heat on, knitting and watching TV rather than down in the studio with the wheel. More spinning to come this week though; Tour de Fleece has one week left to go, finishing next Sunday.


I had these Over It Alls by Waves and Wild cut out for a couple of weeks now and I finally picked them up to sew. They were so easy and I love how they’ve turned out. These ones are for Finn and they only need the press studs on the shoulder straps. They don’t have press studs in the crotch so I think it would be best to have a jumper underneath for ease of changing. I think they’ll be fantastic for crawling. I intend to cut out another set for Cooper probably this week. They are fully reversible but why would you hide the beautiful dinosaur fabric? The method of putting this together is quite clever. It’s hard to tell from the photos below but you might see the cuffs joined to both layers and then it’s all turned inside out. I loved making these!

Another project that’s been on my list was to make a sweatshirt for Evie from this remnant fleece I got at Spotlight. It’s such as soft fleece on the inside! In the end, I had enough to make track pants too. I sewed the body and the pants together in one sitting. The next day I was going to add all the ribbing and I thought it might be good to put a hood on it. I then thought it might be a bit impractical so I decided to add a cowl instead. For the top, I have used the Ellie and Mac Going Home Raglan pattern. This pattern does have a cowl but it’s quite big and I think to be cut from jersey or ribbing and would be too bulky made with fleece. Instead, I used the Ellie and Mac Be Creative cowl piece and added that instead. I used the fleece for the outside of the cowl and ribbing to match on the inside, to reduce the bulk. I like how it’s turned out. I then added the ribbing to the body and sleeves but I’ve not yet finished the pants. They just need turning over at the waist and elastic, and the ribbing for the ankle cuffs. I think it turned out pretty good. The photo at the end is of my Hudson pants. They are great but I need to take in the elastic waist as I made it very loose. I was trying to not get it too tight and went the other way. I haven’t fixed it yet because it was a nightmare to feed the elastic through the band. The pattern calls for 2 inch elastic, which is what I used, but I don’t think the band is wide enough to take it properly. I used a quarter-inch seam as prescribed so I can’t make that narrower. I may remove the elastic completely and trim it. I’ve seen others cut elastic like that so it might work. I think I’d make these again but will definitely use a slightly narrower elastic. I really should get the elastic sorted so that I can wear them in this cold weather.

Last week, I happened across a little project tutorial on my YouTube subscription feed and I decided to make it. The tutorial is for a Notebook Pen Holder and it was a lot of fun to make! I really like a lot of the little projects by sewingtimes and had always intended to make the odd thing. The tutorials are very simple, with no talking. Measurements required are shown on the screen and each step is shown and then demonstrated. My Notebook Pen holder turned out pretty good but I used fabric that was quite a bit heavier than I should have, therefore the corners at the zipper are a bit rounded to compensate for the thickness. Still, it looks pretty good and, for any more that I make, I’ll know what to use.


I only had one addition to my stash this week and it was the yarn I needed to make Evie’s scarf. I already mentioned how I was impressed with how quickly I received this. I got it from yarn-4-u on Ebay. There was a slice in the plastic ziplock bag but the yarn was not damaged.


I think I mentioned last week that I’d started watching The Kettering Incident – I finished it yesterday and I’m not sure I would recommend it. I’m still trying to work out what happened and that’s the only reason I persisted. Anyway, moving along, I am watching season 2 of Aquarius. I had thought I’d not seen the end of the season but now I think I have so I may not watch anymore. I have started to watch the third season of Virgin River but that’s one of those shows that you watch when there’s nothing else to watch and you’ve already seen a lot of it so may as well continue. I hope there’s something soon that I can watch and become obsessed with! I have started another book – yes, I have two going already but this one is through BorrowBox and you only get two weeks so it’s taking priority. The book is A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville and had been recommended to me. I’m not sure if it’s based on fact or not – the write up on Goodreads alludes to the fact that it may be total fiction but is supposed to be very good historical fiction.

I have another week stuck at home and I wouldn’t be able to visit family even if I was able to. Sydney has moved into heavier lockdown as from last Friday and I’m hoping that this helps curtail the spread of the Delta variant. I have plans for our annual sewing week in Gerroa from the first Sunday in August and this lockdown may stop that from happening. That would be mainly because our out of state friends would not be able to attend. This is exactly what happened last year, though I’m still a little hopeful for this year. Fingers crossed! It’s time now for me to curl up on the lounge with some knitting and think of plans for the week. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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