Sunday 25 July 2021. #157

Hi friends! Welcome from a cold, windy but sunny south coast of New South Wales. It’s been quite the mixed bag of weather this week, with nice days, rain and almost freezing. I’ve be able to get out and about this week and it started with a breakfast catch up on Monday morning. It had been over a month since I’d last seen any friends in person. After breakfast I drove down to Ulladulla to spend some time with Mary. On Tuesday, I went for a walk on the beach with Carol and Narelle, and it was beautiful walking along the sand. I went into town to visit the Physio on Wednesday and did a little bit of shopping while I was there. I have a couple of very mild exercises to do but the main physio is walking till six weeks has passed.

I’m now doing about thirty minutes of walking but only about two kilometres at the pace that I’m going. On Thursday, the temperature dropped as much as I have seen it, getting down to 3.1 degrees Celcius. And the apparent temperature wasn’t much over zero! On Friday, I went to a sewing day at Marie’s place and we had to keep the numbers down to 5 visitors as per the current restrictions. Today, I went a different way for my walk and found a very unusual letterbox.

On Thursday, I got to the post office with all my grandbabies’ goodies and they all got them very quickly. Below you can see Finnick wearing his Over It Alls (Waves and Wild) and the beanie I made for him when I was in hospital. Evie was excited for the parcel when she woke up and put on her scarf I made to match her beanie and then she got dressed in the tracksuit that I made her – the top is the Going Home sweater (Ellie & Mac). Cooper is wearing his Flax Light sweater and he’ll be able to wear it next year too. I have the best grandchildren!


This week I started a new pair of socks as a Knit Along with some of the people on my International VKN zoom group. We are working on the No Heel Spiral Socks. It uses the scientific Idea of the elasticity which is provided by an opened up helix. It’s a free pattern and uses a three by three rib moving over one stitch every six rounds. The elasticity is supposed to open up and hug the heel, hence a heel is not required. We’ll see how it goes. So far I’m finding it’s an easy knit. I’m using a Birdhouse Fibres sock set in the Hydrangea colourway.

I haven’t done a lot of other knitting this week. I cast on the second sleeve for my Dove Cottage sweater and haven’t really looked at it again. I did start to add heels in the baby socks but it’s really hard to get between the two needles. I’m thinking I’ll need to pick up the stitches with a needle and yarn instead to get them started. I spent a decent amount of time knitting the sleeves of the third Flax Light and it’s now finished. I only need to sew in the ends on the sleeves as I redid the bind off. I thought the cuffs were a bit tight on the bind off and now they are much better. I need to block it and it will look like a normal jumper. This one is for Finn. I have also started another test knit for Truly Myrtle (Libby Jonson) but it’s a secret so far. It’s only a little knit so it won’t take long but I can’t reveal it until after next weekend. Here is the yarn I’m using.


Last week I was working out how to finish spinning the remainder of the bobbin without using an Andean bracelet. The bracelet is a bit of a pain as you have to wind the yarn a certain way on your hand and middle finger and I hate doing it. A friend suggested winding the remainder into centre pull ball, which is what I did. That was a bit painful too, especially when I was spinning from the ball and the centre pull was tangling on the way out. I did finally finish it off, after a couple of breaks in the yarn, and here is what I have. The first photo of the bobbin shows how much was on there before the centre pull ball spin, and the next shows how much is on the bobbin after finishing the spin. I haven’t wound it off onto the niddy noddy yet which I’ll do today. I hope to start spinning the final 100 grams today too. I’m hoping to start knitting this yarn next weekend when I’m with my friend, Janice, who gifted me the fibre bump.


I finished off the Over It Alls by adding the buttons the other day before sending it up for Finn. I was wondering whether I should have done the buttonholes horizontally but I think that would have gaped more. I have cut out the Bonnie top by Fibre Mood. I showed the fabric last week – using two Nerida Hansen fabric remnants as a toile. For the sleeves I had to add a piece of the body fabric at the bottom so that I could cut the whole piece. I don’t actually have any fabric left for the facing but I found a piece of fabric that I could use with it. The fabric is a fat quarter in a matching pink. I didn’t go any further on this as I wanted to finish the Metra Blazer that I’d started.

The Metra Blazer by Love Notions occupied the majority of my sewing time this week. Last week I had put in the welt pockets and I realised this week that I didn’t have much hanging off the top and bottom of each pocket for seam allowance. I think that has to do with the thickness of the fabric. When I folded the welt back, I think the thickness pulled more of it than if it had been thin fabric. I was able to stitch the side panels on without too much hassle. The burrito method for the front panel facings was interesting too. The thickness made the stitching awkward and at the narrowest point it was also where there was a seam. It worked out OK and I really like how it’s looking. I just need to hem the side panels and back (the front panels are lined) and hem the sleeves. It’s almost ready to wear. I have a Pattern Emporium Keep It Simple Babe top cut out and ready to go so I’m itching to put that together. I also want cut out another pair of Hudson pants in some stretch twill fabric that I have, to see how that works. I will need to add a little in the rise of the pattern for a more comfortable fit for me and I will make them full length with maybe a little more as I won’t be putting a cuff on them. Fingers crossed that it works out OK.


I don’t remember what I watched this past week but I did finish all the current episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? It’s so interesting watching everyone’s history reveal itself. The Olympics are now keeping me occupied and when I’m not watching those events, I’m listening to my current audiobook – A Gambling Man by David Baldacci. I mentioned it last week as a “Humphrey Bogart” style and I’m enjoying it.

I don’t have any fixed plans for the week ahead but next Saturday I’ll be going to my friends Mary and Kerry’s places for a compacted sewing week. Our annual trip to Gerroa was due to start next Sunday but, as happened last year, Covid restrictions and lockdowns have meant that we’ve had to cancel again. Instead, we can only have 5 visitors to a home so we’re doing a small version. Most are unable to travel anyway due to the restrictions. I’m looking forward to catching up with the few that can make it and some concentrated crafting and girly time.

Thanks for spending some time with me today! Time now to watch some more Olympics and maybe do some spinning. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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