Sunday 1 August 2021. # 158

Hello friends! Welcome from the south coast of New South Wales. Today I’m coming to you from a little further down the coast at my friends’ places at Narrawallee. Mary and Kerry live next door to each other and we’re doing a small retreat due to Covid restrictions. The weather has been lovely but very cold.

The Olympics have been keeping me busy this week and I’ve watched all the hockey games. The Australian men and women have not been beaten yet. Today is the first quarter final for the men and I’m looking forward to watching it. (Edit: they won!) The swimming has also been excellent. In between, I was doing a bit of packing of my requirements for the retreat. And cooking. I made some lemon curd for a Lemon Dump Cake – see the next photos! For the retreat, I made the dump cake, banana and date almond muffins, blackberry ripple ice cream, glazed meatloaf and Boeuf Buorgignon. Everybody brings lots of food so you can imagine that we eat very well!

The Lemon and Condensed Milk Dump cake was really fun to make. When I saw it, I had to give it a try. There are individual layers of biscuits, condensed milk, lemon curd, sour cream, packet vanilla cake mix, butter and milk. No mixing or beating or anything. Just stick it in the oven and voila! It turned out a little different to what I expected but is fabulous. A bit more like a pudding than a cake. I’ll make this one again! This time I used all gluten free ingredients.


New Cast On: I am finally making a jumper from my handspun yarn. The fibre that I used for this yarn was gifted to me by Janice. I started spinning a few months ago and then picked it up again after a hiatus. Because of this, the last couple of skein turned out a bit thicker. It doesn’t matter because I’m alternating skeins using a thick one and a thin one. I had a little hiccup with the last wind – I didn’t realise that the ball winder was off the table on one corner. That made the angle off and it came out like a mess. I’m using that one at the moment and it’s unwinding just fine. I’m using the flax pattern for this – yes another Flax Light but without the garter panel. There is enough texture with the handspun that doesn’t require any fancy work.

I finally blocked Finn’s Flax Light and it is currently winging its way to him. I hope he gets it tomorrow. The Spiral socks are coming along nicely, with several inches yet to knit. The only other knitting to mention is a Twisted headband that I’d started the week before and totally forgot about it. This is knit with double stocking stitch, therefore each row is knitted twice. With this stitch, you end up with a hollow piece of knitting, except when you accidently purl instead of slip a stitch every now and then. I managed that mistake a couple of times but it’s not an issue because it’s never going to be separated. The frustration with this one is that it takes sooooooooo long to knit!


I mentioned the Flax Light that I’m knitting with my handspun – here is the last of the fibre. The two skeins are the last two I finished recently during Tour de Fleece. On the bobbin below is the second last 50 grams of fibre. I have one more 50 grams of fibre left to spin to ply with this single spin. I’m sure I will get this spin finished before I need to use it.


In the sewing department, I finished off my Metra blazer as it only required the hems. It’s a great casual jacket and I’ve brought it away with me. I hope I’ll be able to get some pics of it. I then picked up the Keep It Simple Babe tee that I had cut out. I made the polo neck version and it turned out great. It’s a great simple sew which I finished in one sitting. It seems I forgot to take a photo of it but I have it with me and will be wearing it in a day or two. I also finished off the Bonnie top with the remnants I had. It has turned out OK but is a bit too tight and a bit too bright and garish for me. It was a good toile and I might make this one in the next size and with plain fabric.


As I mentioned earlier, we had our annual retreat cancelled due to the Covid restrictions. Our friends from interstate were unable to come and then we were restricted to five people only at a holiday house. It worked out better to have five visitors at a home so we’ve come to Narrawallee where Mary and Kerry live next door to each other. Our friend Vicki brought along her show and tell and we saw some fabulous quilts that were finished and the purple and green one below (Gypsy Wife) that she worked on while here. She was only here for last night but the rest of us are staying on until Thursday.


I’m sorry that I’ve rushed through this blog. It’s taken all day to get through bits and pieces to get this up, with many distractions. I’ll be here having some quality time with a handful of girlfriends and getting some serious crafting done. I’ll be working on my paper doll blanket and Cooper’s quilt, among other little projects and knitting. Next week I should have lots to talk about and more time to tell you all about them.. It’s actually my third anniversary of this blog today and I only just realised it! I’ll chat a bit more about it next week. Until then, thank you for joining me and I hope you are all keeping well with lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


1 thought on “Sunday 1 August 2021. # 158”

  1. Ooh what a busy time but how great! Love the views, firstly. Love the things on the menu – though slightly bemused by the method of the dump cake – never seen anything like that! Love the top with the contrast sleeves. Nice to hear a retreat of sorts still was achieved. Well done!


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